Nokia Lumia 520 coming soon to Koodo Mobile


  • silver_arrow

    One thing about this phone is it would probably be between $0 to $50 on the tab which is an awesome price

  • Rich

    These low end phones are selling surprisingly well. Unfortunately, it’s a low margin business for Nokia and their higher-end models aren’t selling all that well.

    • Seppo

      What these lower end Lumias do though is that they add to the crucial user base, thus making the WP platform more interesting for app developers.

    • whatever

      as seems to be Nokias’ plan
      start off with a wow phone like the 920 and then bring out lower phones

    • Mythos88

      They’re not selling well in the US and Canada but they’re making some dents in many other countires.

    • saqrkh

      I don’t expect huge market share, but I think they’ll form a large user base within 1-2 years (hopefully sell 10-15mn a quarter), enough to get developers to back the platform, e.g. to the level Mac OS gets compared to Windows. It’s no where near, but it’ll be enough to make WP/Lumia worth getting.

  • Frederick Edwards

    Rogers is selling this same device on the 6th of May, meanwhile Virgin is selling the HTC 8S for $149. Im hoping the price will be around $150 for the Lumia 520.

  • Stylinred

    wow and i was just this morning trying to find out if any of our carriers would be getting this in

  • saqrkh

    Nokia said the Lumia 520’s price would hover around $180, give or take a bit.

  • J. W.

    Does this mean there’s a possibility of a Koodo Self-Serve app for WP8?

    • Superzar2000

      Hopefully then all the WP8 phones out there will work properly with Koodo. Still waiting …………..

  • Elronir

    I wish they would release the 720 🙁

  • Superzar2000

    Yeah, sure it’s coming to Koodo. Just like the 620 announced a few months ago eh? Still waiting ……………….

    • JP

      Reps have begun training for the 520 , 620 was never more than a rumour with Koodo.

  • jgerb0

    Woohoo! Was wondering if a Canadian carrier would get this! Some of my family members would love to have this 😀

  • JP

    Isn’t the 520 a dual core phone? Doesn’t specify here.

    • silver_arrow

      Yup 1 ghz dual core S4 play

  • Eli_Vance

    Would love to pick one up as a backup phone. If it’s below $200 then it’s an awesome deal even if it is a low end device.