BlackBerry Z10 now available at Videotron, Eastlink and Mobilicity


  • TJS

    One third of BlackBerry shares are sold short. There is huge pressure from these sellers to deflate the share price. Articles like the one above do the public a disservice saying the phone and company are doing less than they are. On March 28, 2013 BlackBerry announced that they made a profit of just short of $100 million. Most analysts had expected a loss of almost $200 million. In that time they had shipped and sold close to 1 million Z10 to the UK and Canada. 60% to 75% of those phones sold. They continue to sell BBOS 7.1 phones worldwide. Since the beginning of this quarter the government of Germany announce the purchase of 5,000 Z10’s. A large NHS branch in England announced they will be upgrading their legacy BlackBerries to the Z10. The Z10 has continued to be rolled out to other countries around the world. Sales of the Z10 seem to be consistent globally, that is selling well.

    In the USA the primary carriers have been slow to advertise and support the Z10, some apparently waiting on the Q10 to push the advertising and support.

    If the Z10 does well in every country except the USA, according the US analysts it is a failure. They, of course, are wrong. And keep in mind the Z10 is doing well.

    Developers are supporting the BlackBerry 10 platform very well. Some who would not have developed for BBOS7.1 have or will shortly have their apps released for BB10. Again, if the Z10 were not selling well, why would they support it this way?

    Numbers of apps. On January 30th, 2013 BlackBerry World had 70,000 apps. Approximately six weeks later BlackBerry World broke the 100,000 app mark. Again an achievement that is not noted by the USA analysts. Are there some apps missing? Yes. Not surprisingly the apps are coming.

    Comparison of app numbers. BlackBerry World over 100,000 apps. Apple and Google have close to 1,000,000 apps each. BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 have only been on the market for under two months. iOS and Android are close to seven years. They should have more apps. By numbers BlackBerry developers make more money with their apps than either iOS or Android does. This will help grow the app ecosystem.

    Really all things need to be looked at before declaring a company dead. Specially one that the US analysts declared dead a year ago. The same company that has $3 billion in the bank, no debt and continues to bank more money each quarter.

  • d*****s

    Its not at mobilicity yet… they stupidly decided to have 2 stores in vancouver be able to stock the phone.. dumbasses