CyanogenMOD 10.1 nightlies up for Galaxy Note II in both LTE and AWS versions


  • Kevin

    Meh, this is one of the few phones out there that doesn’t need a whole lot featurewise since it’s chock full already. You can hate on TW’s design but will have to agree that Samsung did a great job with the software. Now only if carriers would get out of the way….

  • Tom

    Why are you scared of RIM succeeding…?

  • TouchMyBox

    Does it still have all of the neat S-Pen functionality?

    • Dan


  • Sebastia

    I like touchwiz nature ux. I don’t understand all the hate.

  • Alexandru


    I used CM in my previous Galaxy phones, such as Fascinate and S2.
    I did observed that the memory footprint of this rom is not good even having installed not many apps.
    For example today, I asked one of my colleagues to show me on his Note 2 running CM 10.1 the available memory.

    To my surprise the phone reported the available memory 247 MB
    He was not running too many apps since we checked what was running.
    Same type of apps as I am using on my Note 2 which runs the Samsung stock rom.

    This device has 2 GB of RAM and he was having 247 MB free…
    My device running the stock rom was reporting 1 GB of free memory.
    So, while I am thankful to the CM team for their efforts I don’t think it is done a good job on the memory management side of their ROM.
    This is the only reason I am not using CM anymore, otherwise is a great rom.

    All the best,

    • bblol

      That nightly had a memory leak and has since been corrected. I love how people are judging this ROM based off of an early release… Obviously there will be bugs.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Clearly, the people that have posted don’t have a clue what they’re talking about!
    CM10.1 is Awesome – even after only 24 hours!
    Yes it DOES have spen functionality (albeit a slightly different approach), you enable spen in Input – get Papyrus from the store and voila!
    I’ve got over 1 Gig of free ram, so to you – I don’t know what the heck you have running on your phone??
    One of the best things about Android, is it’s flexibility and options for choice!

  • rspear

    Ahh, ive been trying to flash a different nightly for the note 2 for a week now. There’s roms availble for i317, i317m, t889, n7000, and the n7005 models but this is the first time ive heard of t0lte.

    Is there multitasking and multiwindow available on this rom? i’m currently using jedi xp-9 (4.1.2) and love the multitasking. ive read that 4.2 versions dont have these working yet.

  • bob

    Both versions are AWS. Rogers/Bell/Telus LTE network is deployed on AWS spectrum.

  • RacecarBMW

    Wait the GN2 has FM radio? My rogers one doesn’t o.0

  • Dshroyer

    Users need to remember that the Android Linux kernel does not function like windows. Even though your memory is used up, the kernel still manages programs by pausing them freeing up memory. The memory is “free” but not shown as being free when looking at the storage on the device.

    This is partly why app killers aren’t necessary on the Android platform.

    However; some apps misbehave and continuously run in the background, but there is a better way to stop this app in the system menu.

    TLDR: Just because you think your low on memory, doesn’t mean you are.