437 and 365 area codes going live in the GTA on March 25th


  • lol

    Team 647 forever!

    • Telecommunications Alliance

      Canada so far from heaven and so close to

      “The Telecommunications Alliance – which is comprised of Bell, Rogers, TELUS and Vidéotron”

      And the CRTC “The Canadian Hearing Commission” All they do is keep asking: What do people want?
      -No more 3yr contracts
      -Is the people sure??
      -YES WE ARE!
      -OK hold on I will make a “hearing”
      -No more 3yr contracts please!
      -What??, people need more time to THINK about it?no prob!
      -No more 3 yr contracts please!!
      -What’s that?? CLEAR billing?? Sure, let me have a hearing and look into that!
      -etc etc

    • Telecommunications Alliance

      Is the Telecomm alliance the same body that BANS DELL VOICE and SKYPE and other services in Canada??

    • pimp

      i’ve got hoesss..i’ve got hoes..in different area codes…..

  • chrisvassos

    905 Till I Die

    • c

      I live in a different city now and I’m sticking with my 905 area code, I’ve had that number since I was in elementary school, not givin’ that ‘ish up!

  • josh

    416 for life!! Can I get a thumbs up for that!!?

  • EvanK

    My god, how many area codes are there in the GTA? I find 204 and 431 difficult enough to remember in the Winnipeg region.

  • Dave

    This sites’ comments section was better when teenage kids didn’t know about it

  • lukeiphone

    Why not 420?

  • Tom

    For those that wonder why Canada is the only country with no SkypeIn etc.

    “The Telecommunications Alliance – which is comprised of Bell, Rogers, TELUS and Vidéotron”

  • dizzle

    how about getting rid of 3 yr contracts and suing the big 3 for price fixing and monopolizing the market ?

    waste of time and resources. instead of going after bigger issues they go what will help continue drive the money.


    • mcescoli

      Unfortunately, until the world learns to drop the monetary system and embrace a resource based economy, things like this, about excessive greed, will continue to happen.

    • Peter

      Sorry mcescoli but been your boyfriend thinks your arse is a toxic dump and not a resource. :-p

  • K

    ugh… even more “wrong numbers” from dialing the wrong area code.

  • Joe

    The problem with 437 is that it’s easily miss-dialed with 347 (New York). My Google Voice number is a 347 number, I would probably try very hard to get the 437 equivalent to catch miss-dials.

  • Joe

    You can still get 416 from Fido. And Bell seems to have so many 416 left they are using it for data sticks.

  • Happyboy

    Three area codes in Alberta and growing

  • djino


  • Kyouya

    We have way too many area codes in Ontario. This needs to change.

  • Peter Griffin

    Time to lengthen phone numbers to at least 9 digits instead of the current seven. That way this won’t keep being an issue every couple years and everyone can have the same area code.