The Weather Channel for Android gets nice redesign and tablet optimization in new version


  • Mike

    Hello windows style

  • anon

    Read their privacy policy. It might surprise you.
    They collect everything about you plus they see what apps you install. Why would a weather app need that???

    • Tom

      And why do most of these weather apps (including this one) need permission to “run at startup”? I guess they run in the background so they can always have up-to-date info, but if you don’t use the app very much then this is wasteful.

      Do the app settings allow you to tell it to not run in the background?

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      This Application sucks. It tracks what you are doing and it is ugly to begin with. Fail. don’t use it.

  • someguy

    2×2 widget doesn’t show wind anymore.
    Only temperature and feels like temperature.

    Before was showing wind too.

  • andy c

    Eye in the sky is still better

  • haxor99

    The most accurate weather app for Canadians seems to be the weather network. I only wish they would update their ugly widget.

  • Dave

    best thing about this app; In metric mode, The written description is still in fahrenheit.

  • Stuntman

    I normally use The Weather Network for weather. I decided to try The Weather Channel app. Just installed it. I like the widget more so than TWN. Gonna see if the radar imagery is any good. That was the reason I did not go with TWC before. Have to wait for it to rain before I make my assessment. For everything else, both apps are similar.

  • kos

    Try Go Weather….interface is nice, widgets are nice. But weather might be off a bit since its US based. I like it over the others, it has better interface.

  • Brad F

    @Brad F (With pic and dickless)