Update: Winner announced in our HTC One Giveaway!


  • Andrew Fagan

    I’d love to be able to give one to the girl friend. I just bought mine at bell on Friday, certainly enjoying the boom speakers as I nurse a broken ankle from Saturday 🙁

  • K_owl

    I recently got my Optimus G stolen… 🙁 This would definitely be more then welcomed. Thanks for all these amazing prizes MobileSyrup!

  • Stephie

    Most Awesome Android Ever!
    Would be the best win :3

  • ns.dev

    Yay, another contest for me to not win! 😉

  • Omer Shukrullah

    Man can’t wait to get this phone after exams!!!!

  • dave

    The contest everyone has been waiting for. Whoever wins this is gonna be loving life.

  • Nordinne BABOUCH

    huum, i like it

  • Peter

    Strange story: On April 5, 2013, I tried to buy an HTC ONE Developer Edition. Yes, I’m in Canada and, yes, I knew they were available only in the U.S. However, I tried anyway, knowing I would have the unit shipped to a good friend who works for one of my customers in New Jersey.

    I placed the order and, lo and behold, I got a confirmation back from HTC saying the order was processed. Woohoo! Sadly, though, my excitement was premature. About an hour later I decided to check my online status and noticed that the order was cancelled. Oh, darn!

    I called HTC in the U.S. to ask why they just suddenly cancelled the order without notifying me as such. I found out later that I was speaking to the customer service manager. Anyway, I got off the phone without success … so I thought.

    Two days ago, April 19, I get an email from HTC saying my order for the Developer Edition may be delayed a bit. I thought, what?! My order? What order? I called HTC yesterday, and a very helpful guy said that the manager at the time reversed the decision to cancel the order, and my original order was re-instated.

    Well, it’s scheduled to arrive at my friend’s workplace tomorrow morning. I’m going to have him ship it to me by UPS overnight, so I should have it Tuesday morning.

    One problem, though. What the heck am I going to do with the HTC ONE I picked up from Rogers on Friday?

    Ahh, such problems. (smirk)


    • monsterduc1000

      Take it back. You should have two weeks to return it.

    • Peter

      Yes, I could take it back, and might very well do that; however, it’s been rooted. Then again, I’ve rooted phones before and taken them back without a problem. I’ll make my decision later this week. Perhaps I’ll just sell the developer edition on eBay. I have no doubt I’ll get much more then the actual cost. We’ll see.

    • Gohy

      You just described my experience exactly. except I ordered it myself to ship to my PO box in the states. It is on route as we speak

    • Peter

      Great news! My US customer in NJ got it this morning. They will ship UPS RED overnight, so I should have it tomorrow morning.

      UP-DATE: April 23 – Got it! However, to my surprise, it’s still S-ON. I would have thought the Developer Edition would be S-OFF in addition to it being SIM & Bootloader unlocked.

  • dawood

    You guys forgot to tweet it

  • ASH

    I wanna win this bad boy!!!

  • Egg

    Instant want.

  • mad

    I would like to win this phone please..

  • gua_ca_mo_le

    Wow, great contest! I would love this!!

  • EvanKrosney

    This would be a nice surprise! Thanks, MS!

  • Ra’id Ahmed Ismail

    Let’s do this!

  • arj_85

    I have never wanted to win anything more than this kickass phone!

  • Debbie Bashford

    This would be awsome

  • Brian

    i would love one

  • Blair Davis

    This would be great to win.

  • Dyno

    Would have bought one already if I could get my hands on an unlocked unit in Canada. Unfortunately, well.. HTC doesn’t seem to want to take my money directly.

  • David Ng

    Seriously, one handset I would actually want to win!

  • Edmond Tse

    craaaaazy !

  • Geoff Cousens

    I would love to break my non-winning-contest-streak here at Mobile Syrup, which I believe is approaching 3 years! I C’mon!

  • Benjamin G.

    please please please please pleaaaasseeeeeee let me win this.

  • James Stedjan

    I would absolutely love to win this phone!

  • ConceptualHustle

    I would love to fiddle with this phone when I should be working.

  • Rio

    ME ME ME ME. One of the best phone on the market right now, it feels so beautiful in your hands.

  • monsterduc1000

    Omg! YES PLEASE!!!

  • Stephen

    I’d like to win it so I can sell it before it breaks like all HTC phones, then I’ll take the money and buy a real phone like an S4!

  • IceCreamGuy

    I’m down!

  • Zed

    I ‘might’ be getting One myself, but getting this One in the contest would be even better 🙂

  • grafikal

    Nice looking phone, would like to take it for a spin.

  • bjtheone

    So new, so shiny, i want One!

  • Eduardo


  • LeGND

    I would totally drop my phone for this too even though I just got it three months ago

  • DOmega

    I’ll take it.

  • Not Fail Whale

    good luck everyone

  • Jordan Seider

    Not to shabby. Tired of my phone anyway 🙂

  • Bill

    Would love it

  • stevedion

    I’ma gonna win!

  • Andrew P.

    If there’s ONE phone I want so far this year, it’s the HTC ONE

  • Miguel A

    if i win it’ll save me from deciding between this phone and the gs4! hehe

  • X3R0

    Selling my gs3 for this phone!! Would be awesome if I didn’t have to buy it!!

  • Alex

    Best looking Android phone ever!!!!

  • disqus_RjGtGXqnIX

    I love the new design…would be great to win one

  • Anthony

    Thanks for this giveaway .

  • disqus_kCPMN1BEYg


  • Nicole Coxon

    twitter @thecoxons and following on fb thanks!

  • Unwound


  • Tony Culliton

    Come on! I need this phone!! 😀

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Would be so awesome, way better phone than GS4 in my own opinion!

  • Ian Wardell

    lets see if i can win 😀

  • htcone

    would love this beauty! thanks for a chance

  • Parth Bhowmick

    Awesome! Hope I win this one – its pretty much my dream phone

  • Mithos

    Hook it to my veins!

  • Yuvin

    I’d Love this!

  • disqus_7HPC7wiF5a

    I really want this phone, its so nice!

  • Liam Bhardwaj


  • Russell Robinson

    wow awesome!

  • james

    This One would certainly do it for me 😉

  • Jean Doyon

    Just broke my SGH-T999V LCD. Would love this sweet HTC One!

  • Martin Noel

    Awesome specs, great phone would love to win it.

  • gab_gagnon


  • Greg Joplin

    What a SUPER PRIZE

  • Dylan Doucet

    Got mine on Friday, but this would make a great gift for someone!

  • Will Maitner

    Another contest for me to enter and loose. Oh happy me!

  • Steeve Francillon

    Pure Beauty!

  • Guest

    I would love an HTC One.

  • pat kerby

    Well hopefully by then Verizon will recognize it so I don’t have to switch!

  • Trevor Hanson

    What a beauty of a phone!

  • Natalie

    Done it all. Maybe this times a charm?

  • kvngbbns

    I hope I win this one!

  • Polax

    Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Marc Young

    Tried to buy this phone today from Telus and they wouldn’t sell it to me outright. Hopefully I can win one instead.

    • Zany

      You know that philosophy of them offering it outright on their website and the stores refusing to sell it is bogus. If they are not willing to sell it, they should not advertise it.

      Has anyone ever looked into bringing litigation against companies that do this for false advertising?

  • Fallyn

    I’ve been following this phone forever. So want.

  • tina.f

    wow amazing just called about my 6 month old phone that is now broken they dont care that I need it asap seeing as I have a special needs son and the school needs to reach me ..yup and who can afford a new one Not me like on FB follow on Twitter tweeted and we are connected on G+ and what an amazing opportunity

  • Allen Sutedja

    look so nice, this is the phone i want. the only one

  • Denny Lam

    Prayyyying for one!

  • karla

    I follow and retweeted on twitter (@ksceviour),, I like on facebook (Karla Sceviour) and follow on google + (Karla Sceviour) Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  • Deltanite

    mobilesyrup, thank you for this opportunity. I would love for this to replace my dying S3! /pray

  • Gershwin Cross

    in for the win

  • Salinger

    I was just playing with a live demo unit at Best Buy today. Without a doubt, the most beautiful phone ever. It is just a joy to hold and use. Anyone who hasn’t had a chance to at least try one out, should really do so. I love my Nexus 4 and can’t wait to be among the first to get the Key Lime Pie update, but man, the One is just gorgeous. It’s the first time since December I’ve felt any temptation to switch phones.

  • Edward Smith

    I’m ready 😀

  • petertinh

    Pick me. Thanks

  • mylivespot

    *crosses fingers*

  • Jonathan

    Need an upgrade so bad, this is an amazing phone!

  • travelluna

    love the BoomSound I entered thanks

  • Gregory Le Grand


  • Lukeiphone

    Interested in this! Hope i win 🙂

  • rvichar

    I want this phone!
    Trevor, smokes let’s go! – Ricky

  • stephen

    I’m in good luck to all

  • therealphil8

    can i win one please? htc one is the best phone of 2013!

  • Avinash Kumar

    I never have won any giveaway.. would love to win this one 🙂

  • Mike A

    sure id like to win one

  • Samuel Ho

    my favourite phone of the year!!

  • Kashtin Apsassin

    HOW FUNNY. Today, as it was, I decided to clean out my car. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, which mind you was a pleasant change from the harsh reality of winter, and the sun was beating down something fierce (relative to what I would be used to.)

    There I was, sitting in the drivers seat perched back as far as I could, trusty Nexus 4 in hand. I got up out of it to take away the collected garbage when my nexus 4 released itself of my grip. This was a strange occurrence, as I rarely drop my phone, if ever at all. I stood helplessly, as my Nexus dropped almost in slow motion towards the beckoning gravel below. It must have been from 50cm off the ground. It hit the ground with a blood-curdling thud, and slowly glided across. I saw it slide across the road, and I knew, oh I knew that there would be thousands of tiny little scratches. I, however, hoped for the best. I bent down, and picked it up, turning it around.

    Fear turned to reality as I saw a spiderweb of scratches crawl across the surface. Glass was even missing in places. This, however, wasn’t hard to swallow. I had almost immediately grown accustomed to the idea of browsing the internet and such with a cracked screen. I was okay with it, I would live.

    The shock however came as I turned on the screen, only to realise that no touch would be registered. The digitiser broke. My Nexus 4 is no longer functional, and I am at a greater loss because of it. Pain is relative, and having something that has developed such strong ties to my daily life ripped from it’s bonds will be shocking to say the least. Maybe I need it, to help me disconnect myself from this false reality. Maybe I don’t, and will win this HTC one. Either way, throwing my hat into the ring in hopes that I might have a minute chance.

  • AKA_GodinGal

    It is an excellent piece of hardware.. thanks for the contest

  • said herry

    What are the requirements to win this one?

  • Guyyyyyy

    I really hope I win this One!

  • artiplier

    Winning this would make a great time to move on from my HTC Desire.

  • Abhinav Suri

    Looks so sick! Have been waiting for an HTC One Giveaway. Thanks, Folks! Can I haz?

  • James Edwards

    Wow, great contest!

  • Franz Iulian

    being a fan, tweeted. thanks

  • Taeyeon

    i hope i win

  • Yasir

    Its justs one of a Kind Best resolution and best Pixel quality love to use it

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    I’ve always wondered what a premium phone would feel like in my hands!

  • omegajimes

    I could give this to my girlfriend, and that would let me finally trade my Nexus 4 for a Z10!


    This phone feels just oh so right in my hand, I gotta have “ONE”. Come on Ian PLEASE hook me up, Ill oh you “ONE” 😉

  • Joshua Dedam

    Ok if I’m going win let it be this phone! The one phone to find them , one phone to rule them all !

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    i want it

  • L Joel

    I need “ONE”

  • Jay Unadkat

    Time to jump ships from blackberry to android and this would be the best time. Thank you for the opportunity

  • vn33

    One can dream !!! Hopefully my dream will come true 🙂

  • Mitchell Curtis

    HTC One would be the other phone I waited for if I didn’t get my Z10.

  • Barb Emil Alexandru

    This is a beautiful phone.

  • Michael Kaszonyi

    Nice thanks!

  • Rob Morris

    Yes please!

  • Jean-Marc Beaulne

    Will give away my Note II if I win this

  • spacekobra

    Don’t have to comment this time?

  • Fran Glennie

    Never had a phone love to have one.

  • Shailesh

    Wow would love to have this one…

  • Michael Zulyniak

    Wow, fingers crossed for this one!

  • S. H. Siddique

    @mobilesyrup I have did the same in his last contest, followed all their steps even I have shared on my linkedin profile but they haven’t proved me right whatever they have said, actually the are increasing their social networks counts. Guys open your eyes & act as a wice-person. All the best..Cheerio

  • Rinoy Varghese

    This is the one! Hope I win it

  • Laura Keating

    good luck and since that is my birthday then it would make a nice prize

  • Kemar Brown

    finally a phone that looks great and is not Samsung or Apple

  • syed aleem

    Best giveaway

  • Vladimir Zlatkov

    Nice contest , i never win anything and i know i will not win now , but still … Hope dies last 🙂

  • Karine Groulx

    I need a new phone pleaseee 🙂

  • Komeil Karimi

    Done done and done, now pick me 🙂

  • Dizzle Bizzle

    This phone is so ridiculous! I got my last week, and it is truly the nicest phone I’ve owned. The build quality is phenominal, it’s just beautiful. The camera is fantastic, and the stereo speakers makes me say what took so long for someone to figure this out. Amazing sound.

    GET ONE, best Android device of 2013, straight up.

  • bembol

    Would love to win this…great Mother’s Day gift!

  • Trav Montana

    I would love one of this bad boy 🙂

  • Avalain

    Just for America would be really strange for a Canadian website. Or did you mean North America?

  • Raimonds Nartiss

    This phone looks awesome. Good luck to everyone!

  • inc188

    good lord. That would make my year. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Mathieu Valotaire

    I would really love the htc. Best of luck to all

  • Todd Hochman

    would love to have this one

  • Micah Smith

    my S3 got stollen last week, could really use this !

  • Ryan Leavengood

    This phone looks sweet, I would love to win this thing!

  • Lex

    Though I’m really loving my galaxy note 2 right now in terms of its features, I’m really interested on the HTC One’s hardware. It looks so pretty and the blink feed is intriguing! I know I have a long shot but I do hope I win!

  • Ryan Noverly Joseph

    et ben tabarnak… a chaque fois que mobilesyrup fait un giveaway tout les «ghost followers» reviennent a la vie ou quoi.. lying/commenting on this post abot upgrading from an iPhone won’t guaranteed you winning.. stay with your shitty iphone if you really have one… why did you get one any way?

  • Giman

    You guys are cool

  • Kathy

    I love my HTC phone and would love to upgrade

  • Knarf The Tank

    I need an upgrade..

  • Scott Morton

    Got a SG Note and I still miss my HTC Desire. Really makes me want a HTC One!

  • menavolence

    If i don’t win this one then i’m still gonna buy one, bubaii S3.

  • Jason Schella

    Can’t wait to get one of these. I am bored of my iPhone 4 and the HTC One looks very nice.

  • Randy Klassen

    I would love a new phone

  • cindylee

    wow,,looks and sounds like a great phone,,I want it

  • Dorothy Pyefinch

    … First of all thank you for this great contest and thank you also for letting me know about the HTC One which I never knew existed. With 4 young grandson’s, this grandma can have one heck of a good time capturing everything I treasure … MY GRANDSON’s!

  • dandy

    the best smartphone.

  • Frederic St-Pierre

    You will be my daddy if I win this. 😀

  • Stuntman06

    What happened to your forums?

  • Niels Jensen

    Would be a nice replacement for my HTC Magic!

  • Anand Yadav

    hope i win

  • Debbie White-Beattie

    I need a cell phone, I know I’m out of the norm but I literally don’t have a cell. I always
    borrow a friends if I need one. It would be great to win.

  • DrCarpy

    I wish that more phones took the time to design a phone like HTC and Sony. Just beautiful!

  • Chirag Raval

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant this ….

  • Gaurav M


  • Glenn Howson

    I”m all over this, or going to be

  • MrSmudge

    I would HTC that I didn’t win!!

  • Richard D Hall

    Don’t have a phone now and this one is new and Loaded.

  • SARI Nunweiler


  • Steph Renihan

    What a sweet phone…definitely would love to win One!!!

  • Elizabeth Handel

    Well from what I have heard this is one terrific phone. I really need one. Thanks.

  • mistycarole

    This phone looks amazing!

  • Jasmine Ortiiz

    PLEASE JUST LET ME HAVE IT:) i Will be the happiest person ever I LOVE HTC”!!
    Thanks (jortiz5555@gmail.com)I love the improvement htc went off the chain yeeea boiii!! I.phone Who? wt?? Forget abouttt it..

  • Sunny

    Desperately want HTC ONE!! God!! I want this phone!!

  • Dan debruyn

    Would love to win this phone… Looks as good as an iPhone 5!

  • Empyrean Tech

    Would love to get rid of my pretty ancient Bold 9900 and trade up to something amazingly mindblowing! Followed and shared on Twitter. My username is @EmpyreanTech.

  • hanscero

    this phone its just awesome!!

  • lalozor

    ojala me lo gane

  • Tai Jonathan

    this phone looks amazing

  • Amber Tang

    love this! thanks (:

  • Hugo Silva

    LOVE this phone

  • s vik

    dont even have a phone so would love to win this one

  • Dawn Wiley-Rader

    great contest followed on twitter, facebook and google+

  • Digi Vega


  • martin

    looks cute

  • M Gibb

    WOW…love it!

  • Carol

    Would sure love to win this prize, looks like it has some good features and would be easy to use!

  • Kim

    The box looks so nice…

  • gayle b

    I would love to win the HTC One… currently using an old, really old flip, and I’m flipping sick of it lol

  • Amber Tang

    thanks for the giveaway (:

  • Harold Mitchell

    Thanks for the chance to win….good luck all!

  • Salo Primetime Gomes

    i want one im already following you

  • Bill


  • ajhall62


  • Ashok Soni

    Thanks for this offer..

  • Jorge cabral

    replace my old phone

  • Zafeer

    Im Bi-Winning 😀

  • Edward Eatman

    want and need this incredible phone! please and thanks.

  • John

    i will not win but its the effort that counts 🙂 #perseverance

  • Rinoy Varghese

    I wAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnntttttttt!

  • nbanders

    Beauty camera/ the camera sounds awesome follow as atnbanders

  • cyanyde

    It would be soooo nice to win this and replace my Huawei U8650. I probably have the worst phone here. 🙁

  • Brent Pickard

    Come on HTC One!

  • Aaron Stedfast

    Argh, I’m dyyyying for the One! My Inspire is chugging along with custom JB, but needs to be downgraded to media player status. :-p

  • Mae

    Go go go!

  • Coozle

    I bricked my Nexus, this would be so amazing to have 🙂

  • Sid Joshi

    Mahn I have been entering all these contests and never won one!
    Couldn’t help my self entering again for htc ‘(The) One’

  • Frank Meneses Jr

    My Curve 9320 has seen it’s day, but being a Broke College Student, I can’t really afford to change things up….appreciate the chance of winning this bad boy Mobile Syrup!

  • Eric C

    Awesome phone!

  • Eric J

    I’m sure we would all love to win this.

  • ryan

    gl evveryone

  • Parth Patel

    gl to all

  • Jason Russell

    I have a Htc
    One X currently and it is a great phone and the new Htc One is even better !

  • Vasil Lucyschyn

    Can i have it, please ?

  • Chris

    My Nexus S is looking a little worn out right now and still have 9 months left on my contract :-/ This phone would come in MIGHTY handy! 🙂 Love the site, always check in for the latest updates and breaking news for Canada!

  • Filipe Santos

    This one’s mine…pls(?…)

  • Guillaume Lavoie

    My galaxy nexus is feeling old next to this metal masterpiece

  • AvgJoe


  • David Metcalfe

    Well, I’m not seeing any restrictions to U.S. residents, so here goes.

  • IJustGotaTan

    I’d love to win this!

  • Justin Morris


  • ronit chotlani

    In a world of plastic Androids, the HTC One stands out. It’s different – a gorgeous-looking slender device with chamfered edges and a slightly curved back that lays in the hand almost organically. It’s extremely ergonomical and even though it’s a big phone, it is comfortable to hold and operate.
    .I really, really like the HTC One. I’m a sucker for beautiful
    hardware, and this device is one of the best-designed smartphones I’ve ever used.

  • Ezekiel Rodriguez

    fantastic device, id love to have this replace my old android phone. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Guest

      do you know what i have to do to participate in this competition?

  • Sean Boyle

    Yeah, come to papa.

  • Nathan Helland

    twould be fantastic!

  • Eduardo Castrillo

    such a nice piece of engeniering!

  • Daniel Russo


  • Chris Johnson

    I’d love to win the One!

  • Shaun Aston

    Would be nice to win this.

  • Stephen dela Cruz

    Awesomest Slickest Android Phone Ever! Man… Android has come a long way!

  • Ronald Ivan Quintero

    please let me win! i lost my cellphone yesterday and currently without a cellphone :/

  • winarto

    Will someone from Indonesia (me) win this piece? Lol

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    I was in looking at this one today to, I can’t choose!

  • Alexandr Dermelyov


  • Alain Morris Ranin

    Hi Mr. Ian,
    Are you guys gonna announce the winner shortly?
    Thanks and have a great weekend

  • disqus_RjGtGXqnIX

    This would be amazing to win this spectacular designed phone

  • hurric

    wonder how many more years before winning…maybe i should find out how/where you get so many latest phones to give away 😛

  • Alain Morris Ranin

    Patiently waiting for mobilesyrup to anounce my name as the winner of this gorgeous smartphone (–,

  • lorenzo vibar

    I will welcome it with my arms wide,wide open ‘×’

  • kyle

    I would love to win this amazing phine. Such a great phone I love all the great features.i hope to win thanks..

  • Brandon James Starcevic


  • Navid Bairaghi

    i really wanna win. cnt wait to try the camera. ULTRAPIXEL!

  • lisipbna

    I need it :'(