LG Optimus G Pro has 5.5-inch “finely curled, curved glass” display


  • lukeiphone

    Not at all hyped up 😐

    • My cousin in india

      This look like a good phone

    • S2556

      BREAKING NEWS: Apple sues LG for design infringement on Samsungs GS3

    • BUT TOX

      looks more like half GS3, half Nexus 4, with some HTC elements.
      Not really original in the hardware design

  • Cody

    Very well could be considered when I’m looking for my next phone next month. M7 or G Pro? Only time will tell.

    • Comment Master

      Well..to be honest..LG cant compete with HTC..so my preference would be M7

    • Cody

      Agreed, but if htc goes with the smaller 4.7″ than it’s going to be hard for me to choose that over a 5.5″. It will help if it’s still water resistant and has inductive charging but I’d really like a solid 5″ screen or bigger.

    • Piff

      @Cody. I know that screen size is a matter of preference by IMHO 5.5 is was too big for a phone. 4.5 – 4.7 is pocket perfect. Plus HTC has way better build quality and a better skin too boot.

  • zzZZzz

    Short of making you coffee in the morning, what do you expect it to do?

  • EmperumanV

    Expect a law suit from Samsung. Looks like an S3. With the curves and the button in the middle.

    • Drew

      LG has been copying Samsung for a while – and not just with phones. Why not though? Samsung makes some of the best phones, TVs, tablets, and laptops in the business. I don’t think Samsung would want to look like hypocrites and sue for design though – they tend to stick with actual technology in their suits.

    • Jonathan C

      Funny how you don’t react so strongly when Samsung copies other companies.

  • Mark

    Looks nice, but if it doesn’t have a pen I’m not sure it will sell like the Galaxy Note 2

    • freedomispopular

      I’m thinking that the people buying the Note line for a the pen are a small niche. But as someone who’s a part of that small niche, I really wish someone else would include a pen. I’d like to be able to have other potential choices (not that I don’t love my Note), but I really don’t care for the direction Samsung seems to be going with their ecosystem. If they keep it open, I’m cool, but if they start trying to lock me in, I definitely won’t be a happy camper.

  • Matt

    So LG copied their UI from Samsung and now they are copying the design of the phone? What happened to LG? They designed the iPhone 4, did they fire all their creative designers?


    I completely agree with Mark, It looks really nice but without all the awesome S – Pen features it just doesn’t match the Galaxy Note 2.Im amazed at just how much I can do with the S-Pen & I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

    • nexus 4 life

      i don’t see what makes the s pen so great. explain in detail what one can do with it. for the record you cannot do graphics design on the note

  • zzZZzz

    You’ll notice the bezel is smaller than on the Note2. Besides that, there are only so many ways to fit a screen into a phone. Sure it’s not sharp on the corners, but at that size it would be awkward to be so. The only thing, IMO, that LG couldn’ve done to differentiate it a little was keep it touch only, Nexus style, though I personally like physical buttons better.

    Any other design differences and it would’ve been too big (imagine having the Sony transparent bar on a phone of this size, how much bigger it would’ve been). Design experimentation can be made on smaller screen phones. Even so, it seems its body will be different than the Note. Just stop worrying about who’s copying who and buy whatever you like/can afford/appreciate/are loyal to.

  • dv

    Why copy the note 2?

  • Thompson

    Hey if it’s not plastic crap from Samsung, I’m already intrigued.

  • screamer

    S-pen is the reason to buy a note. Looks the same so why bother getting this one…

  • Disappointed

    So sad it has a home button.. why are they moving things backwards? Looks like HTC for the phablet for me

    • mlander

      As long as they move back far enough to stick external storage in there I’m OK with a home button. 😉

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Lets hope LG learned their lesson and they won’t put any silly glass on the back side of the phone

  • Gman

    front looks like note 2, back looks like bathroom tiles. Yuck!

  • mackbutter

    This looks very promising.
    Was a die-hard Apple user but switched to Note2 because larger with tonnes more functions . Apple just didn’t offer as much as many thought it would and instead relied on brand recognition, picture, camera and ecosystem.
    I’m def a fan of this Phablet trend . I don’t even use my iPad anymore.

  • phreezerburn

    Nokia has an aesthetics patent in America for the “curved glass” display. They going to take a page out of Apple’s playbook?

  • why

    So LG has just achieved the trifecta of copying in the industry LOL.

    Coping iPhone exterior design, combined with copying a little bit of Samsung cheapness, and top it all off with copying Nokia’s curved glass display.

    LG = laughing grade, hahahahahaha

  • Fare

    Does anyone know the real width of the phone, as it has to be wider than 72mm what has to be the width of 5,5inch display?