HTC has just One thing on its Facebook page: February 19th


  • Ryan

    I really enjoyed my HTC desire, but got bored with the lack of updates and the length of time to get those updates. Thats when I decided my next phone would be a Nexus. So I am running a G Nexus now. I enjoy getting the updates quickly. This is something that HTC and Samsung need to look at, especially HTC. Figure out a way to get updates out at a reasonable time and you win the Android war.

  • Cody

    Please HTC, all carriers the same time with the same model.

  • Mike

    I love HTC. If only they would put some money into marketing to get their name out there…they would do so well.

  • Rich


  • brianb71

    Of course I’m excited. HTC has been a pioneer in the smartphone industry for a number of years now. I am tired of seeing companies such as Samsung continue to dominate the industry with lesser quality handsets. I have been an HTC fan boy for awhile now and can’t wait to see them and Sony start to shine once again.

  • kenypowa

    It’s not that HTC can’t catch a break; it’s that it abandons its customers. Where is the JB update for Amaze? for Raider? EVO 3G?? Samsung Galaxy S2, released 6 months before these phones, just got their 4.1.2 jellybean update. HTC essentially abandons its top of the line phones after just ONE software update.

    HTC One V never received any update, despite carrying the One name. It is abandoned at birth.

    This is ridiculous. and HTC One X and S owners, 4.2 will be the last update you get, and you will get it months after us Nexus folks got 5.9 Key Lime Pie. HTC got no one to blame but themselves.

    • Non

      As an unhappy owner of HTC Sensation I totally agree with kenypowa. There is no reason other than greed that our device will not get JB.

      My next phone will not be HTC.

  • Jules

    I love Samsung hardware but they seem to try to escape from Android and try to get more money. Along with their annoying TouchWiz and slow update, GSII was my last Samsung phone. Nexus 5 Or X-Phone I guess!

  • zzZZzz

    As far as I’m concerned this is HTC’s last chance to get back in the game, or lose whatever base they still have. I already accepted the One S with it’s lack of SD and REALLY slow updates and minimal memory. I won’t support them if they repeat those caveats.

  • ag

    I’m excited . I really enjoy my one s. Tough phone . Liquid damaged , smashed it a million times and the only thing that doesn’t work is the vibrate.

  • tomatoes 11

    Please! HTC can’t catch a break? Sure luck helps but most things in life can be accomplished in life with hard work. If HTC really makes awesome products like their fans say, they will be fine.

    Unfortunately, HTC doesn’t make great products and that is why they are not successful.

  • Mark

    HTC is quietly dying

  • justjoshin

    Good hardware, but no source code means developers are fleeing HTC. Which in turn means there are less custom ROMs for the HTC devices with less functionality. Which is driving people to other devices.

    For 2010/11 Samsung was the most open, and look at it’s market share. Google is driving the AOSP, so their market share is solid. Sony has cottoned on and is being amazing with their source code. Watch their sales rocket as developers jump on the sony train, and users switch due to the availability of good quality ROMs. Watch and learn HTC.

  • gfdeepak

    Maybe stop stripping the phones of removable storage and battery HTC. People clearly find value in those so give it to them.

    Stop with the stupid name monikers (one x, one v, and now just one? W t f?) It’s annoying and confusing.

    Stop releasing your phones on one carrier here in Canada. I will not switch companies just to buy your phone. Who do you think you are?

    I can’t think of one (pun intended) thing HTC has done right in the past two years. Not one.

  • Sean

    I WAS an HTC customer and liked the phone, but was totally abandoned. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice … not going to happen. Good luck HTC, you were the maker of your own demise.

  • haxor99

    Interesting comments.. as I have never been an HTC owner nor known one. I’m on the GNex and the quick updates and developer support has been amazing. HTC sounds like a nightmare in this regard.

  • herpderp

    Multiple carrier support, reasonably quick updates, and battery life. Do it or die HTC. There is no third option.