Nokia releases standalone Drive+ navigation app for all Windows Phone 8 users



    R-I-P RIM

  • Tomatoes11

    The HTC 8x and Ativ S are both officially better than the Nokia Lumia 920 now.

    • swizzlerz

      how are they better. neither has optical image stabilization???

  • skazzers thanamalalingam ding dam


  • sum guy

    Finally! This is great and makes the Samsung ATIV S quite a bit more appealing to me.

  • placator

    Don’t see it in CANADIAN app store.

  • JD Santos

    Not available in the Canadian App Store! 🙁

    • caribouroader

      It is now!

  • Jaga

    Get .XAP and install from SD

  • S2556

    when I went hunting I cached the maps for the area (no service any where close to where I was)and was able to find hidden knolls and creeks it was awesome for hunting an area for the first time.

  • Theo

    This is crazy! Drive is the one major thing Nokia had over HTC 8X, and others. Microsoft must have paid them to do it or something!

    • caribouroader

      I’m sure that this is Microsoft’s response to the Google Maps debacle of a couple of weeks ago.

    • Chris

      Couldn’t have said it better!

  • Miknitro

    “No word on whether this will become available to Windows Phone 7.5/7.8 users, but we wouldn’t bet on it.”

    That will probably annoy both of them guys to no end.


  • sebWin

    i successfully installed it on WP8 HTC 8S

  • Cedric Nagy

    Installed and tested on my HTC 8X. Worked well for directions, but the annoucement voice kept cutting out over bluetooth. Guess that’s why it’s still in beta..
    Nice surprise, though!
    We’ll have to see how it compares to HTC’s forthcoming Locations.

  • zach

    how did you get it installed it says it is not available in your region (Canada

  • zach

    download and install manually from the microsoft store. the link to download it is at the bottom of the page