Nokia to unveil new Lumia device in London on May 14th, is this Catwalk?


On May 14th, the Finnish company is set to unveil its latest Lumia device in London. Considering the location of the announcement, we’d guess this is a smartphone (or tablet) set for global distribution, most likely the aluminum Catwalk model we’ve seen previously leaked.

We’ve heard rumours that Nokia will debut a Windows 8 tablet, and considering the length of the event — it’s set to last six hours — we wouldn’t be surprised to see more than one product announced.

Catwalk 2

Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft seems to be stronger than ever at this point, which would make a Windows 8 tablet — or even a Windows RT slate — a possibility.

And though the company recently announced entry- and mid-range devices in the Lumia 520 and 720, it hasn’t launched a flagship model since the the Lumia 920 was unveiled in September. In the smartphone world, that is a very long time.

We’ll have to wait and see what Nokia has in store for us. But keep in mind that it is launching the product(s) the day before Google I/O begins, so expect big things from the company.

Via: TechnoBuffalo