Surface Windows 8 Pro will start at C$919 for 64GB model, standalone 64GB Surface RT coming for C$619


  • JellyBeaned

    Not for that price nope. I don’t want one THAT much…

    • Wes

      I thought MS would bring reasonably priced products that wouldn’t reflect Apple taxes (~200$ cheaper than Apple’s pricing), but they have gone beyond Apple’s greed!

      MS RT = 519
      IPAD 4 = 499

      MS PRO 64gb w/keyboard = 919 + 129 (touch cover) or +139 (type cover) = 1048$ or 1058$
      Apple MBA 64gb = 999$

      MS PRO 128gb w/keyboard = 1019 + 129 (touch cover) or +139 (type cover) = 1148$ or 1158$
      Apple MBA 128gb = 1099$

      Nuff said/

    • Joe

      So what you’re saying you’re getting a tablet that’s a computer that’s more capable than a MBA for the same price?

      As a colleague put it when I lent him an OSX system because he was thinking of getting one…”It’s nice but feels way too limiting”

      Unless of course you hang out in Starbucks, than the MBA is the better choice….

    • Wes

      @ Joe, I’m saying that MS Surface Pro is too expensive. Yes, it might be a two in one (tablet and ultrabook) and more capable than the MBA, but most people will look at the price and not the functionality.

      We all know that you have to pay a premium for Apple products, but question is whether people are willing to pay a premium for MS products? I’m merely questioning the approach MS is taking. Apple has done a great job in marketing as well as branding. Can MS pull off the same thing at this moment, without having created a following for their products? What products (hardware) is Microsoft known for? Ask the general public to see if they can name you 5 MS products (hardware) that has succeeded. Besides the Xbox line, I don’t think I could really name anything else, perhaps mice and keyboards?

      MS is late for the party, they have to make a splash IF their goal is to sell as many products as possible. Sadly, from the way they are marketing their recently released hardware, I don’t think that’s their goal.

      I guess if you’re sitting on $66 billion, you don’t necessarily have to get your product into the hands of the public. You just isolated your product to businesses and people who have the money to splurge. Most people can’t justify forking out 1k + taxes on a luxury product (unless you’re a real fan or an Apple lover).

  • Comment Master

    Nexus 4 or 10 LOT better

  • skazzers thanamalalingam ding dam

    Shuddup and tek mah mooney!!!!! R.I.P RIM!!!!

  • Stefan

    I feel it’s going to be a very hard sell for a lot of people. They’re just going to see it as a $1,000 tablet.

    • some guy

      Which brings me back to my point, this vs a full laptop.
      Look what you can get for $1000:

      Samsung ULTRA 13.3″ Touchscreen Laptop Intel Core i5-3317U / 24GB SSD 500GB HDD / 8GB RAM)

      Samsung Series 7 15.6″ Laptop Intel Core i7-3615QM / 1TB HDD / 8GB RAM

      And tons of good laptops for less.
      Heck do a little shopping around and you can get a decent gaming laptop for under $1000. I got my Asus 15.6″ RoG laptop as a door crasher for $900!

      It’s for these reasons I feel Microsoft is pricing themselves into a niche market and not into something the masses will buy.

  • Lexcyn

    Wow that is way too expensive.

  • WP74Life

    A bit expensive BUT an iPad is more expensive and with less features.

    If you have a windows 8 laptop an RT tablet is not worth it.
    I’d like to see a bridge between windows 8 and WP devices, that’d nice!

  • Comment Master

    Microsoft should learn that their s**t is not even as valuable as nexus 10

  • MapleHamwich

    Useless. $1200 for a tablet masquerading as a laptop. You can get a good Ultrabook for those prices, and have actual productivity at your portable fingertips. This is going to BOMB.

  • snoop lion

    Too expensive? This compares to ultra books in both specs and price.

    • Plazmic Flame

      If I am going to pay $1,000 for a tablet, it better be able to run Crysis…. seriously.

    • freestaterocker

      @Plazmic it CAN run Crysis.

  • shaun

    I was down the a Surface Pro because of the wacom digitizer. But for that price i will stick with the note 10.1.

    I really only wanted a Surface for the Onenote support as the android version of onenote is TERRIBLE.

    • Joe

      All Tablet versions of OneNote aren’t as good as the OS version, thus why the Surface Pro is so appealing for a laptop/tablet hybrid, best of both worlds when it comes to running real apps while still retaining that tablet for the times you want it to be a tablet…

  • Paul

    Was going to get this, but decided to wait for the ThinkPad Helix. Biggest issue I have with the Surface Pro is lack of ports and expansion. 128GB is also not enough storage.

    • swizzlerz

      the regular surface takes micro sd cards. im sure the surface pro supports this too

  • vn33

    What’s this with companies charging us Canadian more than what the price is in the US ??
    Is there a explainable logic behind this other than “because the Canadian market is 10 times smaller” ??

    • AFH

      You will rarely find a product (tech product or not) that isn’t at least slightly over USD list price because of the costs involved of bringing the product into the country. This extra $20 probably doesn’t have anything to do with exchange rate.

  • Ant

    People trying to compare this to the Nexus are i****s… they’re not even in the same category. This is in the same category as other ultrabooks and the Macbook Air, which it competes pretty well.

    If I am in the market for a new laptop and looking for something very portable (read: ultrabook), and I don’t have a tablet yet or I don’t want a regular tablet, this would be a pretty good choice.

    • Eduardo

      I agree that this thing shouldn’t be compared to regular tablets but I’d rather a touchscreen ultrabook for roughly the same price (some even cheaper) just because all the reviews of the touch and/or type covers agree that they suck and are not a true replacement of an actual keyboard.

      But that’s just me.

  • john

    I was planning on getting an ultrabook for school, and replace my aging ipad 1st gen. This fits both categories well. Is it possible to get a stylus for this and write my notes on it opposed to typing? That would be an awesome sell.

    • Ant

      @john: it comes with a stylus with active pen digitizer, so you will be able to write pressure-sensitive notes while resting your palm on the screen.

      As a student watching other students struggle in class to write really awkwardly on their iPads because they don’t want to bring a laptop to class, this is the perfect device

    • Eduardo

      Get an ultra book instead, this thing won’t last you more than 4hrs

  • Punch Shyamathanalingham

    $1000 clams? ouch, Punch Shyamathanalingam doesnt have that kinda cake. I use a iPhone 3gs with wireless bluetooth keyboard as a laptop replacement to take notes during my business meetings.

    I walked by the microsoft kiosk at the Eatons Centre during lunch today and it was empty again. I flirted with one of the female employees for awhile making her think I was interested in the RT model. I tried to get her to show me how to use skype by giving her log in info to test it out. Lets see if she contacts me now…

    • Joe

      Are you referring to that fat one with the bulge in her crotch? Like most Apple users, you think you’re cool but you’re actually pretty lame. Iphone 3GS with Keyboard as a laptop replacement for meetings, funny….

  • TheMightyFinder

    No deal. With that kind of money I’d rather go for an Ultrabook. not a tablet.

    • Wes

      Case and point…

      This IS an ultrabook. Look at the specs. The only thing you’ll be missing is the keyboard. That same keyboard that they’re selling for 129$ (touch cover) and 139$ (type cover).

      Like I said in my previous post (yesterday’s post). MS’s product differentiation = 0. MS product identification = 0. If people don’t know what the products are, nor what they’re capable of, they simply won’t buy it.

      I’d totally consider this if the price point was 800 including the keyboard. As of right now, I’ll just stick to my current 3 year old laptop that does the job. Yes, it’s heavier, bulkier, etc, but is the Surface Pro worth me forking out 1048+taxes? Nope.

  • swizzlerz

    I want the pro. but I just purchased the surface. the surface does what I need and has a near 8 hr battery life. the pro has around 4 hrs. so for me I have a computer at home. I can use my surface for fun and alittle work but I have a desktop for my work when I get home. don’t need to work hardcore when im out and about. that’s for at home.

  • shaun lee

    actually, the ultrabook has fallen into 700 800 price range..
    curse u ms!

  • Harris

    Why are people comparing the iPad that runs baby applications on an ARM chip to a x86 enabled fully Windows?

    Apple fanboys, thats who.

  • phuzzykiller

    Screw buying the Pro. I’ll just wait for the Thinkpad Helix, and get something that includes the keyboard in the price.
    MS is insane to think that most consumers out there are going to shell out that kind of $$$ for a product that you’ll still need to buy accessories for (if you want the ultra book kind of experience).

  • bel420

    Looks like MS is taking lessons from Apple …. On that note are they crazy ?! Why is it so hard to understand undercutting I swear they’d outsell everything! What’s the saying “power in numbers”?

  • Ryan

    Im thinking to get one of these to replace my old XP tower PC. I really want to see if the Hyper-V will work on this tablet. Then I can run XP on it for those old programs that don’t work well with windows 8.

  • Joe Joe

    Oh Microsoft…
    You are just delusional as ever…

  • amand

    No way I’m paying $1200(with tax) for it. I’m a supporter of Microsoft but they are scr ewed with the pro pricing. Expect RT sales of the pro or worse.

    These prices are market dominant prices; not a mostly hated os toting tablet with little to offer over an ultra book for half the price.

  • NJP

    Surface comes with MS Office – several hundred dollar value. ‘Nuff said.

    • Steve

      the rt comes with office student… the pro does not

  • Vill

    I was extremely interested BUT I can’t bring myself to paying over $1000 after tax. wouldn’t be so bad if it had a decent battery life.

  • EvanK

    People, please understand that this is a FULL COMPUTER. It runs standard Windows apps just as your desktop or laptop would. This doesn’t run on an ARM CPU, but a full i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge built for real Windows, not Windows RT, but full Windows 8 32 bit (or 64 bit depending on how much RAM they stuff into this guy).

    Honestly, it’s not a bad price considering that it’s essentially an ultrabook stuffed into a tablet.

    • Steve

      i5, and 64 bit

      also runs a ssd

  • frugalguy

    My setup:
    Netbook (10″, dual core, 2GB ram, Linux/Windows 7 dual boot) for development: $299
    Asus Transformer: $399
    Nexus 7, 16GB: $250 (early adopter)
    Total: $948

  • freestaterocker

    I want it, but it’s too much money. Too bad cuz it would go great with my Xbox and Ativ S… Looks like I’m waiting for the Surface 2.

  • NJP

    Microsoft is putting this at the top of the range so that they leave their partners enough leeway to offer less expensive alternatives. The partner network was agitated enough as it was when MS announced the Surface. If they were to simply undercut them as well with a high-end device, they would undermine one of the key value-propositions they have over Apple, which is their network of partners and hence, choices.

  • XR999

    You know I really like what Microsoft is trying to accomplish here but they are going about it horribly.

    First they launch Windows Phone 8, which although nice, burned their original user base unless they bought new hardware and quite honestly has been poorly advertised despite what they have spent, to date I know only 3 people who run any version of Windows Phone and 1 is ditching out for Android within the next few months. Even RIM has better luck with 4-5 holdouts and worse handsets till now.

    Next they launch Windows 8, the bastard child that tries to bridge the same user experience across multiple devices. Well we know how well that’s turned out for them so far (it’s Windows Vista 2.0).

    Now comes the Surface RT and the Pro, one running the limited version of Windows for tablet prices and the other in the ultrabook category. Neither priced well for their potential markets, neither given much advertising to consumers on why these devices are better.

    Microsoft’s strategy seems to be, build something incredible or comparable but don’t tell the masses why they should buy it. Guess what Microsoft, the average consumer isn’t reading MobileSyrup or the other tech sites, so when they see the iPad or Android tablets with their much more reasonable price tags, there first choice will be those because after all, in their minds, what does this more expensive Windows tablet offer that’s better.

  • Fenrir767

    I was thinking of getting a surface once the pro comes out but looking at the price I think I will wait for the Razor gaming tablet that is coming out it has a lot nicer more gamer specific accessories the 1300$ version is running an I7 and comes with a controller designed for the tablet and external battery yep that’s my new present to myself!!!