Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 now available in Red and White


  • anon

    600 outright? How generous of you Honorable Rogers you have made me save face as I can know buy groceries for my family as well as look cool to my IT colleagues by using a Windows8 phone.

    • wp7 & Lovin It

      $600 for a phone much better than the $700 iPhone or $650 GS3 sounds like a deal to me!

    • Henry

      That’s low for a flagship phone to buy it outright

  • Dan S

    I had a Nokia Lumia 920 for about a week. It’s a brick of a phone. Can be used as a lethal weapon…lol.

    • Frederick Edwards

      I live in Winnipeg so having a bulletproof device that doubles as a weapon comes in handy.

  • jess

    Youre dumb. Any smartphone with high specks released in the previous months is going to amount to a 600 or higher buy out. Windows phones are selling faster and faster lately and you dont have to be techy in order to like it. If you want a reliable, up to date phone that has all the bells and whistle with an easy lay out. If not than get something else but youll still be shelling out 600.

    • Just sayin

      Not the Nexus 4! 😉

    • EvanKr

      Keep in mind that the 920’s $450 outright on AT&T in the states right now.

  • Punch Shyamathanalingham

    Why is the inventory so low? Nokia can’t make enough phones? I have windows 8 system on my pc computer but I now want lumia phone to replace my iphone 3gs.

    I have saved $75 so far to buy this phone, I need $600 dollars more. Right now I just have enough money to buy case and screen protector.

    • Mr. Reliable

      My understanding is that certain colours are next to impossible to make with polycarbonate casing.

  • Miknitro

    I’m not a WP user or fan, but that Nokia looks great in red.

  • David Allan

    I like the phone but I dislike Rogers. This company is the biggest scam in human history!

  • Patrick

    I’m an Android fan, but WP looks more and more appealing to me. Should I switch? Anybody made de move?

    • Gsizzle

      How about going to your nearest rogers store and play around with one?

    • Critical

      I went to WP8 because I wanted a smooth, easy to use interface. I primarily use my phone as a phone so I don’t care much for apps.

      I’ve had no issues with the OS so far and really like how quick it is.

      As for Rogers opening a box to let you play with one, don’t bother. they’re cheap and won’t do it. Go to a 3rd party retailer on comission, they’ll do anything to make a sale.

    • Patrick

      I have tried one at a Rogers store, twice even, but its not five or 10 minutes with a phone that will help to make my mind…

  • jjj

    So wait until February for a yellow 920 then watch Nokia unveil all their new phones at MWC a few days later…fricken ridiculous.

    • swizzlerz

      nokia usualy releases new phones a nokia world in the fall.

  • CAR

    I reserved the Red one so hopefully I receive notification soon that it’s at the store I chose for pick-up.

  • cayote

    No yellow yet? Rogers is moron when it comes to color offering.

  • Bryce

    When will other carriers start carrying the new Lumias! Why is Rogers still the only one in Canada to have a 920! Why is there no 820 at all in Canada! God, anyone but Rogers, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Mark

    Wow this is great news! I won’t give my money to Rogers but I’m really excited to go see the device in a store

  • CAR

    Does anyone know if these new Lumia’s will come with the Portico update already installed?

  • Gurnishan

    will these new colours be available at the microsoft store at yorkdale last time i went they had a few different verisions of 8x and only the black 920, i want to see how the gloss finish looks and feels like compared to the matte.