Opera to launch WebKit-based Ice browser for Android and iOS in February


  • Nathaniel James

    This looks promising. Google Chrome has been giving me issues lately 🙁

  • Comment Master

    Opera is doing a good job by trying to be best in its field… unlike Mozilla trying to build their own OS :/

  • EvanK

    I personally use Opera on my desktop and laptop, but IMO as of right now their Android application has recently been bested by some of its competitors, namely browsers like Dolphin. I’d love to see how they can improve upon their mobile solutions.

  • MattyMattMatt

    I like the gestures, but I dont like webkit 🙁

  • Bill Murray

    Best, mobile OS. Fastest, simplest, most ergonomicall.

  • Henaway

    This actually looks and acts different. Even if I don’t see myself ditching chrome for it, I love seeing new ideas at work. Will have to give it a whirl when it’s released.

  • Jeremy

    WebKit isn’t the standard. HTML5 is the standard. Multiple implementations of a standard is a good (and necessary!) thing.