Galaxy Gear smart watch rumoured to be more powerful than many Samsung smartphones


  • silver_arrow

    Now that my Nexus 4 has Bluetooth 4.0 I want to get a smart watch but i am totally going to wait and see what companies like Samsung release

  • xtachx

    Exynos 4212 is dual core. Do you mean 4412?

  • Bri

    Wow I’m really curious to what this device is going to be like

  • darknite111

    Will hold off on buying the smartwatch2 then. This looks very promising.

  • S2556

    I think I saw this in one of the James Bond movies…or Spy Kids.

    • grantdude

      I saw it on Knight Rider.

  • Unorthodox

    It would be cool if you take pictures with this watch using Buzz Lightyear’s laser pointer gesture.

  • Christopher Robert

    If it is water proof I’m in.

    • Josh Brown

      Awesome idea I never thought of that, no my smart watch must be waterproof!

  • lusky3

    A watch with a quad-core? Running on a battery the size of the watch? Battery life would be horrendious, no?

    • Deli

      I do not know why people equate high-core with higher battery consumption. SoC’s are developed with a very low power-envelope target in mind due to the issues of a very tightly enclosed and fanless environment the chip needs to run on 24/7.

    • lusky3

      While true, with some very bad math (That is not accurate and used as reference) 4 cores running at 1.5GHz each for 6GHz total vs 2 cores at 3GHz. The extra processing has to come from somewhere. Same reason dual-core i3/i5 running at the same clock as a quad-core i7 will use less energy at full load. (Again, there’s a lot more going on in the i7 than just clock speed, but it’s a loose example.)

    • Josh Brown

      I think it total depends on what you are doing with your phone.

      This is taken from NVidia’s website:

      The reason that’s the case, according to Stam, is that when an application is properly multi-threaded and the workload is spread across two CPUs, it keeps the voltage and frequency of the CPUs lower on both cores. However, the same workload on one CPU would max out the voltage and frequency on the CPU and when the CPU gets maxed out, it runs hotter and that’s when it draws a lot more power. Take a look at the two charts below for a visual on this concept (you can click the images for a larger view).

      Naturally, if you have a heavy workload that maxes out both cores of a dual core CPU — or all four cores on a quad core — then that will use more power and drain the battery more than a chip with fewer cores. But, for activities like average Web browsing, email, and even basic video playback, these things can be spread across cores so that they’re less taxing on the system and draw less power.

  • JB

    This wearables market imo is a niche..

  • Deli

    Cool. Definitely will wait and see professional and user reviews first. This is as powerful as the Galaxy S 2.

  • Rich

    I believed it, especially since they’re releasing a quad core flip phone.

  • grantdude

    The first gen has a 1.67 inch screen. Knowing Samsung, the 2nd gen will be 2.5, 3rd gen 3.2, 4th gen 4, 5th gen 4.7….at at some point, our watches will be the size of our smartphones today, and our smartphones by then will be the size of laptops.

  • andy c

    Why does this thing need a camera?

    • Josh Brown

      Selfies? HAHA

    • ChrisPollard77

      For video calls, obviously. Webcam quality is FINE for Skype or Hangouts.

  • Mike_from_Saskatoon

    This has a lot of potential. I love the idea of adding a minimalist approach to smartphones instead of just a “bigger is better” market.
    Who knows? Maybe in a few years they’ll have phones that look like clip-on rings for your ear, like in the TV series Fringe.