Rogers Nokia Lumia 710 officially goes on sale today (Windows Phone 7 device)


  • Dono

    Wind/Mobi should be all over this device.

    -Great quality handset
    -Amazing no-term price
    -Solid OS
    -Better than average reception/signal (which should be a big plus for wind/mobi)

    • Sean

      Isee no reason why not i believe it is pepnta band (or at least T-mobile has one)

    • Undepressed

      Why this, when you can get an ICS Nexus S for only 300??

  • Sean

    Frankly incredible pricing for a low end (but still pretty awesome) device. I can see this helping push WP7 sales in Canada

  • Moe

    Its not on Rogers Website, so I guess its not for sale as of yet

    • Dono

      A quick search on howardforum or RFD and you’ll see several people buying already.. Not all stores have them yet though.

  • DarkisFever

    As far as I knew it was released on Jan 26th. Either way, its an excellent Windows device.

  • JB

    Picked one up in Toronto yesterday, I’m excited to give it a try. If I like this I may buy the 900 when it is available.

  • sleepy


  • Moe

    I have tried the Samsung Focus a few months back, I find Windows phones to suck. Their phone batteries dies very fast, because there’s something wrong with the software. Theres like barely any apps on the app market. and the ones they have are mostly paid apps. And the windows software sucks compared to android or IOS. But I do agree Windows phones are way better than blackberry’s, blackberry’s aren’t even in the smartphone category anymore.

    • SoulReaper

      You can say whatever you find amusing to bash Windows Phone.
      But blaming the battery life makes your trashy comment worth nothing and appear idiotic.
      If there’s one thing Android cannot usually compete with anyone else is about battery life.

  • Moe

    And Windows phone don’t even have opera mini which is a big let down. I don’t buy phones that don’t have opera mini capabilities.

  • monkeysweat

    are the outright purchases carrier locked? may be a good phone to use while travelling,,,

  • Dylan K

    Sweet little phone, can’t wait for more app support. Some good gmaes wouldn’t hurt it. Very smooth, simple UI, and visually appealing.

    WP7 might be my next phone if WP7 can take off.

  • ivo

    I went yesterday to a Rogers Plus store in a busy mall.
    The good:
    – they were willing to sell it outright for $254.99
    – they said at this price point they don’t see why people would go with a 3-yr contract.

    The bad:
    – no 710 on display
    – all 710s were hidden/locked in the (wooden) cabinet
    – they didn’t know if it requires a micro sim… so they tried a regular sim :)))
    – they had a ‘wow’ moment when they checked the price and it showed $254.99. It seemed to me the girl first thought it’s a mistake.

    Maybe I was there before the official launch and they did not received a proper training yet.

  • EmperumanV

    Can anyone confirm whether this requires a micro sim or a regular sim? Also if its AWS compatible?


  • John

    It’s on the site now, check it!!!
    Awesome pricing! 254.99 No Term

  • frank

    Yes it takes a Micro sim, and no its not AWS compatible, I got one yesterday, and I unlocked it, and I tried it with my Friends Wind Sim and it did not work. I tried my friends Telus Sim and it worked fine. Tried my moms bell Sim and it worked fine. I went to a mobilcity kiosk and tried one of their sims did not work. So no its not AWS compatible. And I played around with this phone since yesterday and frankly I’m dispointed with this phone. The battery life on this phone is terrible, dies quickly after 4-5 hours of light-moderate use. Camera quality is only fair at most. Software seems kinda boring comapred to Iphone or Android. And the web brwosing on this phone is very slow and laggy. And I looked into the App market and this phone is a joke. And Went earlier and I returned the phone to Rogers. And I exchanged it for an Iphone. Iphones are a thousand times better.

    • vtr1000sp2

      Yes it does take a micro SIM and it is AWS compatible. I’ve been using one since Monday evening on WIND Mobile.

    • gwydionjhr

      Frank… do you really expect people to believe you did all those tests (some which conflict with what vtr100sp2 has been saying for the last couple of days) got terrible battery life results (which totally contradicts everything I’ve seen) and then casually returned it to purchase an iPhone.


  • EmperumanV

    Think one can just walk into a Rogers Plus store and buy? Or do you need to show that you have an account with them, etc?

    I know that at Bell they do.

    • vtr1000sp2

      I purchased mine from a Rogers+ store without providing any Rogers account info.

  • pumpedup

    Wow! Everyone is so worked up over an average mediocre phone that will be outdated in…correction, it already is outdated.

    • vtr1000sp2

      Ironic considering your username.

  • Some Guy

    It’s on the Rogers site now. It looks like you can just order it from there with no plan required.
    Does anyone have any experience using this phone on Fido?

  • frank

    @pumpedup +1 I totally agree, this phone after playing around with it seemed like 2010 technology. Nokia is kinda late to the game with this phone, they took to long to produce this mediocre phone. Nokia would of been better off making android Phones.

  • kenypowa

    Other than the price, I don’t see what the big fuss is. It’s just another mid-range WP7.5 devices. That said, I can’t wait to try the 900 when it’s released.

  • The Truth

    So the specs on Rogers’ websites says their version of the 710 does not have AWS. Of course this can still be wrong. So until someone honestly does have one running on Wind, it is still up for question. I think its best to head over to Howard’s Forum to see if anyone can indeed confirm this.

    • Dono

      Geez.. the box the phone comes in from Rogers even clearly states “HSPA 850/1700/1900/2100”

  • EmperumanV

    @ The Truth – frank confirmed it doesn’t work.

  • TGD

    This may seem like a dumb question, but google has failed in finding an answer:

    Does this device have a decently bright LED to notify me if I missed a call/text message?
    I want to be able to tell from 10-15 feet away if I missed something.

  • EmperumanV

    @TGD I saw your post on RFD as well 😛

    • TGD

      Sure did. This is an important feature to me, and if there are no display models yet I hope to find out 🙂

  • Robert

    I am a Wind subscriber by the way. I use LG Optimus 2X Android phone. Wind customers do not sign contracts.

  • WP74Life


    • pumpedup

      If by new era you mean the year 2008, then ya.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Junk, on an overpriced network.

    • Pradip

      Posted on aaterpnply the OSU campus wide lost and found is in McCracken. i went in there once. i dont think anything is ever found there. only lost.

  • Jesse

    Outdated? Really? Really? Give me a break.

  • Jesse

    Anyway, hopefully this is a stepping stone for TELUS to actually tell us something….

  • John

    Nice lower end phone. Free in the states on 2 year contract. Always getting screwed up here as usual. And staff still don’t know what Windows is. Funny the rest of the world always seems to be 1 year ahead in hardware and products. Titan 2 is hitting some markets but Canada still can’t get Titan 1. Looking forward to 900 coming, but again, by the time it drops it will be outdated.

  • Watership


    Platform / Operating System
    ( ) ANDROID

    1 year later and they still don’t even know what the name of the platform is. I bet you if I walked into a store, they wouldn’t have one turned on, and the sales guy wouldn’t know anything about the phone.

  • Guy Fawkes

    This is a great phone for people to get into WP7 *disclaimer, i have an n7000 & iph4* I have played with the lumia 800, and this phone is the same thing hardware wise, minus the clear black amoled, and polycarbonate body. It is also a good stop gap phone for windows adoption, as it has been confirmed that these will not upgrade to Apollo (win8 phones) so I would wait until september to get the apollo phones,out there, but 250$ in the mean time is a good deal. An android running on this hw, is a laggy mess. Personally i can’t part with widgets as an easy way of accessing and displaying info, but for the average user, it will meet and exceed their needs.

    • gwydionjhr

      Guy Fawkes,
      Where exactly did you hear that the current Gen2 WP7.5 will not be getting Apollo when it comes out?

      I’m actively researching Win8 and WP, and most of the speculation I’ve come across indicates they will get Apollo, but nothing I’ve found confirms things either way.

    • TheCyberKnight

      @Guy Fawkes
      “…not working with Apollo…”

      You’re so full of it. First of all, this information has never been disclosed. Second, Microsoft cannot afford to kill its newly installed base and believe me, this will not happen.
      Again, you so full of it.

  • Dillion

    Hmmm I am curious to see what the price point is on the 900, although I’d guess we won’t know for a while. Trying to decide whether to exercise self-discipline and pass the 710, waiting for the 900 – or act now. “Luckily” my local Rogers doesn’t have them tonight so I have a bit more time to think.

    Need to leave BB. My FAVOURITE feature of my 9810 is when I make a call and the touch screen stops working for 10-15 minutes. Just happened. Really, trememndous feature I will miss.

    Bye-bye BB, was a good seven years.

  • gwydionjhr

    Guy Fawkes,

    Where did you see it that the Gen2 WP7.5 devices wouldn’t be getting upgraded to Apollo?

    I’m actively doing research on Win8 and WP, and while I’ve seen it speculated that they will be upgradeable to Apollo, no where have I seen it confirmed that they won’t.

  • Nade

    -no additional SD storage (only 8GB)
    -no Mass storage mode (requires crappy Zune… guess two can play that hideous game read: iPhone/iTunes).
    -no flash support (albeit ancient but still).

    I’m unable to see how this is a better deal than a Nexus S at $250-$300.

    To each their own I suppose.

  • wind

    Anyone know if Wind will be getting this phone? I’d buy it from Rogers but I don’t want their startup screen, is there a way to delete it?

  • Gagan Singh

    Just got mine from rogers+ store. $288 with tax. First impression, much much faster and smoother than Andriod. This my first windows phone.

    My plan was to get this phone and then go over to Mobilicty store and get the $40 Unlimited plan (which normally is $55/mo). But I still have 1.5 years to go on my rogers contract. If you’re on a month-to-month with rogers with no contract, buy this phone then go over to moblicity and get the $40 unlimited plan which expires on Feb 5.

    Very impressed so far with the phone thou.

  • Gagan Singh

    No point of wasting $600 on the Galaxy Nexus with Andriod 4 or $700-$800 iphone 5 when you can do all that for $300 on a lastest windows 7.5 phone.

    BTW, samsung nexus S (now on discount at moblicity) won’t work with Andriod 4 I heard. Lot of bugs.

  • PaulS

    I have my Nokia Lumia 710 from Rogers store working perfectly on Mobilicity !

  • PaulS

    oh yes.. I should mention that I had to get it unlocked (cost was only $9 online) and yes it takes a MicroSIM. The Rogers store I was at was more than happy to cut my regular sim card down for me with the handy SIM cutter.

    The sell price came up on display as $299 but they were more to happy to match sell price on Rogers Website $254.99.