PlayBook updated to version, brings BlackBerry World branding and SMS over the Bridge


  • LTE

    Great timing Syrup!

    BBRY stock is under $14. They need all the help they can get before THE REAL NUMBERS for sales of the Z10 come out.

    • TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Whats a Playbook? ahahhahahahahah

      TIME OUT!!!!!

      Talk to the hand!!!!!!!

    • HIT MEH!

      hit me on my blackburry..hit me on my blackburrry…

      RIP BBRY

  • Henaway

    Waiting for BB10. What’s the holdup Blackberry?

    • eshizzi

      BlackBerry could have released OS 10 on the PlayBook first before launching the Z10. It could have helped pump OS 10 and the Z10/Q10 even more!

    • Kid.Canada

      If they did that then there will be no incentive for Playbook owners to buy the Z10/Q10. Smart business move by BlackBerry and I don’t think it’ll come out till after 2 or 3 months after the Q10 is released too. Remember, these phones are a bigger priority for BlackBerry than the Playbook.

  • Dr.Hugo

    They need to come out with a hot new tablet this spring , they need to start pumping out new innovative devices to stay in the game and BB10 is just the beginning

  • Paul

    Finally, the browser is more responsive than ever now with this update!

  • oldschool

    WTF just gimme BB10 on my PB already, haven’t we waited long enough? This thing had/has great potential, but at this point it’s nothing but a great browser.

  • Uttam singh grewal

    I don’t give a **** blackberry has some of the best products out there people are just stupid they rather pay a million dollars for the brand!!!!! Only part Blackberry lost their customers was on software updates!!!! Otherwise BLackberry is a better brand then those ios and android garbage stupid nerds want a quad core processore when theres no software that utilizes it!!!!

  • Relax.

    Uttam, read my name…You need to relax sir. Not sure what iOS or Android ever do to you.

  • Hash It


  • pots

    Dont see any difference

  • Brian

    Updated slow crap is still slow crap. This thing was dead on arrival.

    • Jack

      Stop playing armchair analyst and expert of the mobile world and get back to serving Tacos at the Taco Bell counter

    • BUT TOX

      Brian, put on your iTag and go back to work at the Apple store

  • Rag3r

    The app selection on the playbook blows as much as my girlfriend on Valentines Day. Can’t wait for bb10 so I at least I’ll get a half decent selection. Ps I don’t care about speed, if I want to game ill turn on my play station, playbook is for Internet, movies and maybe email.

  • Happyboy

    BlackBerry still has a long way to go

  • Alex

    All i need is to attach a USB flash memory to my PB… And I still can’t do that… What a shame… What a shame…

    • Michael Miles

      They make a convertor to attach a flash drive for playbook but I do also think the drivers should be installed to connect direct

  • OU812

    I don’t know. Don’t wanna spoil blackberry’s return but I wonder if OS10 is suited for PlayBook. 10 seems designed for one handed functions n 7 inch screen is pretty large for one handed op. IMHO maybe blackberry should refocus n fine tune playbooks qnx kernal instead. Just sayin that’s all.

  • Hsay (YSM)

    gonna see i can get this update

  • Will

    Playbook doesn’t have the torque to run bb10. Unless you can glue another gig of ram to it. They have already stated that on rim forums. So it wouldnt really change anything. It would just be watered down pb os with a bb10 nametag on.

  • Canucks4Life

    Argh turned it on for the first time in 6 months the other day which did an update now guess I’ll do this one 😛

  • Paul

    Dear Blackberry why is the playbook so limited come on do some more,media transfer via bluetooth should never be absent from playbook we need Skype video chat no playbook

  • TechFreak

    I would be so happy if every baboon wouldn’t post their ignorance everywhere. Just to make this clear, PlayBook’s hardware specs are nothing short of excellent for now and for future software releases. The new Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD both have very similar specs and an equal amount of RAM and the very new iPad mini has half the RAM PlayBook has so these people I mentioned before should keep their uninformed opinions to themselves and go fix something in a barn.

  • katch

    My playbook is sooooooo slow. Sometimes there are multi second lags between typing. I can ck on an app icon and its like 5 seconds before I leave the home screen.anyone else have the same issue?

    • JBS

      I bought my PlayBook because it had good hardware, with the potential for the user experience to get better as apps were added to the store. It is my opinion that the Android player has slowed my PlayBook down. These non native apps open slow and crash to often. The native apps usually work quite well, but most of the popular ones are not available on BB. On my Galaxy S3, I can Skype, watch Netflix & Hulu, and play the native Words with Friends app without it crashing.

  • Tony

    Biggest issue with playbook is no useful app. No one is going to buy the product if there is no use for turning it on. RIP playbook!!!

  • Tony

    I don’t know what the headline is referring to, but i had SMS in Bridge via the previous update a month or so ago…..

    • Franky 62

      The SMS is for the BBZ10 phones. It was reported a few days ago that it wasnt working with the Z10s so they fixed it.

  • xenrobia

    I don’t have one PlayBook. I have two. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy some buggy, malware infested Android piece of glitchy garbage, or some over-priced Apple product with second rate hardware. If you want the best, then BlackBerry is the only choice. All the Android and Apple weenies hanging around and trolling the BlackBerry articles is all the proof you need that Android and Apple products can’t beat BlackBerry on the strength of their performance alone.

  • JAG

    Blackberry oversold and under delivered with the Playbook. It was and remains an incomplete product. I bought it on its first day of sale relying on BB to make frequent updates giving it the fully capabilities- yes including apps- of its competitors. My Playbook is now almost 2 years old and I’m still waiting a compete, competitive product. I paid $499 for it and feel like I’ve been taken. BB promised new phones to work with it. BB hasn’t provided any meaningful support. NO phones yet Updates for video chat? I don’t even know another Playbook owner to chat with! Now update for the bridge and sms? I went to the apple side for my phone months ago…got tired of waiting for BB to come out with a phone that I could actually use on the net. BB’s best days are well behind it..I won’t go back. No trust anymore. BB’s performance is like buying a Porsche to drive around a parking lot. Nothing but potential with no place to go.

  • katch

    this is no porsche. And my moms android isn’t slow. Has a tonne of apps. Mine is slow as hell and all the apps suck and are too expensive.

  • Pedr

    BB more aimed at business users or silver surfers. Have 4 of them and very happy due to the price not too fussed about the lack of apps.