Nokia announces Lumia 720 and Lumia 520


  • Yang

    Go Nokia!

  • danion

    When they gonna do it (if !) the 920 would be maybe the same price if not lower. Why would one want a mid range phone when the higher version would be the same price if not cheaper ?

    • Yang

      Take it ease. I am sure that Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 cannot make their way to Canada since in Canada, we have 620 and maybe furture 820 variants. 520 and 720 are made for emerging markets globally, not Canada.


    520 has a bigger screen than 620?

    • Braumin

      Slightly bigger, but no NFC, Front Facing Camera, or ClearBlack tech in the screen.

      That being said I wish the 620 had a 4″ screen.

  • Braumin

    @danion. The Lumia 920 off contract is like $600 at a carrier to $740 at

    That’s not quite the same thing as these phones.

    These aren’t even going to be launched in North America they are for other markets where people aren’t subservient to their cell providers.

  • Sweet

    These phones would sell really well in Canada…that is, if the independent retail market for cellphones had not been driven to extinction by phone subsidies.

    It’s time to ban carriers and their subsidiaries from selling cellphones. Let independent retailers sell the phones at market-driven prices, like they do with TVs and laptops. Once that happens, you’ll see the prices, as well as the whining about 3-year contracts drop dramatically.

    These Lumia phones are well priced.

  • Quagmire

    Loving the pricing. Gigitty Gigitty

  • Mr. Reliable

    I’m actually fairly sure that the 720 will go to Rogers as a 710 replacement and a voice only phone.

    • Hamid

      i think the 620 will have that covered

    • Mr. Reliable

      @Amid sorry, but if you didn’t notice, the 620 went to Telus in the end.

  • Rich

    Whether you like it or not, WP8 is a “future” primary OS. With the apps being cross-compatible with PCs/Phones/Tablets/XBOX it’s only a matter of time for it to build up steam.

    Android, at its core, is actually at a disadvantage to most of the other platforms in terms of fluidity and function. Much of this is offset by high end hardware currently, but that bubble will burst eventually as our devices become capable of doing more.

    With that said, I know I shutter at the thought of WP being one of the big dogs.

  • glonq

    Because Android is so open and iterates so quickly, it’s got far more “fluidity and function” than other platforms. Arguably, it’s got *too much* really.

  • Paid Shill

    Well Wind might see the Lumia 521 which is supposed to be for T-Mobile in the US

  • joe public

    I haven’t met nor seen a single person with a Windows 8 phone. Sure I’ve seen them in the stores but no one buys them.

    • Hamid

      I hate to admit it but that’s one of the reasons i want one. Everybody else has a samsung galaxy something, iphone or blackberry, i wanna get a windows phone to be a unique little princess. I already have an e73 but symbian’s not holding up. Plus i also like the tiled interface and nokia maps.

  • Crocography

    Want to see the 720 come to Wind Mobile. Not one of their damn Windows phones has a front camera, not to mention the Windows phones they do care are truly entry level. Come on Wind get it together!

  • GrooveStomp

    Is it just me, or does the 520 have a much nicer form factor than the 720? The 720 looks hefty and chunky. Neither of them is as purdy as the N9 or Lumia 900.

  • Michael

    Wind should sell the Lumia 920 when Rogers exclusive expires, this is arguably the best smartphone in the World right now, too bad Rogers is doing a pretty shitty job a marketing a great device.

  • SC

    Anyone have any problems on 512mb ram opposed to 1gb? I read some apps don’t run on anything less than 1gb ram