Apple Q2 2013 earnings: 37.4 million iPhones and 19.5 million iPads sold, $9.5 billion net profit


  • Guest

    wow, that’s a lot of money. If it was actually spent on innovation… never mind this is apple im talking, wrong company to think of when talking innovation.

  • jdjd

    And Google isn’t hard at work? Lol, apple already lost, R.I.P Crapple

  • Zed

    And yet, no reporting on the fact that for the first time in a long time Apple failed to meet sales expectations in Q1.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Apple: “Today we’re announcing what the world has been waiting for, that amazing thing we’ve promised. Introducing… The all new, revolutionary IPHONE 5S!.. Featuring a quad core processor, 720p gorilla glass 2 display with 341ppi, and an amazing 1500mAh battery! And…wait for it..wait for it.. iOS 6.5!!”

  • guest

    Read an article on apple in the nyt. They said the idea well has run dry, I say it died, its name was jobs. Samsung is mopping the floor with apple. The phone srom Samsung 2 generations ago, the s2 and the s2x are a better phone than the iPhone 5. Not to mention the s3 and s4, note and note 2. Face it, the fruit is now rotten!

    • Rio

      See, people claim that Steve was this idea well. And if in fact he was so great, do you really think he left absolutely no idea/blueprints behind?

      It is not that the well is dry, it is the time is not right. Apple is good at disrupting markets and because of the trend they have set of blowing away peoples mind, everyone expects the best of them.

      They cant overcome the laws of physics, give it time and they will come back

    • Zany

      I think Steve was good at disrupting markets. Once his blueprints are gone, things won’t be so easy for Apple. They placed themselves on the pedestal and claim to be perfect yet the last two years has shown they are just like everyone else with the exception that they are not taking big chances. Oh wait, they do but when they do, they tend to flop pretty bad on launch and slowly get better over time. This is not an innovative company anymore, that ship sailed 2 years ago.

    • Sweet

      Not true. Just look at what they’ve been patenting. They have lots of ideas and they have been innovating, they just haven’t been putting any of those ideas and innovations into their products. Instead, they’ve been stick to the one-feature-plus-lots-of-little-tweaks formula. I don’t know what the hell they’re waiting for, but this is the year they have to release a bunch of new features.

  • Rich

    I’m not an Apple fan or a Samsung fan, but these results are quite impressive, all things considered.

    Honestly, I’m not sure there’s too much they can do on the hardware front outside of an aesthetic design change. We’re kind of at a point where all screens are good, processors are all fast, etc. Although, battery life is something ALL smartphones need to improve upon.

    On the software side of things, if Apple introduces an Android-esque desktop and widgets in their next iOS update, they could easily be back in the thick of things.

    • Sweet

      The next iPhone will have a built-in fingerprint sensor. There’s also a company that has created a fingerprint scanner that can be added as a layer to a phone screen. They demoed it at WMC this year and are trying to get smartphone makers to add it to their phones. There’s also flexible screens, that could be useful if done right and not gimmicky. I believe Apple also has an exclusive license to use liquid metal tech in phones. Though, I have no idea what they’ll be doing with that. On the software side, the next iPhone will have a revamped UI and improved security. Don’t count on widgets, though.

    • Derek Pulla

      Did anybody not see the huge dip Apple’s stock took? As business insiders stated last year, Apple already hit its plateau, it’s all down for them at this point. The iPhone sucks.

    • Sweet

      I see a 1.87% increase.

    • Sweet

      And in after-hours trading, I’m seeing a 0.54% drop. That’s far from huge.

  • TheShader

    A new iPhone or iPad is NOT “some Amazing New Hardware” by any stretch of the immagination and an iWatch would be a perfecting of someone else’s product (either Sony’s Android watch or the Pebble).
    Granted, those items may have seemed ‘amazing’ to some at their initial launch, but any refresh to these lines is at best surprising or impressive, but far from amazing now.

    • guest

      Well that’s what apple is best at, taking others products and calling them their own. And then suing the original inventor of the said product. Sleeze business tactics.

    • Rio

      Apple takes products that were already out there and makes them useable for the market.

      Show me one Smartphone prior to the iPhone that was anywhere near to the original iPhone and then show me one tablet prior to the iPad that wasnt clunky and laggy like hell.

      Yes windows had the tablet long before Apple did but it was horrible designs and they all ran bloated full windows software.

      It is amazing how apple took the simple concept of a mobile OS and dominated the market with it.

    • HelloCDN

      So how come with better hardware, my Samsung Galaxy S 3 still manages to lag more than my 2-years old iPhone 4? And please don’t tell me because the system is more advanced…

    • KrispyInTO

      Lag and scrolling smoothness are 2 different things. The s3 is alot faster then an iphone 4 at doing things.

  • beyond

    Go APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve wozniak

    Steve jobs was the media man, not the inventor or builder. Apple is only making money because of excellent marketing strategies, not for true tech innovation. If you truly believe that Apple is on the front line of innovation your sadly mistaken.

  • RIP Steve J

    “Our friends(Microsoft) up north spend over five billion dollars on research and development and all they seem to do is copy Google and Apple.”
    “I wish developing great products was as easy as writing a check. If that was the case, Microsoft would have great products.”