Koodo to release the Nokia Lumia 520 for $150 outright


  • Uberman5000

    Now THAT’s an outright price! But what’s its RAM capacity?

    • beyond

      looks same as Lumia 710 which is 512MB RAM
      and 8GB storage, but this looks like it has expandable storage via microSD up to 64GB which is sweet.

  • KrispyInTO

    That’s a great price, I would consider picking one up just to try windows phone 8

    • hunkyleepickle

      Is thinking the same thing, a cheap test before taking the full leap with the next flagship lumia device. Incidentally, will this be locked to Koodo, or could I just pop my sum from my off contact nexus4 with Rogers into it?

    • wolfcda

      My guess is it will be locked to Koodo, but it’s usually $15-25 to get an unlock code online that you can enter after putting your Rogers SIM in. ~$170 for an unlocked WP8 device isn’t bad at all. (I’m not sure what Koodo charges for the same unlock code…)

    • ns.dev

      Koodo charges $50 and requires that the past 3 bills have been paid on time.

    • lakhijhajj

      How can you say it s only $15-25 to unlock online? Can you tell any website that sell the unlock code for that price?

  • wolfcda

    The 8S on Virgin’s a great deal, yes (and a beautiful phone… sadly, I dropped mine… {sighs}…).

    But there’s also the “Nokia factor”… all the exclusive apps (Transit, Drive), timed exclusives (XBox games, particularly from EA), and support that Nokia’s phones get that HTC (and Samsung) don’t since they don’t invest as heavily in the platform. So on that front, the Lumia 520 (and the rest of the line) is a great option.

    (Also, the HTC 8S has only 4GB of on-board memory vs. the Lumia 520’s 8GB, which can be an issue since apps can’t be installed to the SD-card).

    • Mythos88

      Don’t forget Nokia’s City Lens.

  • EvanKrosney

    That’s what I call a deal! As of right now, I think that WP’s the best choice for the entry level market.

  • WP74Life


  • Sanjay Kumar

    I am so jealous of koodo customers and other carriers’ except wind’s & mobilicity’s for not launching this device with varient Lumia 521.

    Now I have to buy t-mobile version.

  • Eli_Vance

    Will this work for Wind? Some sites list the 520 as having the 1700/2100 bands while some don’t.

    I guess we’ll have to wait for someone to unlock it and test it

    • Sanjay Kumar

      Nokia Lumia 521 t-mobile has them.
      But the one koodo and Rogers is getting.. I am not sure on it.
      I wish it does.

    • Eli_Vance

      I just found out that model number RM-917 is the one with AWS (i.e. the 521 that T-Mo has)

      I will pop down to a koodo store and see if they would be willing to show me the box of one of the phones so that I can see the model #.

      Unless it is like the old 710 which was pentaband but not officially listed as such.

    • Sanjay Kumar

      That would be so helpful. And of you could also find out that in addition to buy it outright what requirements are.
      Such as Rogers have month to month commitment, so you end up paying first month bill and also activation charge.

  • rgl168

    For a little more money I would get the 620. The 620 has front camera and NFC; I do not believe the 520 has either.

  • Stylinred

    That’s a great price i would even consider getting one at that price

  • Stylinred

    It has the same super sensitive screen that the 820 and 920 have as well so you can use the phone with gloves on

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    This might make a good MP3 player. Don’t really need another phone.

    Does Skype work on it?

    • wolfcda

      Skype will work, but the 520 doesn’t have a front-facing camera, so you’d have to turn the phone around if you want them to see you in video calls. 🙂