Seven-minute video of RIM’s BlackBerry Z10 pops up on YouTube (in German)


  • Jaffna Guy

    I can’t wait for another 15 days to see it

    • Jafar

      What a garbage phone. Copying Apple…good innovation RIM!
      Welcome to 2007 when touchscreens were in.

      Look at those icons! LOL. boxes around the icons. hahahaha

      what a joke!

      RIP RIM!


      It was a cold chilly night, as the patrons were walking throughout the ship, the captain sat and watched the beautiful view of the ocean…little did he know..ICEBERG ahead. Too late. Too late.

      15 days till the RIMTANIC hits the iceberg.


    • Twosee

      RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

    • 2 Late

      ..and end of March to buy it!!!

      RIM has been RELIABLE for the past two years:
      -They keep dalaying things
      -Never give you a FIRM DATE (expect it on Jan 31st)
      -Phones are avaialable at the 11th hour.

    • Gene

      Confirmed these will be shipping the first 2 weeks in February. All Carriers have been testing the Z10 and its ready to roll. Expect a launch around valentines day or before. (depending on carrier)

    • Stupid

      You can’t ignore the features shown in the video.

      That’s a really nice stock lock screen with notifications layed out and easy to read.
      A camera button.
      The quick access to set it to DND from the lock screen and the very classy clock.
      That’s already 4+ features no other device has right now nor makes so easy.

      Then there is the hub. It looks awesome.
      Instant access from any screen. See a little info quickly or more detail with one easy swype. Actionable.

      The quick toggle settings for bluetooth and more get their own always availble access by swyping down. Again awesome.

      I don’t know how these can seem like nothing to anyone unless you just aren’t paying attention.

  • Shane

    is this BB10?

  • Shawn

    Holy crap. Is he a German giant or something? Those are some big a*s hands!

    • Jaffna Guy

      I had the same feeling too. Elephant playing with ant 🙂

    • Joe Jim Bob the third

      This is why I’m sticking with my One X until the BB10 device comes out with the 4.5+ display(it’s coming). I like the look of the phone, just too small for my big hands.

  • Bussdemup

    Should of just went with Microsoft ..I want to see RIM back in business but this doesn’t look promising

    • Youcanthandlethetruth

      No, you should have GONE to school and learned proper English!

  • Frank

    Wow I want BB so succeed but this is so 2011. This is what BB should have had 2 years ago. I don’t see anything here that would make me leave Android….nothing at all. wow, so sad.

  • Tim

    that was the longest “7.29 seconds” of my day lol

    the phone though looks nice

  • keiyui

    Quite exciting really. It will be nice to finally get off the old 4S and onto this beautiful device.

    I do love my Iphone and departing from it will be difficult.. But I’m sure if Blackberry 10 is really what RIM says it is, then I should have no issues.

    Go Canada 🙂

    • Alen

      RIM is about as Canadian as the Mexicans making the phones…loser fanboys. This does not bring anything new to the table. There’s 50 different launchers on Android. RIP RIM

  • Kid.Canada

    Am I the only one who thinks ubuntu’s mobile OS looks more appealing than bb10? Don’t think so..

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      The problem with Ubuntu’s OS is the Amazon marketing content.

  • Timor

    I am looking forward to holding it in my hand and playing with it, then making a decision based on my experience.

    I don’t see how one can form much of an opinion without physically touching it, and how credible one sounds, seeing how the phone haven’t even officially come out yet.

    P.S. It’s nice to see trolls being thumbed down with a quickness 😉

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    The OS looks awesome, and I like the gestures.

  • sp


    I am excited for this phone!!!

    January 30th can not come soon enough!!!

    lets goooooo BB10!!!

  • Edward Szklar

    I’m actually looking forwards to playing with BB10 on the Z10. I dropped my BB9810 for a Galaxy Nexus last summer and will get a Note 2, but I want to see BB10 in action as well on my 64GB PlayBook. If RIM pulls if off with BB10 I’ll get the Z10 as well. Good luck RIM!

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Apple stock down 15$ today , time for RIM to make its move with the BB10 . I just hope the price is decent otherwise it won’t look good for RIM success

    • 2 Late

      Just wait for the market shares for December, they should be out soon, Expect RIM to keep on dropping.

      Then on March 28th they will announce Q4 results ( do they still have $2B??? 80M users??

      Then 3 Months later will be Q1 results (worse than Q4; less money and less users) considering that the phones won’t be avaialable until mid-end of March sales will be minimal, but Considering that RIM will tout SHIPMENTS and not SALES, you can expect a spin…as usual.

      Bottomline: RIM has the hardest part of the hill still to go with no less than 3 horrible Quarters still to spin,and SURVIVE!

  • FlageJan


  • Blas

    I wish this guy would have turned off the auto-focus on his goddamn camera.
    He’s showing off a device which he is keeping in one spot.

  • Marion

    it looks really small..or this guy has really big hands

  • Nexus is the best

    I just watched a video in all honesty BB 10 looks like Android 2.2. even the multi task window is weak. there’s nothing great about it why should I switch from 4.2 jelly bean to this tell me. why should I go from a 4.7 inch to a tiny pathetic 4 inch

    • Tony

      So you alone represent 34+ million Canadians?
      Good to know!

    • Dan S

      It’s actually 4.2″. In regards to multi-tasking I had S3 before I got my iPhone 5. Both iOS and Android doesn’t have real time multi-tasking they are just app switching. For example if you were watching a youtube video you switch to an different app the video will stop playing on iOS/Android but on BB10 you can set it so it will still be playing. This goes for any apps.

  • cayote

    What is so exciting about another grid of icons?

  • Jesse

    And this is still just dev software. Can’t wait for the final version 🙂

  • Senor Chang

    Ey yo filipina, you got the bee bee emm?

  • Imrightyourewrong

    RIM is going to fail with BB10. I will bet real money on this. The UI not only looks dated, but they made the UI too gimmicky and too complicated for the average joe shmoe customer. Even now there are a lot of people that barely know how to use their Android or Blackberry, and the UI on this is actually more complicated than Android’s UI.

    • Imrightyourewrong

      Oh and I don’t even like Android, but the UI is easier to use than this BB10.

    • sp

      yup… you are wrong alright…

      get ready for a dose of humble pie in a few weeks

  • Senor Chang

    Hey I’m right, I absolutely agree with you.
    Remember all the hype the Playbook got? But who stood in line? Nobody hahaha

    Why would I spend 700 outright or 200 on contract to buy bb10 for the privelege of using ported android apps?? It just doesn’t male sense.

    By the way, these apps will get updated much slower that on android, expect immense fragmentation.

    I expect crickets chirping at Waterloo soon.


    I love this phone already! Looks like I know what I might be upgrading too 🙂

  • DL

    It’s secretly Thorsten demo-ing the device in his native language 😉

  • screamer

    Nobody know what we are getting no hype about another touch phone want to see the other one with keyboard

  • nickn

    Nice looking device, promising OS, but let’s be realistic…a little bit late in the smart phone game. I hope not too late for BB. 1.5Ghz dual core OMAP processor, 16 GB on board storage, 4.2″ display and 2 GB RAM, no micro SD….little to common these days in the smart phone world.
    Curious where they will price it at..should not be more than $500 outright. If its more, than RIM will not see a real success with this phone.
    The only outstanding feature I like is the distinguished between business and private apps on the phone. I understood this in the way that company will not control / block all your apps on the phone in the case you decide to use your private BB 10 for the company business.

    • Dalex

      Why is it late exactly? IOS has been boring for what, 4 years now? I love Android, but even it is getting stale. Windows Phone is failing no matter how much money Microsoft throws at it.

      People are getting tired of the stupid Android/IOS duopoly. Customers and carriers want new options. This UI is fresh and new. The Z10 is an adequately sized device, with modern specs and includes removable battery/sd card which are awesome… Why so negative?

    • Joe public

      Well the lesser of hardware spec the development unit was put up against he iPhone 5. Windows 8 phones. Sammys galaxy quad core S3 with jellybean. The dev unit beat all of them in browser speed, opening apps, Facebook ring test and html5 score.

      So I think you are missing the the big picture you DON’T need big hardware specs as bb10 isn’t a clunky os like android that can’t function without 8 core processor. Save yo

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    You arm chair CEO’s are hilarious. There’s a reason you people don’t control multi-billion dollar corporations. You are stupid, scared little children who venture nothing in life, who wait for things to be placed in your hand. RIM is at least trying something(nothing ventured, nothing gained), and from everything that has been shown actually looks like they accomplished something with this OS. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it morons. You people keep trying to drive the conversation to one place in particular like you have something to gain personally from RIM’s failure(which is why you are either trolls with zero actual life outside your computer, or corporate shills).

    You people downvoted into oblivion, are like sports nuts, just replace sports with gadgets. Just enjoy the game people.

  • Paul Q

    I think Jellybean is the better OS.. Nexus 4 <3

    • Brent

      Moron have you actually got your hands on BB10 and tried it out for yourself yet? obviously not, so how can you say you think Jelly bean is better! In order to form a solid opinion on which one actually is better, you need a hands on session.. Id*ot!

    • Dan S

      Nexus 4 still doesn’t have LTE. That’s the only reason I stuck with my iPhone. I’ve had all the Nexus phones since Nexus One (which was the best one in terms of hardware and design for its time). I don’t know why Google didn’t put an LTE chip when the Optimus G has one. Anyways I’m getting this phone once it comes out saying Good bye to Android and iOS.

  • Omega Jimes

    Google translate has me covered, apparently this baby is packing a bulls-core processor with 4470 Grandma of next opponent!
    You’d think RIM would be publicizing those kind of hard hitting specs more.

  • Sweet

    Comparing CPU specs is pointless unless you’re comparing them running the exact same software.

    An inefficient OS needs a higher-powered CPU than an efficient one. Actually, the compiler used to compile the software makes a big difference too.

  • jermiah

    can you just ban the ip’s of those spamming dummies

  • Brianb71

    I am foaming at the mouth for this new OS. Cmt wait for BB10 to hit the shelves.

  • screamer

    No more touch phones anymore want to type on a real keyboard. Write a lot of emails and the bold 9900 was perfect doing the job right. But expect more from a phone

  • .

    Promising looking first entry for BB10

    I’m hesitant to buy back into the blackberry ecosystem from Android but if the price is right I might just mosey back on over