Video: Google’s new Nexus 4 commercial highlights Google Now


  • lmps56

    Meh, that’s okay. Apparently, we can’t even have the Nexus 4, NOW.

    • wotzit2ya

      You should return your WP8 , it’s giving you false information

  • Happyboy

    Never was an android fan

    • wotzit2ya

      You comment was enlightening and very informative .Thanks

  • dayafter21

    Actually, I know the website says that they will ship in 2-3 weeks it is much shorter. I ordered mine wednesday and received an email the next day saying that it had shipped. I can’t wait!

  • Thompson

    What’s the Google ignoring Canada? No way! I don’t believe it. Screw google.


    my blackberry z10 will CRUSH this android cr@p lmao

    • John_hates_blackberry

      Why isn’t Mobilesyrup reporting the story about Home Depot dumping BlackBerry for iphone?

      I guess they don’t want to talk about anything that shows the Z10 not “crushing” everything in its path.

  • Paul Q

    Android haters goes to android stuff and writes bad comments.. Typical jealous BB or iOS hater.

    • Daniel Bryan

      LMAO yeah cause fandroids don’t do the same thing.

  • Jessy

    It is so bad that att doesn’t have this phone. I got the lg optimus g because it was the closest i can get to this.

  • Ant

    Am I the only one who thought that the ad really didn’t tell the viewer what they were advertising? They breezed through everything so fast it was hard to figure out what was going on, and lack of narration didn’t help much =/

  • wotzit2ya

    I love spiny vegetables

  • f-norris

    rip android 🙂

  • NK

    Google Now you see battery life, Now you don’t.
    Turned it off on my phone for this reason.

    • Jon

      This is absolutely true, if anyone who wonders why:

      Google Now constantly fetches your approximate location and (tries) to give you relevant information based on your Google Now settings. This results in more frequent and longer wakelocks, leading to increased battery drain. You can turn off network locations, but that will just make Google Now useless.

  • MaXiM

    “dad, guess what, it’s snowiiing”
    I like Google Now, I like android. But… Keeping it ON is killing my S3 battery… Should we also talk about how much the guy in the taxi in Tokyo will pay for roaming? On paper, this looks good, but most of these fancy features will work in selected cities, areas, markets. Meanwhile, our calls are dropped when getting in elevator, and going over the limits or our canadian area codes will cost us a foot and a hand. Am I right, Robelus?

    • bads

      I think you’re focusing on all the wrong things.
      1) The guy is obviously away on business. Usually work pays for roaming
      2) My phone is unlocked so I would have a local sim in Tokyo and would still be able to use Google Now
      3) I haven’t tested it in a small center but it works great in big cities where most people live. Also turns out most of the functions are more helpful in big cities. You likely won’t need a train schedule where there is no subway.
      4) I’ve never dropped a call in an elevator
      5) I have 6gb of data and have never gone over. I run Google Now at all times, use LTE, stream music/videos at will, have 120 apps that I update frequently and generally use about half of that data allowance.
      6) It doesn’t cost me money to go to different area codes.
      7) Google Now is an application made by Google. You can’t compare it to the quality of your service from your service provider. You’re suggesting that rather than making your phone work in an elevator “they” made Google Now. Like it was one or the other.

      (I have an S3 as well)

      Where do you live MaXiM?

    • MS

      @bads , I ahve the s3 and it is a great phone, and any service that is running on any device will eat battery. with that in mind I turn off lte, and i turn off google now because i want my phone to last more than 8 hours moderate use. And if you did stream videos/music on lte on 6 gb as usual you will go over. A 4 hour roadtrip with netflix on on lte will run 10 gbs no problem… ask me how i know.

      So keep in mind you pay for what you use, and lte uses data faster.

  • Donald

    As long as Google always knows where you are, where you are going and what you are doing, all is well.

  • someone

    Donald, read up on it… google knows where you are but has no idea WHO you are…

    No privacy concerns here whatsoever.

    O yes, if you’re concerned… you have full control over what’s sent and saved with google…

    With iOS however…

  • MaXiM

    Hey bads, thanks for your feedback!
    As I was saying, I love Google Now. I wasn’t talking about the advertising being wrong or misleading, but about all the problems we have, as Canadians, when using our cell phones.
    I am on a contract with one of the Big Guys, I never had a call dropped, never went over my 6Gb limit. But my friends on other networks are either limited by data, or by spotty coverage, overcrowded cells, so on. And should we talk about how much money we pay monthly?
    I like S3,but I tested it, every time I leave Now On, the battery life is clearly shorter.
    My ideea: Google Now will definitely be a much useful product when the batteries will be able to stand for longer times, when fees will go down, and canadian developers will create more local content. Just my 2 cents.
    I forgot, I live in Ottawa, and would love to have that bus card showing when I am close to a bus station 🙂

  • ToEachTheirOwn

    @MaXiM and @bads

    I’m using a Galaxy Nexus on JB 4.2 and I’ve had this phone for a year and a bit. I use Google Now almost daily for traffic weather and sports information. I can get through an entire 8 hour shift with moderate use of the screen and all the services on including Google Now.

    Ultimately it boils down to the OS you’re running on the S3 MaXiM. TouchWiz is definitely more battery hungry than a more pure android OS. This is true for all OEM that tweak the Android OS for their devices.

    As long as we have software and hardware innovation happening at the rate that it is we’re going to run into battery life problems. The next major breakthrough for the mobile industry is in new battery technology lol.

  • seroevo

    What does Google Now do that you can’t already do with widgets, and likely to greater customization and functionality?

    I won’t now until I get to use it myself, but Google Now just seems like something targeting the iPhone (and I guess Windows Phone) market.