Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade reportedly beginning January 31st


  • oldschool

    WP7 never really got off the ground, now it gets to go out with a wimper with this pity update.

    Here’s hoping they’ve learned from their mistakes and WP8 fares better.

    • Matthew

      Pitiful you mean?

    • What, The Jacket???

      The battle for the third ecosystem shall befin on January 31st!

      the difference is:
      Win phones are out there, they do exist, you can touch them and go to a store and buy them iuf you want them at a Price that YOU KNOW!

      -RIM…….is coming soon, very soon, so soon that you can reserve them now. Just don’t ask about firm dates, firm avaialability and firm price.
      Coming up to your local store in March 2013!

  • sraf

    I’d love to upgrade to the Lumia 920, but Rogers is hogging it, and they are more expensive (for no reason) than their competition in my market. I’d also love to get the HTC 8X, but Telus is lame and doesn’t have it either

  • Tiago

    Definitely planning on getting the Lumia 920 once my contract ends. Couldn’t come soon enough… And I hate it how Rogers has exclusivity on it.

    But I’ll rock the 7.8 OS until then!

  • SC

    Still can’t use WP8 apps

  • ile2010

    I’ve been using the 7.8 update (Mexican ROM) on my Lumia 800 for a few weeks now. Not much change in overall experience, but the smaller tiles are much more convenient for a lot of apps.

    Bluetooth file sharing is a very nice feature of 7.8 as well, though this may be a Nokia exclusive. I wouldn’t really call this a pity update. If you were happy with 7.5, you’ll be happier with 7.8. The lack of apps really doesn’t bother me.

    • WP74Life


    • MDRam

      Is that the Telcel ROM?..Did you get that from Nokia DPM?

    • ile2010

      Correct, it’s the Telcel ROM. I got it through NaviFirm and flashed using Nokia Care Suite.

  • Senor Chang

    6 months for resizeable tiles? hahahahahahaha what a fail microsoft, oh how the mighty have fallen.

    Never buy a windows phone its nothing but a “beta test”. -Taken from microsoft itself.

    • WP74Life

      Tell me about your OEM upgrade on your android device.

    • Senor Chang

      Who the F said I have an android you incompetant M$ employee? I have your crap garbage lumia 900 that you abondoned you thieving shill.

      I walked into your Yorkdale store ripped a huge fart that smelled of brocoli and ground beef and walked out. You are the rest of the $10.75 hour employees scattered like cockaroaches to a light source.

      You like apples? How you like them apples?

  • Mathieu

    I would get an HTX 8X also but Bell seem to only have that purple one. If any black where around I would get one ASAP.

    Some girl at a Bell store called the HTC rep for her store and there was no black going to Bell.

    End of story!

  • Stu

    I was one of the early converts to the Nokia 900 when it first launched. I pre-ordered it in hopes that Windows 7 would usher in a truly viable alternative to iOS & Android devices. I couldn’t have made a bigger mistake. My Nokia 900 experience has been lacklustre at best. Initially I thought the apps would come… they didn’t as developers decided it wiser to focus on Windows 8. Then Microsoft & Nokia abandoned the early converts to their flagship phone by offering a silly cosmetic tile update as compensation for their initial loyalty. I’m really disappointed with the device and can’t wait to dump this turkey for an Android phone. Microsoft and Nokia may please those who held out and are currently enjoying their second generation phones (less than 9 months after their “flagship” devices launched)but for me, I’ll never come back.

    • ile2010

      That’s why I did not buy a first-gen WP7 phone at release. Most first-gen devices don’t retain their value at all.

      I didn’t buy an iPhone until 4 came out.

      I tried a Nokia N9 because I was able to get one at pretty much half-price.

      My first Android phone came with ICS (though I’ve had a GB phone later).

      I’ll try BB10 eventually, but you won’t see me paying full retail price at launch.

      OS updates are great, but I will never buy a phone because of a vague promise of an upgrade later. If there’s an app I absolutely need, I won’t buy a phone which doesn’t have it available. I don’t care for promises.

  • Senor Chang

    Windows phone is a huge fail, espcially with ballmer and the other short guy that looks and dresses like a 50 year old backstreet boy at the helm.

    These old dinosaurs are out of sync with the young and hungry developers out there. They are so incompetent they cant even get other microsoft divisions to develop apps for their umbrella branding.

    Tomorrow I will walk past the Yorkdale microsoft store and laugh out of pleasure that it is empty once again.

    Its even emptier than the WP app store. HAHAHAHOHOHOHAHAHA

  • bobfreeze

    “soon-to-be-deprecated operating system”

    I think it’s already been deprecated enough! Maybe the author meant discontinued or unsupported or…

  • WP74Life

    The hate is strong with this one.
    You know my friend, jealousy is not a good way to behave.
    If you like WP products ( obviously you are because you’re here commenting on a specific WP news ) then you can enjoy it, we won’t judge you.
    In fact, we’re a big family like no other!
    There is no racism of other platforms, no jealousy about the other interface and we like our devices.
    Whatever answer you will write will be understood as : “I like so much WP but my mom can’t buy me one.” —

  • Anthony

    off topic : Wind is killing me by not releasing the WP8 device they teased before Christmas..its been a month now..i am gwtting really impatient..
    Can anyone with inside knowledge give us some clue as to the device and release date?