Apple App Store crosses over the 25 billion app download mark


  • Keith

    Wow! That is equivalent to everyone on the planet downloading 4 apps–amazing.

    • Manjit Gupta

      This is nothing impressive. RIM may not have as many apps but they are Super Apps.

      Apple is nothing more than fart apps and games.

      Professionals need tools, not toys.

    • Rio

      Lol you guys just can’t face the truth.

      Let’s see, I have an app to control my computer from anywhere in the world
      Flawlessly, apps for all my financial infatuations, app that lets me check in on my home security and opens garage door, countless apps for my guitar and recording, apps that show me schedules for local transit and go oh and games with one of the best graphics for mobile platform.

      But your all right, fart apps all around. Go hate somewhere else.

    • Manjit Gupta

      Leave the business to blackberry users.

      The nerdy Android and Apple clowns live with their parents.

    • Rio

      You keep saying the same thing over and over again, yet BB has lost a lot of Government and business customers to iOS

    • ServiceAccessFee

      People need to accept reality:
      Apple SELLS lots of macFart applications and them and the developers MAKE $$

      BB: might have had a good tablet but LOST Half a Billion dollars.

      The iphone is totally overpriced; a $300 Android has better specs, BUT THEY SELL THEM by the millions!

      This is not about who has the best phone; its about who SELLS MORE and makes more$$!!

      Apple sells 147,000 ipad per DAY; BB sold 150,000 last QUEARTER!
      RIMM stock under $14…and dropping… That’s the reality!

    • Rio

      When I buy a phone I don’t but it because of the specs, if only that was the truth god
      Knows where’d we be. I want complete customer experiences. We could have quad core processe, but what’s the point if the OS is laggy as s**t?

      I bought an iPhone because of the customer experience, the phone performs flawlessly on all levels needed, and I do a lot with my phone. It’s integration with OS X and Apple tv make it even better.

      Not to mention the timely updates, stable OS, customer support and amazing warranty.

    • Jesse

      @Manjit…..ever heard of Luminance? Photoshop Touch? Goodnotes? Pages? iScreen?

      Those are all quality productivity apps. You don’t need to display ignorance, otherwise you come across as a pretentious douchebag.

  • Art Vandelay

    Sell an overpriced phone, which really is an “app drawer”, and then sell a ton of apps to those suckers on top of that.

    Nice, Apple, you know a way to simpletons’ wallets!

    • 4

      @Art u have never anything good to say do u? If you think the phone is overpriced then dont buy it, period. nobody tells u to buy a bmw if u dont want it, but there are some people that enjoy it and worth, yet there are some people that think that a bmw is overpriced.

  • Steve mcqueen

    An app downloaded for every maggot eating his corpse. The irony.

  • steve

    Actually, its the same sheep who have to download the apps again and again cause they keep upgrading to the next overpriced piece of hardware cause there is no way to get your apps back once your have lost them and aren’t techy enough, however hippy they are with their shinny new looking toys (nice cash cow strategy apple). My wife has a iphone, but for some reason she has been playing games on my nexus the last month… hmmmmm wonder what happened!!!!

    • tendenzi

      you’re wrong. Apple never charges the same iTunes Account twice for the same app, no matter how many times they need to re-download it. No tech skills required.

      What happened with your wife playing games on your nexus? well she’s a sheep and flocks to where the herd is. Good job on calling her out on that one. -phew-

    • briggs

      seeing as I just upgraded to the 4s for work purposes, I can tell you flat out.

      You’re lying.

      Kindly go back to the android threads. While I can understand you shouting down apple, there’s no reason to lie outright.

    • Theywillbepissed

      Lies all lies! Only cool people have iphones!!! Losers like napoleon dynamite have androids.
      You are fat losers wacking it for having androids! Death to google! Up with Kodak!

    • L33tMasta

      Your wife and you are complete i****s if you can’t find the little “My Account” icon under iTunes to redownload all your apps for free. Hell, I lost all my apps when I had to do a reformat. using that little button I had them all again in less than 10 minutes.

  • ExcessDan

    where’s the 25 cent sale?

  • Kid.Canada

    Big woop…

  • tendenzi

    no cheap gimmicks with Apple @ExcessDan. They don’t need a 25cent sale and the money still comes in.

    @art who has a problem with the iPhone being an “App drawer” well, now you’re summarizing the current affairs of all smartphones. So please broaden your hatred to all mobile technology.

    • ExcessDan

      a 10 cent customer appreciation sale is a gimmick? a general thank you to customers and a chance for 1 person to win some money seems like the real gimmick here. It’s interesting that someone would side with a company’s profit as opposed to value for customers and true appreciation sent to them.

    • L33tMasta

      @ExcessDan Yes. Yes a 10 cent sale and a chance for someone to win some money is a gimmick. Those developers made 1/10th (in some cases LESS) than they normally would. Meanwhile iOS devs are making MUCH more than than and selling in higher quantities than that cute little sale.

  • Adam

    I just don’t get it! if you hate apple products for whatever reasons, then don’t call the people who love apple products as “sheep” and I wonder what would you accomplish from saying that? perhaps that makes you so smart that you are an android user! this blog is about technology, not about judging people who use the technology and call them names and if you have a problem just stick to the technology side in your argument so we can all get informed and benefit each other.

  • aviking

    PLEASE let it have been a fart app…that would be some funny stuff.

    • sp

      it was probably a fart app or one of those lie detector app…

      lol fail

  • WhoCares

    Tendenzi, i thought you were with Wind?

    Great job apple!

  • Nade

    Who cares. Get me some 4.3″ Apple Retina display and I’ll jump ship – actually I won’t but hey, at least i’ll consider it 😀

  • EvanK

    “Congratulations, you’re the person to download the 25 000 000 000th app from the App Store! We’d like to present you with this $10 000 App Store gift cart, on us!”

    Great, now I can download Angry Birds. 10 000 times.

  • Jesse

    At least Apple actually gave something away for as simple as downloading the 25 billionth app. A lot of people on the internet are calling Apple “greedy”… in the world are they greedy? They just gave someone cash to buy free apps so they never have to pay one dollar of their own cash for years to come. Apple will be paying the developers of the apps their 30% still.

    I don’t understand where the blind hate is coming from. People are hating Apple for the sake of hating now it seems. I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly like $10,000 worth of apps/music/movies for free.

  • Jesse

    Yup, nothing but “fart apps”, which is why I have Goodnotes, Luminance, Photoshop Touch, Pages, iScreen monitor extention, and all of those extra Apple pre-installed productivity apps that make my workflow easier.

    If you guys didn’t constantly post ignorant statements, you wouldn’t come across as pretentious douchebags.

    Maybe Google will give out $1000 for the person who downloads the 10th Android tablet app.

    • Dimitri.k

      You do realize that all you need to do is uninstall & reinstall the app which count?.. You are the one that’s saying ” Ignorant statements? you just did one your self.

      I do like IOS & Android but really what will this person do with free $10,000 Apple app store card? Give me a break.. Instead of Apple giving that person a device for free they give them $10,000 app card in which i realy doubt they will use that much until they die.

      Apps on the App store are mostly fart apps & games which are free.

  • Justin

    At least with iPhone you know for sure you’ll get an app. Who knows with android. My HTC had a 1GHz process and 1gb of ram. But I cant download GTA 3? Not a problem on iPhone.

  • Chris C.

    iFans, shouldn’t you be already preparing to line-up for the new iPad Wednesday instead of wasting precious time arguing on a mobile news site?