Rogers sending out BlackBerry Z10 shipping notifications to those who pre-ordered


  • BHH

    My UPS Tracking Number says its on the truck for delivery today I wonder if the Rogers Store will release today.

    • Tim

      doubtful, it has been made clear to stores they will not recieve the subsidy and reps won’t receive commission for any devices that are sold prior to 9AMEST on February 5th.

  • iphoneee

    If it’s not an iPhone, I will ship it back

    • JMen


    • Sgt.Romanov

      Get a life IPHONEEE

    • steve

      i just threw up in my mouth a little…. after reading your comment


      The iPhone is garbage compared to the Z10. iPhones are so outdated they’ve turned into what BlackBerry use to be lol. Sorry to burst your bubble but Blackberry 10 is going to take over iPhones second place spot in the mobile market, only behind Android. If you can’t see BB10 is something special then your just a loser fan boy of whateverOS you use

  • BHH

    It’s like my mother always said, if you can’t say anything nice than don’t say anything at all. Not of of us like that boring tall and skinny iPhone.

    • Huh

      You’re mother was right. Unfortunately the lesson was lost on you.

  • TheTigerTEk

    Fido sent me shipping notifications as well. I ordered the Black one but I’m leaning towards the White one. I’m hoping they’ll let me change it at the store.

  • Rim must be nervous

    its sad i already see z10 on kijiji for $850. who in there right mind will pay that. the nerve of these monkeys. anyways i never bothered pre ordering its not going to sell out and rogers is a crook run by dirty crooks. what would ted rogers say today if he were alive to see his company ran by a bunch of foreigners. rogers use to be proud and Canadian red and white. now its been tainted with the stink of foreigners

    • 45

      dey took err jerrrrrbs

    • Anon

      You do realize that before Ted Rogers died, he was the one who named the “foreigner” the next CEO

  • yo

    No quad core, no thank you.

    • Sgt.Romanov

      Thx JMan, This phone is going to kick some a*s thats why they are bashing the BB10 , this phone rocks and cant wait to get it

    • QC_Al

      Hey guys, can anyone tell me what the Note 2 was running as far as signal? I see the Z10 says AT&T 4GLTE (0:33), but looks like the Note 2 is in airplane mode and possibly running on Wi-Fi. Can anyone clarify? I’m a BB supporter, and want this to go through the roof. But if comparisons are going to be made, lets compare apples to….er…

  • haxor99

    Google, take note. This is how a release is done!

  • D Allan

    No to Rogers

    • 2dfx

      Rogers – good internet, good TV, HORRID cellular.

  • screamer

    Send out emails? They can bring them in person around. For ten people they pre-order one…

  • MS

    alright mine is coming!

  • Anonymous

    After updaing my Z10 to the latest OS version available, it has breathed new life into it. But the lack of Whatsapp and a few other key apps are stopping me from even using my SIM in it for a day. The Unified inbox is something I definitely miss from my BB days but it’s still not enough to make me give up my S3/Android 4.2

  • Sgt.Romanov

    To the Apple/Samsung trolls here BB stock up over 3% today this phone is going to kick some a*s

  • sp

    i got my confirmation last night around 7pm…

    i was a little shocked but very surprised ^_^

    GO BB10!!! White Z10… COME HERE!!!!!!!!!

  • skazzberry 2.0

    No Quad Core no thanks! Rip!

    • skullan

      No Quad Core… No reason for it, nice try though.

    • phreezerburn

      Genius, it doesn’t require one. You related to that guy who strapped JATO rockets to his car?

  • Miknitro

    Wish I could swing one right now myself.
    Congrats You guys!

  • Brian

    It’s obvious BB employees are busy at work downvoting BB10 skeptics and posting positive comments, ignoring the mediocre reviews and the software confidence in Wallstreet

    • Anonymous

      Hit the nail on the head.

    • phreezerburn

      Not at all. What I saw in the product demo was a whole bunch of things that neither my Note II, my Lumia 800 nor my family’s various flavours of iPhone do in that same fashion. There is a whole lot to like about the BB10 OS and while you might not think so, Samsung, Nokia and Apple aren’t anywhere near so dismissive given their responses. I believe they got the OS and feature set mostly right and the hardware wrong myself. The camera needed to be something special which adds only $20 more per handset in lots of 1,000 and Gorilla Glass is a given these days.

      Pixelcarve’s Blackberry Blade concept was near perfect.

  • Jesse

    Just got my notification from fido last night! I didn’t think it would actually be that soon to be honest.. By the way other launches have gone.. But never the less I’m excited to get my new BB it’s only been 5 years since my last one!

  • CrazyHammer

    UPS shipping states it will be in store today by end of day! Woot I hope that means the store I am picking up from and not the DC that ships to the stores ugh. Then I wonder if Rogers will even release it to you until Feb 5th.

    • sp

      No sir… you’ll have to wait til the 5th

  • Dimitri k.

    Looking over at the Crackberry forums & on Rogers Community site, many have been told they can ONLY get the reservation phones today. They claim they have a interaction ID number which says the stores are allowed to give the phones out..

    I wonder if all this is true, so far i got the email & calling everyone yet they claim its false. The store underneath the Rogers tower claims there is NO such official Launch day for the Z10 :/

    • sp

      this is false.

      no stores can release the phones today.

      a guy tried calling in today and tried to get me to release his pre ordered phone today. told him flat out that release date is Feb 5th. No phones are available until then.

    • Dimitri k.

      I know that but what i am saying is that many got reps telling them they can go get it & even have notes on their accounts saying it. I find it stupid how reps can lie like this.

    • sp

      oh lol sorry… misread your post. my apologies.

      its crazy to think that reps dont read the hundreds of emails we get from our managers, DM’s etc etc.. about the instructions on releasing something lol.

      usually when it says…. not to be released until X date.. usually means we cant tell people oh yeah bud come and get it today.. even though its NOT X date…


      GO BB10

  • Andrew

    BB10 series looks very good not only for the company but for overall competition too. I’ll be looking at the Z10 once a hands on demo is available just to see how the interface and features are.

    For all the quad core comments: Maybe android is getting so bloated it needs a quad core to run. Looking at the benchmarks the Note 2 is barely ahead of the iPhone 5 (quad 1.6 vs Dual 1.2GHz). If the android version was optimized it would be different story.

    • phreezerburn

      The current size and resource demand of Android is what got Ubuntu into doing a mobile OS itself. It’s not too far a departure from their earlier work. The more the feature set resembles a Linux box, the more hardware resource demands are going to match it.

  • rockman

    Go BB10!

  • Neil

    Sitting on the fence right now. Currently an Android user (loving it), but want to either move back to BB or Win8 phone. Waiting to see pro’s and con’s of each as they mature over the next 6 -12 months. Going to be an interesting ride.

  • BB


  • jess

    Mine is on its way 🙂

  • Brandon-123

    the UK is having problems keeping up with the demand and the bb10 is also selling on ebay for 1700 to 2000 and people are paying for it.

    it’s definitely showing signs of becoming the next iPhone type success!


  • A

    the question is , did Rogers buy the ATT version with AWS HSPA disabled or did they get the world version that is QUAD band HSPA and QUAD band LTE and will work on any carrier in Canada… just saying, you boys should make sure before getting sucked in. If you look at RIM’s website, there are 2 versions.

    • A

      sorry that should be Blackberry’s web site.

  • John Vriniotis

    Got my confirmation yesterday and notice it was delivered today. Even got a call from the store telling me it was and and to come pick it up, Got to the store after work, had the phone in my hand and had to give it back because they could not complete the upgrade as the phone is not in the system yet. So close. Now I have to wait until Tuesday 🙁

  • Roy Mcfarlane

    For a $1000, I might get two.

  • Roy Mcfarlane

    Blackberry is the greatest invention yet