Rogers to sell the Moto X for $550 outright


  • Bri

    I think this phone’s too expensive for its specs… some may say that I shouldn’t only be looking at the specs but I’m comparing it with other android devices.

    • JB

      I dont think specs will be what hurts sales. I think without a wide variety of colours this phones look is rather bland.

    • Xaxxus

      For the phone that is supposed to be most customizable. Its hilarious to find that you are correct.

      Carrier exclusives are the worst thing a phone manufacturer can do.

    • Bri

      I don’t understand how carrier exclusives caused the customization to disappear? why?

    • gommer strike

      Because then rogers can’t stock up on them, and make immediate sales from retail.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      I doubt Rogers will keep that exclusivity for too long. they pay for it and what it usually means they get to have it first for a couple of months. How long ahead of the competition is a matter of how much they paid for it.

      If the phone does not sell well (as we all know they sell them for a profit too) they might just stop paying the premium to have it exclusively

    • Bri

      That sounds good. Does that mean we’ll get our customizeablility of the device back?

    • Eluder

      We’re never going to get customization, it has nothing to do with exclusivity. It was Motorola’s choice to give Canada the bare bones phone and nothing more.

    • Bri

      what the hack.. why…

    • Eluder

      You’d have to ask Motorola that.

    • Bri

      Especially the screen resolution.. all other phones coming up with 1080p

    • JB

      Id rather have 720p personally….1080p is not noticabke on screens this size, and id rather have the superior battery life.

    • Deli

      It is definitely noticeable, not MASSIVELY different, but it is clearly there. However, the battery debate is understable and for most people 720p is sufficient.

    • thedosbox

      Look at performance, not specs. Arstechnica did a review and this is competitive with a S4, and easily outperforms the Nexus4.

  • JB

    I dont think this phone will sell well here. 1) price is a touch too high, and 2) the phone itself is non descript in design.

    Just my opinion, but thats my prediction.

    • JTon

      Depends how well the Google marketing machine works. Rumours pin the budget at 500 million.

  • d3n1s

    Probably a tad more than it should be. I think price of 400-450 should work better.

  • Xaxxus

    dead on arrival.

    • JTon

      PSA: These types of comments are worthless. Explain your opinion, it is not as obvious as you think

  • GG

    actually its 599…549 MTM

    • hunkyleepickle

      Add a nice 12% hst to that, and consider it no different to all the other flagships. Only in black and white to boot, sorry Moto, my wallet was ready….

  • Balls O’Steele

    No thanks I’ll stick with the nexus program. Can’t beat $309

    • Bri

      Who knows what the prices of the next nexus device will be…

    • FuzzyFish6

      Nexus program? Like the pricing for the Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus?

    • lukev

      Nexus 4 has two major problems: sucky battery & no LTE

    • Tech Guru

      The battery is fine

    • lukev

      GSMarena battery test (web browsing)

      HTC One – 9:58
      Apple iPhone 5 – 9:56
      Google Nexus 4 – 4:34

      Personally battery is the single biggest factor for me.

    • Jon P

      There are battery life tests and there are real world usage with several updates applied since these early battery tests. As the previous owner of SGS3, N4 battery life is just as good if not better than the S3 with majority of Touchwiz features and LTE turned off.Or similar to S3 running cyanogenmod.

    • Deli

      I work with a lot of phones, S3’s battery life is quite decent with LTE turned off and definitely superior to N4. This is without even talking about removable battery options.

    • Eluder

      I probably work with more phones than you and the Nexus 4 definitely does not have bad battery life. My Nexus 4 outdoes my S3 with LTE turned on any day of the week. It sounds like you’re one of the unlucky ones that got a bum battery in your Nexus 4 (and you wouldn’t be the first, a coworker said he has bad battery life with his N4 as well).

    • Bri

      oh man that’s awful… I didn’t know Nexus 4 last for so short

    • JB

      Ya..Main reason I bought a Z10…..and im happy i did…best phone ive ever had.

    • JTon

      I feel like a stereotypical internet warrior… but I love my Z10 too.

    • Bri

      Major signal issue

    • Deli

      Agreed. N4’s battery life is horrible. It’s a decent device for sure. However, I had 4 friends that had to trade it for something else due to its poor battery life and 1 due to LTE.

    • JB

      Get them to joint the Z10 army!!

    • kroms

      Z10 over a Nexus 4 ? LMAO
      Right, ok.
      Gotta love them die hard BB fans. They are more loyal then Apple peeps at the moment.

      Truth is , BB and it’s Z10 have no Apps support and it is looking pretty bad for it going forward.
      Developers are not going to rush out development for BB devices any time soon.

    • HeyYoWL

      Pair it with Greenify and Franco Kernel and all of a sudden it’s perfectly fine. My N4 lasts all day no problem, it uses about 4-5% of battery every hour while on idle. YMMV depending on how you use it of course.

    • Deli

      Kernels definitely help. I don’t doubt what you’re experiencing but without mods, the N4 doesn’t last as long as S3 (with LTE off).

  • lukev

    If it goes for $499 in the US, I will pick it up there. Else I’ll buy the Verizon Droid Mini and unlock it.

  • St. Misery

    Swing and a miss!

  • silver_arrow

    Well the one good thing is the device balance is low at $360 as opposed to other phones which are 450-500. As such it is entirely possible that, say a month after launch after all the die hards get it, that it drops to like $99 on contract as a permanent drop.

    • hunkyleepickle

      Device balance? Are you a carrier? You pay the full price one way or another bub.

  • Jonathan G.

    The release date for Canada shouldn’t be to much longer since in the States it comes out next Friday (August 23rd)

  • rgl168

    1. I’d like to see what the picture qualities are like.

    2. The no-term price needs to be clarified. With Rogers, often their “no term” price is not a walk-away price, but rather requires signing up for one month of service to get it. The outright price (device only without any kind of monthly plan) is another $50 higher.

  • jetbeck

    I’m only really interested in this phone (and would only ever pay $550) if I have access to the customization options of “Moto Maker”. Its one of its best selling features, here’s hoping it comes faster then “next year” and hopefully it does well enough in the states to warrant them expanding it.

  • p_lindsay

    The pricing of this phone is a let down. Bring on the Nexus 5.

  • Kenny G

    $60 a month plan…..sorry, not interested. Great looking phone though.

  • Troy

    If I just buy the phone outright, and stay on my current Rogers “contract” that expired in April, will they still give me $20 a month off my bill?

  • Troclon

    The MotoX is a mid-range phone. $600 is too much for what it is.

  • Brandon Weidema

    id rather buy the phone outright than stick with rogers.