Video: Samsung takes aim at BlackBerry in latest “Unicorn Apocalypse” ad


  • Darren Clarke

    this is fakin hilarious 😀

    • Huawei4Real

      Samsung making claims of security is hilarious. I mean, how many holes were found just last year that completely compromised their devices? I guess if you aren’t using Google Play to get apps and you ensure you don’t open emails, read SMS or browse the web you are pretty secure with Samsung.

      They really do rely on having the dumbest customers don’t they. What’s next, Apple starts an ad campaign claiming they are the biggest phones on the market? That would be about as honest and fact based as Samsung claiming any sort of actual security.

    • Just saying

      Come on guys we should support RIM even if their BB10 isa piece of sh….. t

    • What, The Jacket???

      I LOVE IT!

      -This is for business..
      -What; the jacket??

      -Woman born around 1960 (mid 40s):I have a system: please respect my system!

      Simply brilliant!
      Wonder when will the most recent number of RIM users will come up; the current “80 million users” is from Q3 2012.

    • S2556

      @Huawei4Real you are acting like malware is actually an issue. The only time I ever hear people complain about android malware is from people that don’t use android and just blindly echo things they read in the crack berry comments like your self. I have a normal S3 and have never had an issue. This is advertising the SAFE S3 which has way more security features so that way it can keep r*****s like you from installing “big booty bitches” apps from the far corners of the internet and wonder why something is acting funny.
      Samsung is doing really well partially because of the lower security. They let you unlock your phone, and get root access before it is even available to the public. Other OEMs make you wait months to find out if you are even going to be able to root.

    • Huawei4Real

      @S2556: oh, it’s for the “safe s3″…

      Good to know. Sucks for every r****d that bought an unsafe one I guess. Wait, that’s Samsung core audience, so I guess it’s ok.

    • Huawei4Real

      Also, speaking of retarded, I wouldn’t call Google play or the web or SMS the “far corners of the internet”. Samsung’s last couple gaping holes could be exploited through exactly those vectors.

      Yup, you are definitely a Samsung user. AKA Samtards 😉

    • Huawei4Real

      They should rename the ad to “In search of the unicorn” since Samsung security is the mythical unicorn.

  • Darren Clarke

    this is fake1n hilarious

  • Sean

    *Insert AOKP reference*

  • Nobel

    Umm. Sorry, still don’t buy it. I am using a Galaxy s3 right now, however, I still believe that BB is the best security out there for business.

    • Martin

      Secure in what way?

      You can already remote wipe any android device with device policy, no need for 3rd party apps. If we’re talking about something like that.

      Just because BB does it well, doesn’t no one else can.

    • Nobel

      @Martin: Come on, don’t be a blind fanboy here. We should give credit to the platform that it deserves. I am using Android for its versatility, not for it’s security.

      Just search regarding the credit card hacking on iOS and Android and do the same search on BB.

    • Huawei4Real

      Exactly Nobel. Android can never be as secure, but that is a trade off we accept for openness.

      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
      -Ben Franklin
      Dude knew what he was talking about.

      But Samsung is a particularly bad example of security. They make the rest of Android look like BlackBerry because of their lazy and porous security.

      The mythical unicorn is Samsung security. The Samtards just don’t quite get that yet.

    • What, The Jacket???

      -If you still believe BB is still the best for security??

      -Its OK; we Respect your System! Love the orange cover of your phone by the way, its very cool and makes you look like a hipster!

  • Thom

    lmao, did they just call Android secure ? It’s like saying that Windows never gets viruses lol

    • Ron Mexico

      If they say it, we believe it.

    • some guy

      Ummm… anything can be made secure. They just create an IT policy and restrict access to a bunch of stuff.

      Case in point, the US military uses highly modified Android devices.

      Just because you got your phone compromised from downloading “tentacle rape monster hentai game” from some Chinese app store doesn’t mean everyone with a brain did. ^_^

    • bb

      too bad samsung is taking aim at the old blackberry….not going to help them when blackberry balance is in play.

  • JV

    @”Nobel” You are probably right. Im also a S3 user. Im sure both companies will do better this year then last year 🙂

  • Francis

    Well at least they tried. Not a fan of blackberry, but it does have its perks and Android / Samsung doesn’t come close to matching them.

  • Nothin But RIM

    They better get their shots in while they can. All the stuff they poke fun at in this commercial are gone as differentiators in a few weeks.

  • no name

    It seems that Samsung starts to realize the BB10 potential.


    I’m sick of seeing samsung show off the multi Window feature on every commercial but here in Canada we don’t even have the damn upgrade for that yet.

  • Porilaisten

    It is THIS that let’s you know BB10 will be a success.

    • COBwiggy

      Exactly what I was going to say. Don’t get me wrong, I like Samsung, but they have generally only made commercials regarding the iPhone – as it is the competitor they are most worried about.

  • Tom

    Wait a second didn’t I just read a couple of weeks ago about some Samsung kernel exploit out there? I like the multiwindow thing but I don’t want to carry something that huge around with me, nor do I want to use a stylus. The note sounds awesome but everytime I see one in the store I am turned off. Wonder if they will bring multiwindow to the galaxy S3

    • Eduardo

      It’s already available on the S3 with 4.1

  • D94

    i don’t think anyone equates Samsung and security…

  • SC

    I don’t think anyone equates Android with security.

    • pacalis

      Hmmmm. Maybe it they had ads….

  • sp

    you miss me that much?

    sorry i was busy at work!!!

    no RIP to anyone…

    GO BB10!!!

  • Geoff

    When they are bashing Apple it comes off as entertaining because they’re taking on the smartphone leader; nothing is safe when you’re at the top. However, against RIM this seems to validate Blackberry more than vilify it.

  • Simon

    Personally getting tired of them poking fun at the older generation like they don’t know anything about tech..I am older and I don’t walk around saying I use one for work and one for personal..Samsung, I think you forgot the older Gen has the money to buy your phones.

    • some guy

      So what you are saying is, that all the marketing research showing that younger consumers with disposable income, who don’t fix things and just replace them are NOT the group to cater to?

      Sorry Simon, but that’s just starting to come across as another “in my day” conversations.
      Maybe you break the mold, but if you take a serious look at the average consumer, assuming by referring to “older” generation as being 50+, who do you think buys smartphones more often?

      Case officially rested.

  • john

    Funny,they take a jab at bb with a 3 year old bb tour.I’d like to see them do a commercial like this once bb10 is out….

    • some guy

      They probably wont. Lame marketing practice is to show an older product against their new product to emphasize how big the difference is.

      WP8 did it most recently vs the desire. Look to 3rd party sites to have a more realistic comparison.

  • skazzers

    RIP sp!



  • placator

    Samsung…the NEW BULLY on the block.

  • Not even a BB User

    This ad was just horrible.
    It was wishy washy and all over the place.
    I can respect companies taking shots at each other in ads, but only when they make some sense and aren’t trying to cover so many bases.
    Samsung has fallen a long way from those shots at apple.

  • Johentie

    I like both companies ; >

    but like most have mentioned that everything in this commercial is only valid for 8 more days… BB10 ; >

    also BB has FIPS certification..

    also i know for a fact that Androids no matter how they try to secure it is hack-able by anyone that knows what they are doing.. there are too many loop holes…

    just look at that Hack group Mercenaries a few days ago with that article saying they were attacking iphones, ipad and androids … no mention of BB!!

    so although it’s a clever commercial and it does validate that BB is still top in the enterprise market just goes to show that


  • enemyboss

    Really funny!

    Seriously though, I’m with “one for home, one for work… Respect my system.” I’m sorry, but she’s right.

    • enemyboss

      Just to add: One can have two Anrdoid phones. Just keep home and work separated. Your employer doesn’t own you.

    • some guy

      Darn right. I hate getting customer calls on my personal phone.
      Easier to just turn one off and not worry about it.

      +100 to having separate work and personal phones.

  • Colin Pastuch

    ROFL… I love how they advertise Microsoft Activesync is part of SAFE. Activesync isn’t secure either! I also enjoyed the part where the tech girl starts talking about security and gets cut off because no one cares. That happens in the private sector but governments don’t have the luxury.

  • Senor Chang

    I will never buy another samsung product again because of this commercial.

  • Draven

    Wonder if the time on the Samsung phone has anything to do with their message?

    Go figure they would picture an old BB 10 days before the official announcement of the new ones.

  • hoo dat

    Show us the certification, Samsung/Android.


    While we’re at it, did anyone read the recent Infosecurity report on Android’s app vulnerabilities? Pro-Android TechVibes did and reported it thus:

    “Your Favourite Apps Have All Been Hacked: Andorid’s Security Nightmare Continues.”

    Published 3 days ago.

  • Donald

    Heh. Maybe if Samsung bothered to update their devices past 12 months they’d have some semblence of security. My Galaxy S is going to look like a dinosaur in 9 days.

  • AfterShock

    This caused more consumer ill will towards Samsung then BB as the intended target.
    Poor show Samsung.
    BB may just knock one your front teeth out over this.

  • Miknitro

    Safe, Ha!

  • SC

    The video is 1:30 in length.

    January 30th


  • ile2010

    I don’t really like juvenile marketing tactics like this. I very much liked the older woman telling the fangirl to zip it.

    Not that I place much weight on any commercials, be they from Apple, RIM, Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung or otherwise.

  • Nexus is the best

    i love my nexus

  • Joe public

    Well it’s confirmed sammy is scared of blackberry taking a huge chucks of their market share, hence the targeted advertising but why are they using 3 year old blackberry’s vs the best sammy product?…. My best guess would be that they know the bb10 crushes the sammy products so only put an old associated bold as the competition.

  • The Truth Emitter

    Android is as secure as a teenage girl…

    • Ron Mexico

      That’s enough for me.

  • metoo

    I’m a guy who like guys in turtlenecks. But mostly I just like guys.

  • Jonathan W.

    Free advertising for Blackberry?

  • guy fawkes

    The sandboxing for identities coming in the next version of android along with vmwares virtualizing tech will make android a very solid contender in terms of security.

  • Al

    The Trade-0ffs:

    ios: simplicity but limited user control
    android: customizable but open-sourced
    bb: security but limited hardware (until bb10 phones are out)

  • dayafter21

    To be honest, I’m bored of samsung and I’m bored of apple. They haven’t shown us anything new. I know samsung releases it’s devices in new colours after almost a a year but still not new. RIM has a lot at stake with this launch which is why they will change the game for sure. Maybe the other companies can start working again even though they’re on top.

  • Terry

    I find the ad really weak. Sure it’s got some chuckles, but if it’s suppose to take shots at Rim, there’s really only like one shot. That the Bold is an old device.

    They didn’t even take any shots what so ever at RIMs actualy security software.

    This is a lesson for people when it comes to ads. Try to find what a company ISN’T saying about competition.

    They make fun of the device, but not it’s security, meaning that either RIMs security is just as good, or better than Samsungs.

  • Sweet

    Lame and inaccurate.

    BB phones have had NFC support since 2011, plus you can make payments with it. With Samsung’s phone, you can only transfer data between two phones.

    Also, there’s BB Balance, which separates work data from personal data, such that neither can access the other.

    And then there’s the FIPS certification.

  • Alex

    WOW this place feels to me like its full of paid RIM peeps.
    It’s worse than the Microsoft spam @the verge before the 920 release.

  • SC

    Galaxy S2 has FIPS certification fyi

    But not all FIPS certified devices are equal

  • BubuTeribul

    Guess what? most of you losers who say Samsung sucks will be the first to line up for the next Samsung flagship.
    F”’g hypocrites.

  • GiO

    Just like the user said earlier, any devices can be modified to fit the companies policy. I HIGHLY doubt that the military android phone can and will be hacked knowing that they probably have the some geniuses plugging every hole. Think of it as parental controls. The reason blackberry’s are safe is because it is so BOOORRRIIINNGGGG! Similar reason why OS X doesnt get viruses or malwares. No person with brain would waste their time on a boring O/S, BB10 and iOS.

    Some i***t mentioned certifications. Easily obtained by applying for it. One of the many reason that BB USED to be secure is due to having their own server and encrypting those messages. It used to be a great system. The PROBLEM is that governments want access to that server. They want to be able to spy on all the i****s using the “SECURE” crackberry. So either lose business in that particular country or give in to their policy. Guess what RIM did? You guessed it. They gave in. So each country has a server that allows them government to SPY on these morons. So let me ask you again? Do you feel secure now? Drug dealers used to love crackberry’s because police and governments are not allowed to spy on their bbm. Guess what? Government won and started spying on these fuckers. Do you still feel secure?

    Forget the malware and virus. It is just a matter of implementing a secure policy. Disable google play. Disable web browsing. Disable access to anything that is not work related. Think of it as Company Parental Control version 2.

    Let me reiterate, if it is NOT WORK related, it is NOT SECURE. You, as an employee should be fired for being a d*****s! Using company cell phone to make long distance, facebooking, instagram, twitter, downloading games, downloading media etc.. nonsense. You, are the REASON why companies that implement SECURE technology are lost for words when dealing with you.

    If an IT guy looks at you and says, ” this is a layer 8 problem. ” He usually means, YOU as a d*****s!

    • hoo dat

      That is so wholly inaccurate that I don’t know where to start. So I won’t.

      What ever gets you through the night, GIO.

  • Rick Whitley

    I think it would be hilarious if RIM started the launch event by saying “Welcome to the Unicorn Apocolypse”