Picture Perfect: a conversation with Nokia’s head of digital imaging (video)


  • Ben S

    it’s ‘silicon’, not ‘silicone’

    • Netguru

      Also “he new little”…s/b KNEW lol!

  • Mark

    You can tell this guy really loves his job. Great to see Nokia has young talented folks at their company. I really love my Lumia 900 and will get the 920 soon!

  • skazzers

    Nokia should switch to BB10. RIP NOKIA 😀 :D. RIP RIM 😀 😀

  • TCK


    Meanwhile, we’re stuck with the STUBBORN ROGERS that still only offers the Lumia 920 in BORING BLACK.

    Bring the colors in ROGERS! We’re still waiting.

  • Keith

    Great job getting an interview with him, thanks Daniel.

  • Francis

    If this device had been offered on Telus, I would have one now because of the camera. Maybe in three more years when my contract is up I can consider a Nokia again.

  • drunk

    Are you DRUNK? These articles seem like they’re written by 6 year olds.

    Symbian C3 powered N8? LOL. It’s Symbian^3, get it right for pete’s sake!

    • babablacksheep

      People are thumbing this guy down?

      You can’t get more sheep than that, Baaaaaaaaaaaa!