Google updates Search app for Android with widget, movie ratings and real estate listings


  • Eduardo

    It’s nice to have a widget but Google Now hasn’t worked so well for me; it shows estimate times to get home when I’m on my way to work (It still hasn’t learned that I work from 9 to 5?!) or the other way around.
    Does anyone know how to add cards? (Birthdays which already sync on my calendar or Activity report)

    • Zeeb

      Go into settings of Google Now..(3 dots on the bottom of the Google Now page). You can customize what cards show up

    • Eduardo

      They’re both ON but never appear. Also, I just noticed that it says “For your birthday, For birthdays from G+” Seriously? For my birthday?

    • Matty

      Now works well for me. It knows when I’m going to work, and going home, and I work 1:30pm to 10:00pm. Perhaps you just need to wait longer for it to learn you? Make sure you’ve set up Local and programmed in your home and work locations with automatic checkin, etc. I think that’s a big part of how the locations cards work.

    • wonduro

      I believe if you enter your work schedule in your calendar and your home and work address, then it would be able to tell you the info in between ( traffic for example) There is much to come from google. Have faith because even in the year 2030, electronics will have bugs and flaws or worse (terminator) haha

    • LTE

      I just got it: Holly Crap!

      Brackberry BBRY closed at less than $14 today! and its lower in after hours! One week ago was $17 and now there are no rumours or vapourware:
      Syrup could you report a few rumours or Artist renderings to take the stock up?
      -It worked in the past, has to work again, no?

      Love the widget!

  • Dave

    Jelly bean or how ICS is already a thing of the past already (said with copious amount sarcasm). On the plus side I’m running 4.2.1 on my S2X thanks to CM!

    • Eduardo

      Google Now was never part of ICS

  • theMediaman

    I’d love it if Google Now’s weather service pulled from The Weather Network, or Environment Canada. It regularly posts current temperatures _over_ the daily high, and the weather icons are not always, but sometimes inaccurate. I just get the feeling that American weather services just don’t “get” Canadian weather.

  • Justin

    still no device features yet…bogus

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    Watch the blackberry fanboy scum try to rip the apk and port it onto their ZEE10. hahaha dummies.

    Quite a shameless group, they look down upon android in one instance, and in another they steal android apps.

    Ey yo commo stace? You got da beebeeEMMM?

  • EmperumanV

    Doesn’t seem to work for me. I tried adding the widget and dragging it to one of my screens, but all I see is “No Cards”. This is on my N4 and GN.

    • Zeffer

      Need to launch Google Now and then go back to the widget… you should then see your cards

  • W Young

    Anybody get the Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews or other new cards to work in Canada?

  • Awais

    Did anyone notice a bug with Note 2? I cant seem to open the menu to go into settings, it keeps flickering..