HTC has just One thing on its Facebook page: February 19th


HTC has just One thing on its Facebook page. Get it?

The company has strategically placed a banner for its February 19th unveiling of the purported One, its new flagship device, on its Facebook page. We’ve seen overt hints before, but this is just ridiculous.

But there is so much at stake for the struggling Taiwanese phone manufacturer, whose market share, stock price and brand recognition has plunged in recent years. Despite creating stylish, competitive and, in many ways, superior products to it competitors, HTC cannot catch a break. With its impending One flagship, it stands to succeed or fail on the back of a singular effort.

So, as we postulate what HTC has in store for us next week, we’re sure nerves are shot and anticipation high in company offices all over the world.

Are you excited for the next HTC device, or are you thinking even further ahead, to the Galaxy S IV launch rumoured to be in March?

Source: Facebook