The LG Optimus G Pro exists, and it is a monster


  • vn33

    Come to think of it, people were surprised when I got my Dell Streak, and here we are …

    • Eduardo

      No offense but a 480 x 800 pixel display is nowhere the same as a 1080p display. I also doubt your Streak has the same dimensions as this thing (still not a fan of LG or 5″ phones)



    • Blackberry World

      I stopped reading after:”With a 5-inch 1080p display….”

      MY phone ADAPTS TO ME and HAS to COVER MY NEEDS, not the other way around.
      When RIM stopped covering my needs I jumped to iOS, then in my case I found 3.5″ too small and jumped into an Android 4.5″-phone. I find 5″ impossibly big to handle with one hand. Hnadling it with two to avoid dropping is something I can’t afford. Bottom line is 5″ is too big to handle with one hand and if 4.5″ screen barely lasts me a day I think I will stay where I am thanks!
      I like the S3 but I see people looking for plugs all the time, I can’t imagine a 5″ phone.

      -Looks like I will pass 2013 with a phone from 2012. Call me in 2014 to see if OEMS have gottten a bit of common sense.

  • LOL

    Very nice specs but I still would not buy anything from LG.

  • Brendan

    a 3000mAh camera eh?

    • boojay

      Makes my 2000 mAh camera look like $h|t.

  • iphoneee

    a monster with no google maps?

  • Wow

    a 3000mAh camera!!! Wow!

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    EDIT: 13MP Battery and a 3000mAh Camera.

  • Mike

    3000mAh camera?
    That’s way more mAh than my camera! And mine is a SLR!

  • John Lee

    3000mAh camera? I guess you can now zap people just by taking their pictures. :p

    • Dave

      Don’t snap me, bro!

    • some guy

      Don’t bro me, if you don’t know me!

  • EvanKr

    32GB of storage standard, now THAT’s more like it!

  • Tomatoes11

    I actually would rather have the Optimus G over this. This seems to be a few steps forward(screen, bigger baterry) and a whole lot of steps backward(design, thickness, size).


    That glossy indigo back looks pretty cheap, and the physical button on the front is identical to the Samsung Note II’s

  • RL

    I bought an LG phone once…..once.

  • Comment Master

    If this is a monster…XPHONE from google and motorolla WILL be the Monster ++++++++++

  • deltatux

    As much as the specs sounds awesome, I still don’t get why manufacturers need to make screens larger. I can barely use my Nexus 4 with only one hand. I think manufacturers should work on battery capacity than just making the screens larger.

    • Mark

      Solution to your problem and to anyone else in the “screen is too big” camp: REACH. Honestly this is the silliest excuse in the world. I know people that have overcome partial blindness, confinement to a wheelchair, and mental illness, but it seems for some that the limit of human adaptability is shifting a phone ahead in their palm by two centimeters.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    LG is Korean. The Xperia Z has the same specs and is Japanese. The Z will far outsell the G because in Japan, Japanese products rule, while Korean stuff is not popular. I remember when I was in Japan, there were no Samsung products in stores (especially not TV’s)

    • TP

      lol and by your logic Samsung is from which country?

    • bulletwithbatwings

      Samsung is Korean, which is why there were few products available in Japan. I’m not sure what you understood?

  • Miknitro

    Doable, but it’s LG so I will pass.

  • Alex

    LG is like Audiovox a couple years ago; expect regrets.

  • Ivan

    Are you the Nexus 5?

  • iJohn

    after my eyes gets damaged from looking all day at a 3inch screens, I thought i got a solution and start using 4inch, then that crap started all over again can’t see 4 then i moved to 5 now 5 to small next I need 6. Seriously can you guys make a one final model phone like a 15 inches screen that i don’t have to change phone every year 🙁

  • Glass.Back.Bad.Idea

    Where is the glass back? I think LG finally realized that it is such a dumb idea that it doesn’t make sense anymore.

  • testing

    Is it just me, or this phone looks beautiful?

  • Bernie

    I’m going to Japan in April, so instead of the older Optimus G L-01E, I might snag this or the Xperia Z SO-O2E.

    Damn, 3000mAh is godly.