GoodLife Fitness App for iOS now available

Thousands of people jump on the fitness train in January, but quickly fall off. I’m definitely part of that group. GoodLife Fitness is Canada’s largest fitness company and they’ve officially launched their iOS app – available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The app has basic features and gives those who download it instant access to club details, classes, and the ability to somewhat customize a workout. Overall, it seems like they’re on a mission to gather as much personal info as possible.

There are some unique features about the GoodLife app, such as scheduling a workout and tracking/sharing your workout activity. You can also embed a playlist to keep you inspired. However, the app does fall short on many levels. I know the goal for GoodLife is to bring new members into the club and potentially hire a personal trainer, but missing is the personal connection to their 877,000 members. Currently the only way to gain workout advise it to visit their blog or scattered YouTube channel within the app. There’s no info about the body, healthy eating practices, fitness forum, or even effective workout programs – which is where GoodLife’s potential is. Thankfully the app is free.


I searched and found a solid app that somewhat meets these needs. Waterloo-based Pump Up has designed a beautiful iOS app that builds personalized workouts with high-res images that show step-by-step instruction, plus has the options to track and share your progress on Facebook. Perhaps GoodLife should speak with them about version 2.0 of their app.

Source: GoodLife App Store