LG Optimus G Pro has 5.5-inch “finely curled, curved glass” display

LG has officially announced the design and some specs of their upcoming Optimus G Pro phablet. This quad-core beast comes with a 5.5-inch 1080p HD display that sports a “finely curled, curved glass” that gives a “2.5D” effect. That alone is intriguing. One can apparently use the Optimus G Pro with one hand and has a “good grip” when “compared to competitors’ products” – which is clearly a jab at the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

As for the design, think Optimus G meets Note II meets Nexus 4. The front is very much like the Optimus G, overall size is the Note II and backing is the Nexus 4 with the “digital-cube pattern” that has been made famous on the Nexus 4. There’s no word yet if the Optimus G Pro will make it to Canadian soil, but this will be released in select markets at the end of February.

Source: LG Korea
ViaL Engadget