Maluuba, the better-than-Siri personal assistant, now available for Windows Phone 8


  • BS

    It’s saying it isn’t available in Canada?

    • Daniel Bader

      Thanks, updated link!

  • kb2755

    A Waterloo startup, love supporting these home-grown initiatives!

  • John Marshall

    Bought it, tried it, bumped it straight to the top of my Start menu. It replaces quite a number of different apps I was using for these various functions. The voice recognition is a bit ropey, but that’s probably just because of my tendency to mumble. Great app, and great to see an app like this on Windows Phone 8!

  • sum guy

    Can one operate it from a bluetooth device. I’d love to be able to set alarms and appointments while driving hands free.

  • Ben

    Glad to see it. Great app. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • 99roxah

    Is that an African name? Maluu!ba?

  • Eduardo

    Good for them, it’s a really nice app!
    Funny thing, I had uninstalled it a few months back (don’t remember why) I just installed it again and it shows a task I had scheduled from October being 6 days and 20 hours late!

  • Steve

    Can’t find it in the marketplace on the phone (lumia 620)?!? missing something?

  • Ben

    I wasn’t able to find it in the marketplace, either. I had to load the link in my phone browser. You can just load this page in your phone browser and click the link.

  • Sam

    Does anyone know if/when the app will be available in NZ??

  • Blas

    Looks like they pulled it off the market already.