Rogers launches “Tech Essentials” educational portal to help Canadians become tech savvy

Rogers has launched a new website dedicated to helping Canadians get their tech questions answered. It’s called “Tech Essentials” and Rogers notes that this portal offers “the tools they need to make smarter and safer use of technology.” Some of the conversations happening now are “How to choose a wireless plan,” “Creating strong passwords,” and “Taking care of your smartphone,” but you can ask any question you want, via email or Twitter, as Tech Essentials has a social aspect where Rogers ‘Ask the Experts’ will give you an answer.

An recent online survey of 1,001 Canadians showed that we “have a good understanding of the basics,” but we “vastly overestimate” our “tech savviness and are hungry to know more.” Specific survey questions involved roaming and apparently 47% “don’t understand roaming.” In addition, 60% are “Stumped by data usage” and 51% “know that watching 1,000 minutes of streaming video uses lots of data.”

The bigger goal for “Tech Essentials” is to educate Canadians on the technology their buying. Rogers says this “is the first step in a long-term education effort to increase Canadians’ digital savviness.”

Source: Rogers
Via: CNW