Videotron price drops Nexus 4 by $50 on contract


  • hoo dat

    Fido: $100/2 years, $425 outright.

    At least VT are cheaper than WIND although that’s not hard these days.

    • Telecommunications Alliance

      Expect the Virgin/Koodo N4 to drop to:

      $399-$429 Outright with potential profit from customers using their respective network.

      The main added value will be when it drops to $0-$49 on two yr contract.

      Telus is “dropping” the price of the S3 and LG Optimus G (dismal sales) in March to $99 TWO YEARS min $50 to compete with this, once their current 2yr “sale” is over.

      Unless they remove the min$50 requirement even at 2yrs you will be better off with an N4…now running 4.2.2!

  • Snick

    Better, not enough
    Drop the contract term to 2 years and we’ll talk
    Since you won’t give me any deal for upgrading prematurely (still have a year to go on my Nexus S contract), I’m not signing another 3 years contract.

  • D Allan

    Why would people buy this phone from any carriers instead of Google is beyond me…. Don’t tell me that signing a contract will get a better price on the phone because Bell/Telus/Virgin/Koodo are giving you 10% off for bring your own phone.

    • Snick

      Add shipping and it’s close to 400$ to get it through Google.
      With Fido it’s 100$ plus a 2 years contract, so the difference amounts to around 12$ a month, most likely less than a 10% discount.

      It gets less interesting on a 3 years contract though, but it would still be a better rebate than 10% (I pay around 50$ a month right now with everything I need and more data than I can use)

      Getting it through Google at this point is more about the flexibility of going with the carrier you want.

    • Eduardo

      I’m on a similar situation, $50 a month with way more data than I can use.

      Neither Bell or Telus can offer that and even if they could, $5*36months = $180 (assuming they could offer the same plan minus 10% discount) , you’re saving $300+ by getting it on a contract.
      The only upside is being free to go whenever you want.

    • Eduardo

      Edit: You save $250+ by getting it on a contract. (I misread the article)

  • Shaggyskunk

    Just get a Note 2, root it, or wait for the S4. “Flagship” non removable battery & 16 Gig, no thanks.

  • Slayer

    Videotron’s plans are a rip-off compared to Koodo

    • Allen

      Videotrons target market are separatists!! they love paying more for less
      Highest sales tax, income tax, municipal tax and sell phone bills!!

  • cheenachatze

    Quebec residents lost big time when Videotron won the AWS auction there.

  • WhichPhonet

    Why on earth you keep repeating it that Fido offer Nexus 4 in every other news ? where do you see it ? they mistakenly put it online for less then a say it then disappeared.

    Please Mobilesyrup stop saying this again and again on every nexus 4 news.