Koodo Mobile launching new Pay-Per-Use Data plans

Koodo Mobile is on the cusp of changing up their plans again, specifically the pay-per-use data plans. According to this brochure – which will go into place on February 14th – Koodo will be adding one more tier to their offering, plus looks to be giving a bit more data. Below are all the details: old vs. new:

Old Pay-Per-Use Data Saver (until February 13th):
0MB: $0/month
Up to 25MB: $5/month
Up to 100MB: $10/month
Up to 250MB: $15/month
Up to 500MB: $20/month

New Pay-Per-Use Data Saver (effective February 14th):
0MB: $0/month
Up to 25MB: $5/month
Up to 100MB: $10/month
Up to 300MB: $15/month
Up to 1GB: $20/month
Up to 3GB: $30/month

Look for these new plans to go live this coming week. We’ll have more info soon…
(Thanks tipster!)