Another couple pics of the BlackBerry Z10 arrive online, this time with carrier branding




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      4.2″ is this a joke?

      Welcome 2013

    • Sterling

      Just saying… How is this garbage?

    • Bobby

      ONLY one minute… ONLY!??!?

    • Nothin But RIM

      In that actual article the source says less than a minute. There’s a difference.

    • Arks

      RIP RIM.



      RIP RIM

    • anderson

      I agree! The I-Phone is a garbage compared to BB10.

    • anderson

      Just Saying…I agree! The I-Phone is a garbage compared to BB10.

  • jackjia

    is that verizon wireless version?

  • ad19

    This is going to be my next phone, can’t wait.


    because if this is the iphone 5 which is a 4″ display how come is the BB10 is too big like this?? its only a 0.2″, how big is the bezel???

    • Sterling

      Clearly you don’t know your cellphones… that is an iphone 4s!!!


      Read the LG opt G2 specification its

      resolution of 1920 x 1080 (440 ppi)a 2 GHz quad-core processor. 5-5.5″ screen

      Just saying!!


      troll??? I guess there are lots of teens here looking for a small screen 4.2″ to fit their little tiny fingers on the screen!!


      and why you are comparing it with the iphone 4s 2 years old!!!!!

    • Nothin But RIM

      Because the iPhone 5 stretched the screen vertically not diagonally as most phones do making for a weird aspect ratio.

    • leafs123

      Read the original article, it is the iPhone 4S


      Ok good luck with it then!!

      Its nice how people in Canada and US support a product just because its american same thing with Ford and Chevrolet

      People like the iPhone and buy is with tons of problems just because its an american!!

  • Me too

    Looks nice, I have GSIII so I’m not sure if I’ll be moving over just yet but it is tempting.

  • Sterling

    I love the trolls that come on here and says it’s garbage or RIP RIM and they have no real evidence that the device is garbage or that RIM is dead…

    Just pathetic trolls trying to get attention and think it’s cool to bash a product.

  • sp

    gonna be a hit.

    cant wait to get this phone!!!

    Hurry up February!!!! HURRY UP!!!

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    Why would anyone buy that? 4.2″ screen? HAHAHA


    No wait a minute… RIM is already dead.

  • Nathan t

    4.2″ is a good size, much bigger and it isn’t going to fit in a back pocket

  • Fartknocker

    Enough with the pics already. I wanna play with it!

  • Sterling

    Just saying…. RIM isn’t in the specs race. Specs are used when your OS can’t be scaled to the hardware being used. Can you really tell the difference on ppi on a screen that small? I highly doubt it. Many people can’t even tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 40″ tv let alone a 4″ screen.

    Thorstien Heinz even stated RIM wasn’t in the specs race. It has HDMI output that will output 1080p and a true 4.2″ full screen and full touch all the way around.

  • Why

    I’ve always said it and I’ll say it again. Ugly as hell!

    All the people who keep denying this is the real deal have to wake up.

    It’s ugly as &*$&

  • bilzkh

    Can’t wait, I’m pretty excited.

  • jmalo

    If that screen is 4.2 inches….. then they shrunk the iphone… I know the iphone 4 screen is what? 3.5 inches? but the Blackberry seems much bigger….

  • Sterling

    Just Saying. Not everyone wants a phablet. I’m very content with the size of my 9900. I don’t need a massive phone on my ear when I’m on the phone. I had that when I had the motorola brick phone back in the early 90’s! And FYI I’m not a teen, not even close. Try again. I was a customer with Cantel AT&T before it became Rogers (my own personal line, not my parents)

  • Ronell

    That’s an iphone 4S…. And who would buy the Galaxy Note? Aprrently a lot of people want a bigger screen. so what’s the matter with 4.2 screen.the freaking iphone 5 is 4.0 inch and galaxy S3 is 4.8 inch … But some of you didn’t know that

  • Tom

    this looks really nice even beside the iphone 4. I think they did a great job with the hardware from a design standpoint, thin, removable battery, good screen size etc. Battery life and OS are what will make or break this now

  • Nothin But RIM

    It’s amazing how people used to complain about phones being too big and now people are complaining that phones are too small? I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t like a lot of bulk and for my phone to fit into my pocket. It has less to do with anything except portability and fit in my clothing.

  • adrian

    can’t wait for my free bb10 phone. come on blackberry

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    Go away astroturfers. Your paid desperation is pathetic and stupid. The more you post, the more obvious it is that there is a paid online campaign to try and crash RIM so they can be bought on the cheap. Every post, on most tech blogs, same tired comments, within minutes of a post. Same tired user name handles. Same tired talking points that are blatantly not correct. All FUD.

  • Why

    I spotted a piece of turd on the walk to work today that looked nicer than this.

  • jack

    looks like a lot of wasted space on the top and bottom

  • Nomes

    I am really looking forward to the launch of BB10 and this phone. I think there will be a few more secrets about the OS revealed.

    That being said, anyone thing the BlackBerry branding at the bottom of the screen looks very big. The pictures may make it look bigger but I wish it was a little more subtle.

  • migo

    Boot time of 1 minute – definitely welcome compared to the PlayBook, and still believable. Definitely hope it’s stable enough to not have to be regularly rebooted though.


    I saw a coouple comments above wondering why the phone is so large with only a 4.2″ screen. the reason is you need more bezel because the OS opperates entirely on gestures (i.e. no home button). It’s also the reason why it looks cleaner and more refined in comparison to the iPhone 4s in this case, or to any of its main rivals. The design is classic blackberry; simple, industrial, timeless. Like an E-Type Jag or a Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad. Expect the same cues from the QWERTY. 30 January 2013, mark it on your calender my friends because thats the day the smartphone industry changes dramatically.

    • Sgt.Romanov

      It has changed already with the Nexus 4 price , very good phone at a decent price . BB10 is a very nice phone , I just hope the price doesnt kill the anticipation .

  • fanberry10

    I’m eagerly awaiting the launch of BB10 on Jan 30th, I’m off that day so I’ll be hoping to watch a live Streaming of the Event! PS: I’m still in love with my Playbook!

  • ice24

    Booted my S3 in 35 seconds.. I don’t think 1 minute boot time is something to brag about at this age. I have given up on BB a long time ago as my personal device, but still would like to see them do well with this.

  • Jesse

    Ill take the one on the left and the one in the right. What’s that ugly thing in the middle?

  • coolchick

    The bezel is way too big.

    We’re looking for thin profiles all around.

    The logo is obnoxiously big too.

  • dayafter21

    I actually like the phone a lot and it looks like it may actually work when launched lol. I was holding out for a nexus 4 and well I can’t buy the thing. I know people want it to be as cheap as the nexus 4 BUT YOU CAN’T BUY THE NEXUS 4.

  • Kevin

    Sweet – I can’t wait!!!

  • lak2012

    Thanks for the pics and article mobilesyrup:) I can’t wait to get my hands on this phone!

  • Mark

    Wow only taking a full minute to boot up you say. Take that Galaxy S III with it’s 12 second boot up time.

    All joking aside it looks good or in the same ball park of the high end Android phones on the market now which is a gigantic improve compared to current BB devices. Now they need to release this to market extremely soon so they have time to sell as many of these devices as possible before the Galaxy S IV comes out. If they do so they can definitely land themselves in a solid 3rd place over Microsoft in the next couple of years.

    • DareDevil

      Much of the reason for the long boot time on BlackBerry devices is the security. Security that other devices lack.

  • Dan

    I sincerely hope that Mobilesyrup can move to a registration based forum for comments. These stories inevitably lead to a flurry of comments that add nothing to the conversation.

    Requiring a subscription would allow moderators to revoke one’s commenting privilege when it’s obvious that they are here only to stoke the fires of idiocy and immaturity.

    Mr. Bader and team, I hope you can make this happen in 2013.

  • ZR27

    will BB10 OS come to the bold 9900 and 9860 touchscreen?

    all my blackberry friends LOVE LOVE LOVE their qwerty keyboards.. so i dont see this thing selling out.. it is a great looking device.

    iphones and androids do touchscreen cell phones the best imo..and set the bar VERY high.. performance, reliability and so many features right out of the box.. i don’t miss my bold 9900 one bit..

    all personal preference though, glad RIM is stepping up and giving us another option, hope it works out for them.

    • Sterling

      no, the current BB phones will NOT be able to upgrade to BB10.

    • Johentie

      there will be a qwerty version running BB10.

  • D

    iPhone clone. Fail.
    No, seriously, I’m not trying to troll. I’m just disappointed.

  • Easy-G

    To those bashing the specs – the Dev Alpha browser kills the HTC 8X in speed… and the Z10 is rumored to have the same processor as the 8X and Lumia 920. Also it kills the international SGS3, with its vaunted Exynos quad-core processor, in app loading and graphics benchmarks.

    OS x Hardware = performance. BB10 is better tuned to its hardware.

    I’m looking forward to an effortless, all-gesture interface. Wasted space on the bottom of the device? I assume you’re talking about the iPhone’s home button lol

    • Joe public

      You can add the iPhone 5 as well to that list, the best part about it is a bb10 developer phone not running the full bb10 os handled the best products from the competition with ease.

      But the simple little android users can’t or refuse to understand the hard truth that the happy little place they dwell is coming to an end as they will see user numbers fall in North America and Europe. Maybe one they will have a real phone not a toy.

      Seems blackberry dated hardware beating androids best quad core…
      RIP Android.


    will be a good phone, but a BAD smartphone.

  • truther


  • Sweet

    Bummer, I’m not a fan of the rubbery feel for a phone. I was hoping it would be made of aluminium like the RAZR V3 and have a similar feel (I believe the iPhone 5 is also made of aluminium, but I’m not sure.)

    BTW, I saw a video a couple of weeks ago where Heins said RIM is expecting to sell 3 all-touch BB10 devices for every 1 QWERTY/touch BB10 device.