Remember the Milk for Android updated to version 3.0, introduces new design and tools for your tasks

Remember the Milk existed before everyone was on the Getting Things Done wagon, and therefore has a better idea of how its thousands of customers accomplish tasks than most other companies. By virtue of its early entry into the market, its mobile apps were quite poorly-designed, particularly on Android.

With RTM 3.0, the company is taking another stab at winning customers it has since lost to Astrid, Wunderlist, Todoist, Producteev and more, offering a nicely-designed Android app with an intuitive, layered design (think Evernote but better) with a few Holo touches thrown in there.

The app divides your tasks into sections: This Week (Today, Tomorrow, etc.), Lists (Study, Personal, Work, Travel), Tags, Locations and Search, which can be utilized to narrow down previous entries.

Remember the Milk employs a freemium model for its service; the basic functionality is free, but a Pro account gains you unlimited synching (the free account is limited to manual syncing), multi-device sync, push notifications for reminders, a widget and more. The $25/year price may be steep for users acclimated to paying nothing for their task service, but since RTM is available on every platform (and you’re likely already a user if you’re considering paying the price for Pro) it’s not too bad. The new app also fits nicely onto Android tablets, something very competitors can make claim to.

Download Remember the Milk for Android.

Via: RTM Blog