SwiftKey 4.2 adds cloud sync and improved predictions, on sale for $1.99


  • Rich

    Personally, I found the predictions became worse in this latest update.
    Overall though, amazing keyboard.

    • Henry

      The predictions is why I ditched Swiftkey a few months ago and went to stock Android keyboard. Just yesterday switched back to swift and all is well again but I wonder if over time the predictions get worse because of all the learning? Doesn’t make sense, I know…

    • Jem

      i get that same feeling actually…

  • Erik N.

    Used swiftkey since almost its inception…can’t ever go back to stock keyboards for anything!

  • Max Fireman

    SwiftKey is like underwear. Can’t leave the house without it on my android, unless I’m going commando.

  • YYC81

    I took advantage of this sale to buy the actual tablet version for my Nexus 7, both my tablet and Nexus 4 connected to the cloud service without any problems.

  • Miguel

    Maybe one day I’ll be able to say duck and shot as much as I want. One ducking day SwiftKey will treat me like a Goddard adult and not like an 8 year old child. One day.

  • Stuntman06

    I sure hope the developers of the Minuum keyboard is looking at this. SwiftKey, the full version, is half the price of the Minuum beta and there is a one month free trial of SwiftKey. Where do you think people are going to spend their money?

    • Max Fireman

      Plus minuum got a ton of free dough from their kick starter campaign. They should be charging ¢.99 for an app that has no recognition as of yet.