Android 4.2.2 rolling out to Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus devices


  • Gsizzle84

    Sweet! Although I do want to see the Changelog for 4.2.2

    • Still Getting a Nexus

      And this is why I got a Nexus!:
      -Unlocked ($30 value right there if you were to unlock it with the Big 3)

      -No bloatware (And approvals from the big 3s operators)

      -And fastest upgrades (see point above) might take a week or two to make it to Canada, but you do KNOW that your phone will be the FIRST one to get it.

      -Meanwhile some Sony’s LGs, Motorola, HTCs etc etc are still on ICS.

  • Patrick

    Nothing on my Nexus 7 yet. Build : JOP40D

  • Gareth

    I have a Takju Galaxy Nexus but no update as yet. They do take their time coming through to all the devices though

  • Dylan K

    No update yet. Looking forward to it, though.

  • Grant

    Looks like they might be pushing a update out soon. This is good new. You dont get this kind of stuff from a iPad…you would have had to buy a whole new one for an update like this.


    • Alex S

      That’s a ridiculous comment. Both Apple and Nexus devices have a good history up getting updates.

      Non-Nexus devices get zip. Thank god that I don’t have an HTC or Samsung device. That said, I’m still waiting for my Nexus 7 to get the update.

    • DK

      What are you talking about? It’s been almost an entire year since google updated this software. We had to sit tight with glitches, and bluetooth problems for ages. Apple releases updates right away, especially when there’s an issue – iOS 6.1.1 for example. Google needs to update more frequently, like apple does.

  • Beso

    Alex … if you have an international samsung galaxy device then u will get updates super fast … samsung canada is super slow to release updates!

  • Phil R

    I’m waiting for my nexus 7 right now!! I ordered one and should get it this morning!!! Can’t wait! By the way, I’m a little late to the party, but, can we still install flash on 4.2? Thanks in advance!!!

    Yé for my new nexus!!!

    • Still Getting a Nexus

      It will come with 4.1.1; the newest version is 4.2.2; in reality not a big change, apparently the only change is a fix while streaming over Bluetooth, and that’s it.

      Nonetheless the Nexus are the FIRST devices to get it. Expect it by next week in Canada; then mark the date and see how long it takes to reach mainstream devices.

      If you like the Android ecosystem, there is really no reason to get an N4.

  • Misaow

    takju GN here, but end of the run so i usually get my update 1-2 weeks after they are released.

    Any news on when our Canadian variants will be even getting 4.2.x? My friend is still stuck on 4.1.2 (Wind)

    • nexus 4 life

      im surprised you were able to get 4.1.2 thru wind cause i have only been seeing 4.1.1 since last year and no changes.

  • Shaun

    Bought a Galaxy Nexus to get the latest updates; didn’t realize that Samsung would flub it up so badly.

    Still stuck on 4.1.1, their updates have been abysmal. I believe the appropriate hashtag would be #SamsungFail.

    • Haxor99

      Yeah man, I highly recommend rooting and installing TWRP or CWM. Then you can flash whatever OS you want at any time.

  • BB10BOOM

    rip android

    • Sean

      rip android lol more like rip BB i***t

    • David

      it have a big difference between thousand and million activation by day so RIP BlackBerry…

  • Bubble Snake!

    4.2.2 goodness. Now when will they make bacon flavored phones? PRIORITIES.

  • DS

    Nothing yet on my nexus 7. My galaxy nexus (was from wind) still stuck on 4.1.1

  • Rag3r

    Boys I’m a senile old man and I figured out how to change my gnex from jakjuux to takju. Just download one of the toolkits I can’t remember which one I used cuz of my alzhimers but it didn’t take more than 5 minutes. Stop complaining.

  • Haxor99

    wugfresh was so easy to use, that’s how I rooted

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Is LTE support removed in this version for Nexus 4?

  • Colin

    I’d recommend that anyone with a Galaxy Nexus still on 4.1 keep it there for now. Project Butter with 4.1 made my Gnex way faster than ICS but 4.2 has been more like Project Molasses for me. I really hope 4.2.2 fixes the bugs and lag I have with 4.2.1. Mine is a yajku, BTW.

  • Abdul

    Got the update notification today at Galaxy Nexus.

  • Chris

    Just got 4.2.2 on my (Google sourced) Nexus 4

  • TIM

    Received the 4.2.2 update as soon as I cleared my Google Services Framework.