Nokia to build a “real” PureView Windows Phone this year from 808 legacy (rumour)


  • Hussain

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait!!

  • Hilman

    That is one nasty looking phone.

  • kenypowa

    Who else wants a Nokia Nexus with this bad boy camera? I know I do.

  • Alex

    I knew it, and that is what I’m being waiting for.

  • Punch Shyamathanalingham

    Oh ok Nokia, ill just wait for the Real McCoy pureview lumia windows 8 to come out and will hold out on buying the Lumia 920. Thank You for telling me this time, unlike last when you tricked everyone with the Lumia 900 that was obsolete in the blink of an eye.

  • Sims

    “Is that hump in your pocket a PureView WP or are you just happy to see me?”

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Canon cameras has trademarked EOS.

  • Ben

    THIS for phone.
    Nexus 7.7 for a tablet.
    15″ “Surface Book”

    Awwww Yeaa

  • Jason

    Isn’t EOS a Canon Camara brand wordwide?

    • chris2

      EOS = Electro-Optical Sensor

  • Turbo E

    “Bite my shiny, metal @$$!”

  • Olerius

    Did I read that right; 41MP ?!? Who needs that kind of definition? 12MP is already enough to print poster-size prints with no pixelation. Anything more than 15MP on a phone is basically a technological “just because we can” pissing contest.

    • Keith

      It is not about taking shots at 41MB. Go read up PureView if you want to understand it. Everything the sensor delivers is put to use.

  • somethin

    before you shoot your mouth off about 41mp, educate yourself… or you’ll look like a fool.. nm, too late

  • Oldschool

    I’m sorry, I don’t care how good the camera is (and I’m sure it awesome) but there’s no way I’d carry that thing around with that giant growth coming out the back of it.

    Hopefully Nokia can get the size of that thing down a bit.

  • Frederick Edwards

    Why do you perpetuate this myth of ‘real’ PureView.

    “PureView” is a marketing term that Nokia uses to denote a feature set that combats a weakness found in smartphone cameras. To date, PureView has been used for Lossless Zooming (808), Optical Image Stabilization (920) and Low-Light Photography (920).

    Elop stated in an interview on Engadget with Myriam Joire that this term will encompass other features as well, and it is not simply limited to lossless zooming.

  • Craig

    it looks like it’s the same size as a point and shoot camera …. it’s huge.


    • Keith

      That pic is of the Nokia 808 and knowing it was going to be marginalized with a dead OS (Symbian), I’m sure Nokia didn’t spend a whole lot of effort engineering it into a sleeker form. I predict the Lumia version will be much nicer. Non-photogs mays still prefer the Catwalk over the EOS but regardless they will be 2 incredible additions to growing powerhouse of Lumias.

  • skazzers thanamalalingam ding dam

    RIP NOKIA!!!

  • robbers

    People complaining about the weight of the phone is one of the dumbest thing. How does that influence the performance of the phone? If in exchange, I can get wireless charging and a sturdy phone, i’ll take that anyday.