TELUS Samsung Galaxy Note expected to receive Jelly Bean upgrade in May


  • iphoneeeeeee

    iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone

  • peter

    LG Optimus G already got JellyBean Update. You need to check before posting the article.

  • silver_arrow

    Heck I have never owned the Note and i’m getting mad at how long this is taking. Also it would be much better saying it is coming soon then “Next month” like 5 times.

  • Lirodon

    My friend on SaskTel got 4.1 on the Galaxy Rugby LTE.

    • silver_arrow

      This is about the Note not the Rugby

    • Lirodon

      I know. But the article mentioned that Telus’s 4.1 for the Rugby LTE was coming, but wanted to note that we got it sooner

  • Zachary Elias

    Still in “Manufacturer Testing”… means that Samsung still hasn’t released a load to Telus.

  • Doug Bolster

    Being the owner of a S II x this is ridonculous, a whole year after JB was introduced. What do Samsung and Telus plan to do if they need to push a critical security update to android phones, wait another year? A couple months is acceptable given the distribution model of android.

  • jhk

    Root it for sake ppl…

    • Mark Bunker


    • Jerrik Nordlee

      If you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t come with much risk.

    • Mark Bunker

      Do it for me.

    • Jerrik Nordlee

      Do some research and follow the instructions precisely. I do it all the time.

    • jhk

      You have more risk dropping the phone in the toilet … smh

  • Brandon Ross

    I’m just going to assume we aren’t getting Jelly Bean. “Next month, next month, next month” BS.

  • Borghead

    I don’t believe it. As an owner of a “Tell Us” Samsung S IIx I don’t believe a word they say. Originally they said I would get the Jelly Bean upgrade in December. Then it was changed to February. Now they claim April. I don’t understand why. Samsung gave them the image back in November. Why the delay? Oh, I get it, they would rather that I upgrade to the S IV, that way they can make more money off of me. Well forget it. I will never, ever be with Telus again.

  • Jason

    I already run 4.2.2 on my S II X thanks to a pretty decent akop rom but I still want them to release this update already. Im hoping the battery life will be good.

  • kevinsebby22

    Hate samsung

  • Rick Berglund

    I hope it repairs the damage this melted ice cream sandwich did to both mine and my wife Note 1 and call Telus can’t go back, that has to be BS but oh well what can you do

  • rickee

    too much wait for samsung galaxy sII X …
    f*** you telus , in my next purchase u are definatly not in…