Samsung ATIV S now available in Canada


  • screamer

    Can I be the first one to post a comment? Cool phone

  • EvanKr

    $650 for this guy is a little steep. You can grab an S3 for $450 at some retailers, and considering that the ATIV is essentially a WP8 S3, I just can’t justify that when the 920’s cheaper outright.

    • Chuck

      It does have a better display then the S3 and a better finish and I would pick Windows over Android hands down. I know most people don’t know much about Windows Phone but it really is the better experience. I have both and the Android bores me compared to the Windows Phone. Live Tiles are the best.

  • Edward Szklar

    Please…for that money outright I’d rather get the Note 2.

  • Paul Adare

    Just got back from a local Telus store with one of these in my hot little hand. Love it!

    • Kirk

      How do you like it so far?

  • Deezie

    got an iphone 5 i am not to satisfied with .. wondering if i should get this the note or the S3 .. your thoughts ?

    • COBwiggy

      Personally, I would recommend the S3, Note is a little big for my liking, and I have used WP8 – it’s good but right now, now as good as Android.

    • Dalex

      Go for the note 2 without a doubt. It is faster, has more features and has amazing battery life compared to this or the S3. Size is easy to get used to for such a phenomenal device.

  • Mikkey

    Looks like a great device. Yet another possibility for me!:)
    I’ve read alot of reviews from people on various tech sites saying superphones these days should come with at least 2gb of RAM.

    My question is, how important is 2GB of RAM vs. phones with just 1GB?

    • Blas

      On Android you’d probably see a benefit, where as WP seems a little more resource efficient

    • JJJ

      Ram is only important if you notice it. I’ve yet to use a Windows 8 phone that was sluggish. Even the dev device I got sent with the beta OS runs smooth. I’ve had the S3 as well and used a One X and both were also decently smooth. I will say that WP8 seems more fluid or interactive or something, but as far as ram goes, WP8 1gb is good, Android 2gb is probably good, for the superphones.

  • Mikkey

    Thanks for that Blas & JJJ! 🙂

  • Clem

    Does the Ativ S come preloaded with Nokia Drive or is there some other turn by turn navigation software loaded

    • Chuck

      Nokia Drive most likely isn’t on board but Bing Maps will be with Turn by Turn navigation. The best part is the maps are downloadable for offline navigation.

  • tremsr

    ….no it does not come pre-loaded.

    For those debating between the Note and Ativ. I would say Note as it does offer more Android functionality. I bought the Ativ yesterday, I love it, but it still won’t offer all the great features I love about Android. But I also like custom roms. The Ativ is a great phone, and it feels much like the Note as far as a “quality device”. At the end of the day it’s ones preference. I couldn’t decide so I chose both!

    • jplunks


  • Simble

    WP8 doesn’t have native VPN support and Cisco haven’t released a vpn app yet because of it.

    If they release apps like teamviewer for wp8 then it’s a go

  • tremsr

    @jplunks…yep…yesterday. I went in and the guy said he would try to sell it to me and if the system didn’t reject it..I was good to go. Well yesterday was my day.

  • Lakh

    Guys, can anyone tell me if Samsung Ativ S has turn by turn directions?. I know it doesn’t come preloaded with Nokia Drive so what’s the solution?.I wish it was possible to get Google Maps on Windows Phone 8….Damn.

    • Chuck

      Like I said above it comes with Bing Maps and yes it had Turn by Turn Navigation with downloadable maps. Bing is also powered by Navteq the same as Nokia Drive. There is a great third party Google maps called G Maps and it works great.

    • Graeme

      I have the phone and love it, but there really are some glaring omissions from the phone, one is a good voice guided turn by turn navigation, right now the best solution is turner turn by turn navigation. It provides the same level of voice guidance as Nokia drive, a nicer interface, actually way nicer, and it only costs $5for the full version,only downfall is no 3D and maps are all online like google navigation it will pre download the maps for your route though to avoid roaming. It is a well thought out app.

      stay away from Garmin terrible product on windows phone.

      I still don’t understand the reasoning behind search charms in every app why isn’t the search button app aware and long press should bring you to the net search.. Windows 8 search charm is app aware.

      glad they removed the wasted space on the home screen, I hope they increase the information density in the app guidelines as well.

      overall its a great phone everything runs fast even loads Skype in under a second toast notifications are great even if the have a stupid name (I think it is because they pop up)

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Good job Samsung, smart engineers that know that putting a glass plate on the back of the phone is a very stupid idea unlike the i****s from Google and LG what they did to the Nexus 4.

    Hope all of you moron Nexus 4 owners drop them and break the back glass plate. MORONS buying stupd designed phones.


  • BigBear

    Picked mine up today from bell. Absolutely love the phone. Patiently waiting for whatsapp!

    • Chuck

      Whatsapp should be any day now but I’ve had it for some time now and it works. Personally I like Kik and Viber better.

  • Graeme

    After posting that Garmin is a terrible product I decided I better give them a little more of a fair review.

    29 bucks is way to much for a nav app when other phones have pretty good free versions, but then again Garmin on blackberry used to be a 7 dollar a month subscription.

    the trial version of Garmin simply sucks there is no sensible reason for them to have released that trial as a representation of their app. The main menu is ugly as sin, which won’t change in the full version, but it is a fictional main menu. There is no voice guidance or 3d view with detailed intersections in the trial version really it is no better than Bing maps.

    so I bit the bullet and bought it and found something interesting, without my permission the carrier has apparently inserted my telus bill as the default payment method, great to have as an option but I don’t remember telling telus that was acceptable, nor do I remember giving ten permission to see what apps I purchase. NOT HAPPY!!

    So I own the app it is so much prettier in 3d mode, menu is still ugly of course. But the navigation it self is nice. Routing is a little slow but I am indoors so I think it was just trying to lock on to my current location and direction. So take slow routing with a grain of salt as I have never had a slow Garmin routing problem with any other platform.
    Text to speech YES FINALLY, it will read the street names, I personally love this because when two streets are close or there is a 5 point intersection, street name is the best differentiation that can be used.

    a million search options including google. So if you have the 29 bucks I think this may be your best option if you want the best product.

  • Graeme

    I just looked at my battery gauge I have been surfing the web for 2 hours on my phone and spent about 10 minutes in calls and I still have 82% battery I am really impressed, that is including 20 minutes of active GPS time.

  • Graeme

    One more great feature the touch is so sensitive that it will also pickup your finger through gloves, at least thin enough gloves, with how horrible the sensitivity of the Lumia 800 was this is amazing and probably compares to the Lumia 920 sensitivity

    • sum guy

      How is the camera? How does it fare in low-light situations? Also, I’ve heard that the call quality is so-so. How is yours?
      I’m very close to ordering this phone. (It’s my only WP choice on Telus).

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