Rogers launches “Tech Essentials” educational portal to help Canadians become tech savvy


  • iphoneee

    No stats on Apple maps????

  • iphoneee

    That cloud on the right corner is a patent infringement on iCloud services

  • Mr. Reliable

    Obviously people who answer online surveys would probably say that they have good knowledge; they are most likely those actually looking it up in the first place.

  • Vasyl

    Instead of lowering prices, they want to explain why Canadians have to pay more to Robbers. Pathetic.

  • Moose

    How ‘TekSavvy’ (hehe) are you? Answer: Not subscribed to Rogers. /questionnaire

  • dam n it

    “now that you know how to use all these devices and become dependent on them enjoy paying the highest usage monthly fees in the world with the lowest caps. Thanks for choosing Rogers.”

  • OgtheDim

    Of course Rogers has no responsibility for confusing people in the first place; its all the fault of the consumer for not realising they need to be educated when buying a phone. 🙂

    Corporate communication 101 – frame the customer’s question in a way that makes your products the only choice

  • Moose

    Also, this is obviously a manipulated survey. I know I’m preaching to the choir here but an incorrect answer according to the survey is actually a correct answer (ssl connection, 8 time more likely when texting is also 25 times in other places, 10 times in other places). Their aim is to try to show how uninformed you are. Scored a B, for Bullshit.

  • XER

    If you are tech savvy and also budget savvy, you will not use any Rogers services.

  • Andy c

    instead of puting money into surveys Rogers should fix their android app.

    it takes way too long to update on LTE if it opens at all.

  • ben

    I got a B. I Am the 4%! Apparently getting an A is 0%

  • Tom

    Stopped reading at “Rogers…”

  • Dave

    “Rogers is going to help Canadians become tech savvy”

    Right! Give me a break! … Robber!

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