TELUS flips the LTE switch on in Charlottetown


  • EvanK

    What’s with all that marine coverage in the north?

    • Sean

      The signal spreads really well over water as there is nothing in it’s way to stop it so a single tower can cover a large area of water

  • Alex

    Covers more than any other province!



    • EvanK

      Rogers said by 3Q 2013, for Bellus it’s anyone’s guess. I don’t know what’s taking so long, it may have something to do with the city restricting tower construction for non regional carriers, which would explain why MTS is the only carrier to offer it.

  • wewewi

    Nice!! Fish have a separate coverage north of the island!!

  • Jewhu

    So, I’m with these guys and I’m like a 3 minute drive from downtown Charlottetown. The signal for LTE barely reaches past the main roads and the downtown core.

  • ihitmyheadalot

    This is great but will they be shutting it off a few weeks later like they did in moncton, new brunswick. Ive had no LTE for three weeks now.. and noone at telus can even explain why..

  • jimbob

    Sherbrooke please! 😉

  • Navderek

    All coverage in PEI is done by BELL. Telus never had and probably never will have towers in that province. So if I were you and had any questions about coverage I would direct them at Bell, even if you are a Telus customer. I have always been frustrated with the lack of coverage in PEI with any device and on any network. They only care about high population areas and in PEI that doesn’t really exist!