CIBC Mobile Payment app for Android now available to download


  • Marc Labrosse

    I was happy to see this, but eh my Note II isn’t supported, so disappointed. All Rogers NFC phones should be supported at app release, the GSII LTE has NFC, it’s three years old…it should be supported.

  • Thomas Ramsay

    screw Rogers and CIBC, Just bring Google Wallet NFC terminals and app to Canada

  • David Harcombe

    Ah – this is the NFC you *don’t* want.

    The key is in the last line: “an NFC-enabled SIM”. This means you need a new SIM card – it doesn’t use the NFC chip in the device – and so instead of tying you to your own device it ties you to the SIM, and hence the provider.

    I say “ties you to the SIM” basically because once you’ve authorized and downloaded all your cards to the secure element on the NFC chip, you are unlikely to want to do it all again so Rogers/Bell/Telus are trying to get us all to put everything on the SIM card meaning you can change devices, but will be less likely to change provider. The other way would be to put the cards on the device – which you already own – and then you could use whatever provider you want, simply by putting in any old SIM. I know which one I’d rather have.

    • NotARogersEmployee

      If it doesn’t use the NFC chip in the device, why do you need a phone with NFC? It’s well known that the iPhone won’t be supported and the reason often cited is because iPhones do not have NFC.

      All I could find on this topic is that the NFC-enabled SIM is the added layer of security to protect you. I believe this added layer was a requirement of CIBC to ensure your personal information is secured by them at the same level of their online banking?

      Do you have any sources?

      As for your second point, no other provider in Canada has revealed much about their mobile payment offerings. How are you so certain that the transferring of SIM cards will be as “difficult” as you make it out to seem?

  • Rich

    <3 Credit Unions.
    Hate all the big banks though.

  • TomsDisqusted

    So I need to use a specific carrier and a specific bank, and even then it only works on specific phones. Man, what a crappy way to do things.

  • selonmoi

    This is so silly. I’ve owned NFC-enabled smartphones for two years now. I shouldn’t need to switch carriers or get a special SIM. Canadian banks should partner with Google already and just get it done.

    • Samcraps

      No one should partner with google, for anything.

  • Rian

    So if I have a Fido phone, I wouldn’t be able to use it I take it? Fido, Rogers, close enough!

    • Shūji Kiritani

      It could be possible since they are owned by then, will just have to wait and see. Since I am using my Rogers Note II with a Fido sim.

  • abc123

    ROGERS SHOULD STOP REINVENTING THE WHEEL… and start using technologies that is carrier and bank independent.

    But anyway, the game is lost. Already, I can pay with my credit card just by waiving it over the terminal. No PIN number and nothing to sign. The time it takes to take my credit card out is the same as it takes to pull my phone out of my pocket…. And I can already do it i most locations including gas stations.

    Game over Rogers.

  • holistic_approach

    Sure seems like the MNO’s are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, looking at this forum. I for one thinks its cool that they are doing this, lets see how things pan out

  • John Murphy

    Agreed, this is not good news for Canadians, it’s actually a huge joke. Only select phones and the app didn’t support 4.2@