Samsung confirms Galaxy S IV announcement on March 14th


  • EvanK

    8 core processor and a 1080p display? Here’s hoping that the battery’s large enough to last through the day…

    • here

      Won’t even be enough battery to power the past two models for a whole day, let alone the s4.

    • Sean

      IF t does have the octa core processor it is more like the Tegra 4+1 approach but it is a 4+4 approach. 4 high power cores for when you are doing intense stuff and 4 cores for when you are checking your email and in standby. This would help give better battery life as it is not always using the more powerful cores.

      Also we probably won’t see this type of processor till the Note 3

    • BIll Murray

      I hope the HTC One sells better then the S4

  • Andrew

    Is this really needed? An 8 core is excessive. I love my GS3 and it works better then 99% of the phones our there why would you need to release another phone this early in the game. Come on Samsung you’re pulling an apple.

    • REDRUM

      wth is this…

      “oh yea totally, remember that time when apple went from excessively to dual core to quad core to octa core year by year?”

      unless if you have been living under a rock you should know that Apple is INFAMOUS for moving slow in terms of specs. This is NOTHING like apple.

  • Nib

    I think I would rather it have a 4.7″ super amoled PLUS display at 1280 by 720 rather than a bigger FHD display with some weird pixel arrangement.

  • dc2000

    @Andrew – 1080p phones, they want to jump all over that marketing hype.

  • Jason

    Introducing the samsung galaxy s7: comes with a 26.9 inch screen and giant farmer pants to carry it in!!

  • Jules

    And they’ll show us another piece of plastic with an outdated an ugly overlay..

  • Andy

    Great….an even bigger screen and faster processor to chew through the battery. Hopefully the battery can last at least a day!!

  • jb

    I dont know…to be honest S3’s specs are still solid….8 cores seems ridiculous to me, although sure id take it. I have issues with samsungs quality of materials used….to be completely honest their phones feel cheap, and in my opinion are just too big. I know some people will disagree but I think I’ll wait for the blackberry “aristo”.

  • Alex

    I’m retiring my plastic Samsung for HTC One. I can’t resist.

    • g011um

      You’re also retiring you ability to get OS and security updates.

    • Brian

      Have fun getting OS updates in three years!

  • screamer

    The should leave the screen size like it is. Should be a bit thicker and battery life for more then a day. Do we need a 1080p? We need battery life!!!!

    • Nib

      Hmm, I said essentially the same thing as you but got down voted… I don’t understand mobilesyrup viewers.

  • here

    8 Cores on an OS that was build for a single core, talk about a waste of money.

  • mehmeh

    If not the Exynos 5 octa, I would be pretty happy with a Tegra 4

  • D

    You guys whine too much. 8 cores doesn’t mean all 8 cores are going to be pumping on max the whole time it means that when you get to enjoy the jump from 720p to 1080p it doesn’t crap out doing something with a high load. Don’t deny yourselves the beauty of HD. I’m not sold yet, hoping for gorilla glass 3.

  • Curtis

    I’m getting bored of my s3. Just hope Sammy do away with the plastic.. We need a premium feel and look.. If not I’m going with Sony Z/ZL 2013

  • dale

    how do I upgrade from galaxy s 111 ?

  • Brian

    Incoming BlackBerry PR team to downvote comments that are positive and talk about the BB10 devices everyone has forgotten about already!

    They’ve already hit PhoneDog clearly by voting the POS Z10 to the top of the user voting for phones.

  • John_hates_blackberry

    Don’t worry Brian, customers will continue to vote with their wallets. That is the only vote that counts. When the S4 launches in the US. before BB10 phones, blackberry will be all but forgotten by most people.
    The late US launch has all but sealed their fate in North America.

    Thumbs down if you work for BlackBerry.

  • Citsalp

    Easy on the plastic Samsung….eaaaaasy does it!

  • ZR27

    i dont care about the release…
    just get the battery right… just like the note 2

    and those that dont put a case on their smartphones.. seriously??.. 1 drop, is all it take to learn your lesson 🙂