New BlackBerry 10 screenshots show off Evernote and NFC integration, Siri-like voice assistant


  • Rob

    Before anyone asks: Yes, this is BB10.

    • CRTC

      By the look of the ui I thought it was android 1.6 thanks for clearing that up.

    • What, The Jacket???

      If you select a male voice you get Mike Lazaridis talking to you.



  • skazzers

    Can’t wait for BB10!

  • sp

    cant wait.

    very excited for another OS from what is available out in the market right now.

    hoping that BB10 hits it out of the park with this.

    going to the Thursday Toronto BB10 event!!

  • Plan Shopper

    I’m looking forward to the launch but I’m looking more forward to walking up to my nearest Virgin Mobile Canada store and picking one up!

  • skazzers

    RIP person who is using my nickname and showing support for RIM.

    • Nothin But RIM

      hahaha that’s hilarious.

  • Nothin But RIM

    Yah the voice control looks to be more accurate then Siri when dictating emails,texts, bbms etc.

  • skazzers

    RIP person who is using my nickname to comment on person who is using my nickname and showing support for RIM.

  • JV

    Ok i’ve been seeing a lot of these phones being “leeked”. However i keep noticing the 4 vertical lines of what seems like dead pixels 2 on either side of the phone. what is up with that? can someone please explain it to me?

    • Johentie

      it’s tape covering the PIN of the device so the person leaking these images don’t get in trouble.

    • JV

      THANK YOU! 🙂

    • sp

      yeah leeking a device voids the warranty on the phone. usually you cant put leek on your phone.

      but the phone leaks on the internet are pretty crazy!! so much info..

      super excited!!

  • Frosty

    I’m hoping that BB10 will be a success, I really do. They have a lot of great ideas and seem to have the hardware to back it up.

    My one fear for them is that what happend to Palm will happen to them.

    I was one of 4 people in all of Canada that probably bought the Palm Pre 2 on Rogers when it was first released. Great hardware, great software. Only problem was that the app market was not that great and the marketing for it was non existent. Sadly it never got a chance to take off.

    All the best to RIM and Co! I’ll be rooting for them and I hope they won’t become another Palm.

    • EvanKr

      Make that 5 people, I own a few webOS devices and love them all. I really hope that RIM gets the word out about BB10 to improve their image, they can’t make the same mistakes Palm/HP did.

    • KC

      RIM cannot really be compared to Palm.

      Reasons why BB 10 won’t share the same fate as WebOS

      1. RIM does more then just phones. RIM owns QNX and as an extension they are now involved in every business QNX licenses Neutrino to. BlackBerry 10 is a Mobile computing Platform. QNX Car Platform is essentially BlackBerry 10. So anyone who wants a GUI on QNX is going to be a BlackBerry 10 licensee.

      2. BlackBerry 10 is NOT going to be carrier exclusive anywhere in the world. They are rolling out on 50 carriers at launch and up to 250 carriers around the globe this year. No stupid Sprint, or Rogers exclusives.

      3. More hardware. RIM will be releasing 6 BlackBerry 10 phones this year. That’s equal to the total number of WebOS devices ever released including the Touchpad.

      4. RIM has more then double the available cash on hand then all of Palm was worth as a company, and RIM is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 times what Palm sold to HP for. Palm had no money left when they launched WebOS. RIM is going to spend 1 billion this year launching BB 10 and still have 2 billion in cash in the bank and no debt.

      5. Apps. BlackBerry 10 is the most developer friendly platform in existence and RIM will prove it by launching on day 1 with more apps in BlackBerry World then the Windows Phone store has accumulated in 2.5 years on the market. RIM will have north of 120 000 apps on launch day. Just a few days ago they received nearly 20 000 app submissions in their second port-a-thon and the first one saw 15 000 apps submitted a week earlier. RIM CMO Frank Boulben has been quoted as saying they already have 90% of the top 600 apps from the iOS App Store and Google Play store ready to go. So, don’t worry about just volume as RIM is aiming to have all the big name quality apps there too.

      6. Nearly 80 million BlackBerry users. Surveys indicate high rates of existing customers – upwards of 70% plan to stay with BlackBerry and upgrade to BlackBerry 10. Existing customers alone will sustain them long enough to grow the ecosystem and maintain profitability. RIM is not going anywhere and Microsoft it not going to make it to 3rd place.

    • StephenBB81

      RIM isn’t making the Palm mistakes
      Palm was stupid giving Sprint in the US exclusive rights, like the BlackBerry Style, anything Sprint Exclusive doesn’t get a chance to fly in the US, and Canada just isn’t a big enough market to help a phone take off.

      Also Palm didn’t have any global influence like RIM does, nor did they foster an App/media ecosystem like RIM has been doing.

      The fear I have is that the US media will pick it apart BlackBerry 10 without giving it a shot, and that BES10 wont live up to expectations

  • oldschool

    Just took the BB10 training course for the Big 3, all I can say is this thing looks super easy to use, very intuitive design. Looking forward to this very much.

    • KC

      Other then DropBox integration, was any hint of a first party RIM Cloud service to rival iCloud, Google Drive or Microsoft Skydrive in the training material?

  • Mike

    Wait, a rectangular phone with icon grids?
    Apple lawyers coming in 3, 2, 1…

  • Dalex

    Cannot wait for the launch. I’m thinking of shelling out full price for the Z10 as I’m still on contract and so far its looking nicer with each passing day.

  • dv

    Flagship phone in 2013 and still no quad core? I’ll pass….

    • Dalex

      Yes because without a power-hungry useless quad core SoC, this phone just won’t be able to run smoothly at all.

      Wait no, it will run smoother than Android’s quad core or upcoming eight core jumbophones due to running an OS that is much more optimized.

      This phone will run Qualcomm’s incredibly efficient 28nm Dual Core Snapdragon S4 plus with LTE embedded on the chip. Combined with QNX’s efficient multitasking and optimizations, it will not only run smooth, but consume les power. Even the pre-production software was shown to be smoother than even the Iphone5 and WP8 devices which are renowned for their fluidity.

      Quad core is a gimmick for the gullible masses, that’s all.

    • sp

      doesnt need quad core.

      thanks for coming out though

  • shadyguy

    Funny how people are slamming this phones battery. Yea so its 1800 Mhz. Its not a 5 inch giant Android so it does not have to be a huge battery and its removable. Funny how everyone cries for a removable battery and there are less and less phones out there with removable batteries – and this one actually has one kudos Blackberry. There will likely be third parties that will make one eventually that will match its android competitors anyways.

  • Blackberry By Choice


  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    They won’t be pulling a Palm. Palm announced their product, released phones 5-6 months later. RIM is announcing their product, phones will be available within a week of the announcement. There will be well over 75,000 apps from everything that has been so far as well.

    I still love my HP veer, so tiny.

  • ile2010

    I’m considering giving BB10 a go, but I’ll need to see OneNote and Sky Drive before it’s a serious contender. If not available at launch, I’m sure they’ll be here eventually.

    I know that there are alternatives, but I use MS, Android, and iOS devices already and OneNote/Sky Drive is my favourite cross-platform setup.

    • StephenBB81

      Do you use Office365?
      BlackBerry 10 will work with Office365 so if that is how you use the apps, you’ll have no issues

  • SheepSix

    Is it just me or are that guy’s hands HUGE!!!?

    Makes the i5 look like a little toy.

    • Frosty

      You know what they say about guys with big hands…

      Big gloves of course.

  • Brandon

    149 for a 2 year in the US.
    149 for a 3 year in canada.
    Place your bets.

  • phreezerburn

    Siri like?!? Which version?

    “Woz explains that before Apple bought Siri, she would be able to tell him all the prime numbers greater than 87. After Apple got its hands on her, the answer to the same question was, allegedly, “prime rib.””

  • Marion

    I’m singing “Love at First Sight” by Kylie Minogue….

  • BB ex-pat

    Man, if the price point is competitive (though I highly doubt it will be) and this phone comes with flash (allowing me to access, and the other flash sites that I use to stream sports/movies the way I do with my PlayBook)…I may have to sell this i5 and jump back.

    • Bobshine

      Yeah it does comes with flash like on the playbook. it also comes with the best html5 browser

  • Richard

    I’m buying one just for kicks and giggles. If it sucks i’m going to buy rim shares short and if its good i’m buying them long. I just found a guy with a BB, he says he likes it but its getting old. He might be the only one ready to wait it out. Just saw one iphone to android (note2) converty and he likes it so far.

  • NJP

    The BB looks like a great new device from Nokia and there’s no doubt they’ve brought the OS and device features up to the current bar. I’ll have to try one in person, however, as cool as some of the new features are, the Windows Phone still seems to have a much smoother, less cluttered approach to Ux. Looking good though!

  • NJP

    The BB looks like a great new device and there’s no doubt RIM has brought the OS and device features up to the current bar. I’ll have to try one in person, however, as cool as some of the new features appear, the Windows Phone still seems to have a much smoother, less cluttered approach to Ux. Looking good though!