Nokia rumoured to release a Lumia with an aluminum body, will be thinner and lighter than the 920

Nokia’s LTE-enabled Lumia 920 is a beast. It has a 4.5-inch display, incredibly heavy at 185 grams and thick at 10.7 mm – the industry average is now under 10mm, even 9mm.

This year, according to new reports from The Verge, has Nokia moving away from the popular polycarbonate design and making their next Windows Phone 8 flagship Lumia device – current codename is “Catwalk” – out of aluminum. This will reportedly make it both thinner and lighter. No other details are currently known, but you can expect the “Catwalk” to launch later this year and have “similar internal hardware specifications” to the 920.

A thinner and lighter Lumia with a PureView camera sounds like a winner. Yes?

Source: The Verge