RIM to live stream the BlackBerry 10 launch event


  • Raid

    Sweet deal! I had a mandatory meeting on that day at 11 that was cancelled today so now I can watch this event.

    So hyped right now.

    • Trolling is a art

      Answer me honestly, trololol, will you be buying a BB10?
      No you will not.

    • REDRUM

      Wow people that are bitchin’ the date and time of the release. You don’t see people demanding a date when there’s new leaks or news about upcoming smartphones.

    • EvanK

      For those wondering, the times around Canada are…

      7:00 AM in BC/Yukon

      8:00 AM in Alberta/NWT/western Nunavut

      9:00 AM in Saskatchewan/Manitoba/central Nunavut

      10:00 AM in most of Ontario/Québec/eastern Nunavut

      11:00 AM in the Maritimes and Labrador

      11:30 AM for the Newfies

    • Dead Roadkill Kitten

      When can I buy a BB10?

      PS: I ran over a kitten with my car, what a mess

  • Miknitro

    Tick,.tick,.tick,… freaking time is going slower as of late.

  • Saki

    RIM is doing a great marketing job releasing news almost every day until launch. I’m so excited and I’m a die hard Android, but loved my bb touch before. I might make the jump for a year on bb10 just to switch things up! We need the top apps though!!

    • Don

      Seems like sacking those two co-ceos was probably the best thing to happen to RIM.

  • Sean

    10AM EST = 7 AM PST meaning i will be up for it =D

  • Dimitri k.

    For the morons that will ask for the date, please read the post & this.

    “Details on the smartphones and their availability will be announced at the event”

    Anyways, i am glad this is going to happen. Now i can not wait to get one as soon as possible!.

  • Shaft

    Is this BB 10?

    …yeah..I SAID IT!

  • Blackberry Gangster

    Hopefully they kept the compressed data thing with every other BB. Canadian data plans need it. Man can’t wait to see the phone at it’s full potential.

    • theone

      they are keeping… that was the #1 question at bb10 events

    • imrightyourewrong

      No they aren’t you goofs. Data compression will no longer be available on consumer accounts. It will only be available on the BES Enterprise accounts. Also blackberry.net emails will lose support in a year.

      Bahahahaha RIM is going down.

  • D

    This stream better not crash!

  • Dolan

    I am fully erect.

    • Nothin But RIM

      it’s ok bro.. i’m fully torqued too.

  • Bob Dole

    Is this bb11?

  • Estuardo

    Where will it be streamed? BBs website?

  • RIM 2years

    Presumptuous RIM… WP8 is still launching and they can’t wait for their turn

    • Jess

      What is WP8?

  • Oldschool

    @ bb gangster: Data compression is gone, so are service books. No more unique bb apn to connect to BIS either, no special carrier provisioning, exactly like iphone/android/wp.

    Same goes for partial bb data plans, no more “social networking” or email and bbm only plans.

    • Dimitri k.

      Do you have ANY proof of this? Blackberry never announced that nor any developers have said anything like this. If you want to lie / troll then get out.

    • theone

      the data part has been confirmed by blackberry at their events
      they are keeping the data compression

    • Ronl

      Yeah hes half right… it will all be explained in a few days. But i believe you still need a BB data plan

    • imrightyourewrong

      Proof? Talk to carriers you goofs. Pop into carrier stores and talk to some managers, you’ll get the real story. BIS is GONE. Data compression for consumers is GONE. Consumer BB10 devices will now eat data just like every other phone hahahaha.

    • jermiarh

      LTE RIM provisioning is present in carrier-systems. They will still use RIM APN’s.

  • Estuardo

    windows phones are lame as fck

    • Jeronimo

      Disagree. They are actually pretty fluid, and very much straightforward. Also, the battery life on most of them is amazing.

      Please expand on “lame as fck”.
      Thank you.

    • I’m with trolling is an art

      Not as lame as your mom was last night.

  • EvanK

    Dammit, I have an exam that day… would’ve loved to join in!

  • G -man

    The trolls are so cute!!!!!!!!!!


  • JMen

    So the word on the street is that the phone might be available 12am est right after the launch event. That be exciting!

  • I’m with trolling is an art

    Screw this nonsense!

    Now if they had a livestream of Svenja Heins sitting on the toilet, now I would PAY to see that!

  • Collindubya

    Nobody cares about rim… Whens the next android device coming out?? NOW THAT IS SOMETHING TO BE EXCITED ABOUT!