Video: A 20 second glimpse of the upcoming HTC One


  • Jeff Goebel

    Thanks you for wasting 20 seconds of my day.

  • screamer

    Agree! We know that htc will bring a good device on the market but Samsung s4 will have flexible screen and that will be the phone to go for.

  • some guy

    HTC locks their handsets down harder than Fort Knox…

    Soooooooo I’ll wait for a more ROM friendly handset.

  • Steve Dion

    Wow, that was pretty lame. A waste of my 20 seconds!

  • Alphs

    These other companies still haven’t figured out how to launch new phones properly.

    Although most of their products are overpriced to me, no one does product launches better than Apple. No useless teasers like this. Just a solid launch event, hard availability date, and ability to order that same day.

  • wotzit2ya

    I want my 20 seconds back

  • Haxor99

    LOL they are really trying to generate hype here… good luck!

  • scrooge

    That’s the worst “glimpse” I have ever seen.

  • squirrel_masher

    So from that I conclude HTC will be packaging the sun, or maybe the camera only works in full sun. Maybe they should have hired Alicia Keys.

  • morritz

    For what we see of it, it looks pretty good!

  • wotzit2ya

    Even Mr Blurrycam does a better job

  • Trotsky

    That was directed by J.J. Abrams.

  • Jeff

    It’s going to be an htc phone with the htc label on the back and it may or may not have a camera! My mind just been blown.

  • Arjuna Gnanam

    Good to see Michael Bay is still working.

  • Prince

    This is ripped off from htc event page. it was a background there and not meant to be a teaser used solely without the webpage.

  • Tomatoes11

    LOL. HTC. Sigh….

    They should learn from Sony. Sony has the best promotional videos.

  • Guru

    If u marketing student and want to learn what not to do, this is it.