Skype for iOS adds unlimited video messages and improved call quality

Skype, the Microsoft-owned VoIP giant, is bringing unlimited free video messages to its millions of users on iOS.

The company updated its app today for iPad and iPhone, bringing the ability to leave voicemails in the form of short video clips, between its users. The functionality was added to the desktop OS X and Windows apps recently, so it’s only Android and Windows Phone that remain to complete the circle.

Also in version 4.9 are improvements to call quality and stability, something that has lost Skype many users since its mobile incarnations were born. With FaceTime on iOS, BBM Video on BlackBerry 10, and Google Hangouts on Android, there are many other choices for consumers, so Skype must ensure its experience is top-notch to retain customers.

Download Skype for iOS.

Via: Engadget