RIM reminds developers to submit their BlackBerry 10 apps for their “BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition” smartphone


  • Benz

    I’m getting very excited for BB10, i can’t wait…on the other side, AAPL stock is down (and falling)and their reducing production of ishitty5.

    • Nothin But RIM

      RIM Stocks up another 10% today. That’s almost 30% in a week!

    • Sgt.Romanov

      RIP IPHONE 🙂

    • Paying for crowds

      For some reason People only remember that RIM can go 30% in a week but forget that two weeks ago dropped 23% IN ONE DAY!

      Just check the price of the stock 3 weeks ago.

    • Paying for crowds

      PLEASE, PLEASE, develop for RIM: we will give you $10,000 AND a free phone!

      Just tAKE THE TIME TO learn the language, TAKE THE TIME TO figure out the intricacies of posting for BB and then TAKE THE TIME TO DEVELOP for phones with Small screens,big screens and, touch screens and keyboards, and maybe other combinations:
      For Specs that are not confirmed, for phones that nobody knows when will be released, at what price and how big will they sell. (do you develop for the touch phones and see that the keyboard models sell better??

      So: the promise of getting $10,000 “sometime” or you just KEEP on developing for Android iOS, or Windows; for phones that EXIST NOW! and get money NOW!

      Mmmhhh, not a tough decision for Developers is it?
      Safe money now VS RIM’s money in “Rim’s shedule”

  • Twosee

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • sp

      RIP Twosee

    • Jack

      . Attention, Twosie. The tampons need stocking in aisle three. Stop pretending you’re a legendary business analyst for the mobile industry and get back to stocking.

  • Tran

    I can’t even comprehend how pathetic it is that Twosee stalks mobilesyrup just to post up his shitty comments as soon as articles are published.

    • Nothin But RIM

      It’s obvious that twosee down voted you.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack


      S/He’s breaking his own rules too. S/He said s/he would only post on RIM related articles. Now, it’s every article.

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    I wonder how many of these will show up on kijiji & ebay for $200?

    • placator

      …then you could afford to get one.

    • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

      OMG you’re right!!!! BB10 FTW!!!!

    • Paying for crowds

      With or without a Playbook included??

      LOL: everybody was hoping/waiting for the Playbook to drop to $99, but now there are so many options for Android tablets in the $149-$199 that it doesn’t even matter if the palybook drops to $89 anymore.

  • Andrew

    God forbid this limited edition BlackBerry looks like the Porsche design…

    On the other hand, I too, am excited to see RIM succeed 🙂

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    Isn’t it wierd that anti-RIM trolls are able to keep posting the exact same type comments, minutes after being being put up on any techwebsite? It’s almost like they are using some kind of program or bot to make anti-RIM comments seem more widespread…

    • jamEs

      It’s called Twitter, maybe you’ve heard of it.

  • Slayer

    Can I publish some small quick app (like a clock widget) just to get a free BB10 smartphone ?

    • sjdjdshdjjd

      I was wondering this as well. You could make a quick app on a weekend and boom

    • Paying for crowds

      Make a CALENDAR app for RIM: They really need it!!

      Just don’t include:
      Coming Soon,
      Coming by the end of the Summer,
      Latter part of the year
      Next February
      Early part of next year
      By Q1 2013
      Coming Very Soon etc..

    • Dern

      This is a perfect example of why RIM’s appworld is a joke. Their top advertised app is an emoticon app ffs.
      Devs submitted 15,000 apps? How many of them are crappy clock apps like the one you want to develop?

    • Stephenbb81

      To get the free phone you’d have to have already recieved a devAlpha device butbyet a simple app could qualify
      The rules to get one aren’t hard

  • an app developer

    reason for the submission amount is due to the cash award. An approved app will get you $100

    when the cash reward dies off, we’ll see the real BBX ecosystem then.

  • Dave


  • Alex

    Based on sales number, every device from RIM belongs to LIMITED Edition >_<

  • happyboy

    What rim needs to do is offer deep discounts on there current stock of blackberys so they will have more cash in the bank so they can market the new blackberry 10

  • Sweet

    RIM has almost $3B in the bank, which should be more than enough to market BB10. They do need to deep discount current stock of BBs to flush out the stock and make room for BB10.